DJ Kay Slay, the Drama King himself, has been an influential figure in the hip-hop game for decades. From his early days as a graffiti artist in the turbulent Bronx to his rise as a respected DJ and producer, he has never strayed from his roots, injecting his tracks with an authenticity that resonates with true hip-hop heads. In his album “It Is What It Is,” DJ Kay Slay weaves a complex narrative, employing an amped mix of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers whose lyrical prowess is as diverse as the beats that drive the tracks.

Among the crowd, songs like “Skrilla Anthem,” “Talk Is Cheap,” and “Feels Like Fire” stand out, marking milestones in the album and in DJ Kay Slay’s long-standing career. Each track tells a story, painting a vivid picture of life on the street, reflecting the struggles, triumphs, and the unremitting pulse of a culture that started with turntables and breakdancing and has become a global phenomenon.

So let’s get into it. From “Skrilla Anthem” to “Feels Like Fire”, here we are breaking down the lyrics on ‘It Is What It Is’ by DJ Kay Slay and Lazee.

Skrilla Anthem

This is a pure ode to the hustle, the grind, and the paper chase that forms the beating heart of hip-hop’s creed. Lazee’s command of flow is evident as he rides the beat like a six-four Impala down Compton boulevards, spitting truth about the struggle for success and wealth. The track sets the tone for the entire album, unapologetically streetwise and reminiscent of classic boom-bap joints. The infusion of contemporary trap elements shows that Lazee is no novice to the game, acknowledging hip-hop’s past while confidently striding into its future. “Skrilla Anthem” serves as a powerful manifesto for ‘It Is What It Is’, a declaration from Lazee that he’s here in the concrete jungle, chasing that skrilla, and he isn’t about to step off that gas.

You Know Whats Up

Lazee’s braggadocio lyrics are front and center as he chronicles his rise from obscurity to the limelight – each verse a testament to the hustle. But there’s a deeper thread woven through this high-energy track, one that illuminates the realities of the haters who seem to abound when you’re climbing the charts. Lazee’s fluid verses ricochet off the hard-hitting beat, mirroring the relentless grind at the heart of his journey. The Swedish rapper reaffirms his unyielding determination, reminding everyone he isn’t going anywhere. Breakdown the lyrics, and there’s an impending sense of Lazee’s identity – a man defined as much by the adversities he’s overcome as the success he now enjoys. It’s a reminder in pure hip hop form – You may know what’s up, but you don’t know the half of it.


Lazee flows like water, smooth yet forceful. He taps into the core ethos of hip-hop – hustling, struggle, and survival. As Lazee maneuvers through the heavy beats, the beat snaps, crack and pops; it’s dirty yet distinct, signalling the underground vibe. Lyrically, this joint is fortified with street narratives and raw emotions – it’s like a journal entry from the hood. Though it’s grounded in struggle, it’s delivered with so much finesse that you can’t help but nod your head. “Jupp” is a sonic ride through the grimy city streets and, in true hip-hop fashion, it doesn’t sugarcoat the struggle. It tells it as it is, reinforcing the ethos: it is what it is. This track is a testament to Lazee’s talent as a wordsmith and his undeniable knack for gripping storytelling.

Talk Is Cheap

The track’s essence echoes a universal truth that permeates hip-hop culture: action over words, hustle over talk, reality over empty rhetoric. The beat is a somber yet driving soundscape, providing Lazee with a canvas to paint his words upon. He skates across the track with a nimble flow, laying down the gauntlet for those who are all talk and no action. He cleverly maneuvers through the metaphoric alleyways of his message, solidifying his status as an authentic street poet. “Talk Is Cheap” fits snug within Lazee’s discography – a raw, straight-to-the-heart commentary on life’s struggles and triumphs, delivered with the punch of street knowledge. It’s a testament to the enduring power of hip-hop as a medium of truth-telling, and Lazee’s place within it.

Showed And Proved

We talking about a joint that’s all about proving critics wrong and solidly standing on your skills. This ain’t just bravado, nah, it’s an ethos, a Hip-Hop tradition passed down from the pioneers who had to prove their worth on the mic night after night. Lazee channels this ethos, illuminating his own grind with lines that mirror both his struggles and triumphs. The beat is a head-nodder, too, but it’s the lyrics that shine. Lazee’s wordplay and delivery ain’t just potent, they downright infectious. He’s not only addressed the haters here, but he’s also empowring the listener to rise above negativity. It’s a Hip-Hop anthem, y’all, a testament that captures the spirit of the underdog who, against odds, ‘showed and proved’.

About That Time

Lazee flaunts his lyrical dexterity, bending metaphors and double entendres over a gritty beat that implores your head to nod. His lines drip with an insatiable hunger for greatness, a testament to the grind that’s a common theme in hip-hop. The narrative arc vividly paints the picture of a protagonist fixated on time – perhaps a nod to the relentless ticking clock in the game or an echo of the impatience for success. What stands out is Lazee’s uncanny ability to turn common phrases into punchlines, a skill reminiscent of hip-hop legends. Ultimately, “About That Time” serves as Lazee’s self-assured declaration of his place in the hip-hop hierarchy – he’s here, and it’s about that time the world took notice.

One Lazee Lizzel

Expressing a gritty reality imbued with the strain of street hustle, Lazee’s lyricism on this cut is unrelenting and undiluted. The artist lays bare his identity, his struggles, and his ambition, creating a narrative that echoes the ethos of the underground hip-hop scene. Beyond the braggadocio, there’s a sense of sincerity and authenticity in the storytelling, capturing the juxtaposition between aspiration and adversity faced by many in the game. What Lazee delivers here is a reflection of the hard-knock life, an anthem for every homie grinding in the cut. His clever wordplay, married with a cadence that’s infectious, makes this track a standout piece on the album. While he may not have broken into the mainstream with this joint, he validated his street cred, proving hip-hop is more than just beats and hooks; it’s the voice of lived experiences.

Top Notch

This cut is more than just a showcase of his high-caliber rhymes; it’s an expose on the ethos that hip-hop culture embodies. Lazee spits fierce verses that convey his unapologetic confidence and the indomitable spirit of hustlers grinding their way to the summit. Each line is a testament to the grind, the hustle, and the unwavering spirit that forms the backbone of hip-hop. The maverick rapper doesn’t just boast about his top-tier status in the game; he underscores the determination, hard work, and resilience it took to get there. The raw authenticity in the lyrics of “Top Notch” hits home, underscoring Lazee’s commitment to realism, a cornerstone in the ethos of hip-hop culture. Reflecting the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the game, “Top Notch” leaves a lasting impression – a synergistic blend of hard knocks, ambition, and sheer lyrical dexterity.


Among the gems in this musical treasury is “Slowmotion” by Lazee. A song that navigates the turbulent world of street life, the lyrics show an artist wrestling with the harsh realities of the game, while holding steadfast to his dreams. Lazee adeptly uses the concept of time, symbolized by slow-motion, not just as a temporal concept, but as a metaphor for the many struggles faced by people from disadvantaged backgrounds, trying to navigate their way to a better life. As the lyrics unfold, Lazee’s nimble wordplay and evocative storytelling immerse the listener into a world where life moves at a relentless pace, but dreams and aspirations are as slow as molasses. With “Slowmotion,” Lazee and DJ Kay Slay have crafted a lyrical testament to the endurance and resilience of the human spirit.

Hands Up

This ain’t just a song, it’s a call-to-action, an invocation of Hip-Hop’s spirit of defiance and rebellion. Lazee spits more than lyrics on this track, he’s dropping truth bombs, exploring the tribulations of a life deep-rooted in the hood. The raw, unabridged depiction of street life couples with an underlying tone of resilience and aspiration. Lazee’s blend of street vernacular and clever wordplay underpins the gravitas of his message, making it relatable whether you’re in the corners of Brooklyn or the outskirts of Stockholm. It’s this lyrical prowess garnished with DJ Kay Slay’s curtailing beats that transforms “Hands Up” from a mere track to a Hip-Hop anthem that reverberates long after the beat drops.

Lady Lizzel

This track drops a raw and unfiltered narrative, wrapped in a slick lyrical package. Lazee’s storytelling prowess is in full display here, as he crafts a tale that feels simultaneously personal and universal, a characteristic trait of the most impactful hip-hop narratives. The lyrics are provocative, daring to touch upon taboo themes and complex social dynamics often ignored by mainstream discourse. The vivid imagery and in-your-face wordplay fly high on the wings of a pulsating beat, creating an auditory experience that’s as immersive as it is confronting. “Lady Lizzel” plays out like a three-minute odyssey into the gritty underbelly of urban life, pushing listeners to rope-a-dope with the sobering realities of street culture.

Squad Up!

Lazee brings the ruckus with this joint, capturing the essence of a hip-hop collective, banding together, chasing dreams, while outmanoeuvring adversities. This song ain’t about solo missions, nah. It’s about the importance of solidarity, loyalty, and brotherhood in the game. Lazee employs a simple yet raw and potent style on the mic, his bars littered with street-wise philosophies and life lessons. The dexterous handling of the verse-chorus structure, partnered with resonating background rhythms, set up the perfect alley-oop for his posse to pounce on. Each verse paints a picture of hustle, struggle, and the drive to keep moving forward, resonating deeply with the realities faced by many in the trenches. “Squad Up!”, in essence, is a nod to the corners of the rap game where unity ain’t just a word – it’s a way of life, it’s survival.

Bigga Nigga

The beat hits just right, making the joint an absolute banger, but it’s the lyricism that takes this track from good to great. Lazee takes the mic like a champ, spitting bars about his journey to the top of the game, and the impact he’s making in a league full of heavyweights. He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s unapologetically himself, hence the title ‘Bigga Nigga’. His delivery demonstrates his braggadocious attitude and unwavering confidence that’s quintessential to the genre. This track is an unflinching commentary on his rise and dominance in the industry, where Lazee holds no punches. His vivid storytelling, combined with his gritty voice, transposes listeners into the hustling reality he’s carved for himself. All in all, ‘Bigga Nigga’ is a compelling narrative of triumph against all odds, encapsulating Lazee’s Hip-Hop journey.


It’s on this cut where Lazee displays the raw talent and lyrical prowess that’s made him a staple in the genre. The track is marked by its fiery lyrics reflecting a mix of swagger and introspective musings, a testament to Lazee’s versatility as an artist. Top-tier wordplay is the order of the day here, with a focus on personal experiences and a relentless commitment to the grind. Furthermore, Lazee’s knack for wrapping narratives around nuanced word constructions sets “Tjiiaa” apart. It carries a head-boppin’ rhythm that’s deeply rooted in the classic hip-hop tradition, yet it manages to stay fresh and relevant. This joint encapsulates the essence of hip-hop, painting vivid pictures with rhymes that stay lodged in your mind long after the track ends. No cap, “Tjiiaa” is a tour de force in the realm of hip-hop, demonstrating Lazee’s steadfast dedication to his craft.

You Pussy!

Flawlessly encapsulating the street life narrative, the lyrics underscore the raw, unforgiving landscape that breeds survival tactics and machismo. Navigating this harsh reality is Lazee, whose assertive lyricism asserts his dominance while calling out perceived weakness or cowardice in others. The track, rich with battle rap spirit, shoots straight and refuses to pull punches. It’s a classic hip-hop brew, distilled in the crucible of street culture. This is textbook Lazee – gritty, resolute, and unapologetic. However, while the orchestration of the lyrics taps into the ear of the underground, it might leave some hankering for a touch more narrative depth. Still, the track stands as an emblem of the real-as-concrete, no-frills approach that has earned DJ Kay Slay and Lazee their stripes in the hip-hop game.

Cant Knock Him

The lyrical content is layered with meanings that encapsulate big themes of street credibility, personal ambition, and the determination to rise above all odds. Lazee showcases his lyrical dexterity, taking listeners through his narrative with smooth flow and delivery. Each verse is filled with bold assertions that affirm his self-belief and unshakeable drive. The rhyme schemes he employs are slick and the metaphors are skillfully constructed, lending weight to the messages he seeks to convey. DJ Kay Slay’s beat provides the perfect undercurrent, allowing Lazee to spit his verses with a stark realism that resonates. As such, “Cant Knock Him” serves as a testament to Lazee’s growth as an artist within the hip-hop milieu, encapsulating not just his artistry, but his belief in himself.

Just Listen

This track, fam, it’s a testament—and I mean that with all sincerity—to the raw power of pure rhyming. Lazee gets on that beat and let it rip straight from the heart, no frills, no gimmicks, just spittin’ facts. There’s an intimacy to his wordplay that hits you right in the gut. It’s almost like he transcends the beat, creating a one-on-one dialogue with the listener. Through his vulnerability and candidness, Lazee gives us a window into his personal struggles and views, painting pictures with his bars that resonate on a deeply personal level. It might not be the most commercial cut on the album, but it’s real, it’s raw, and it’s undoubtedly one of Lazee’s most hard-hitting performances. Hear it for what it is, y’all—hip-hop in its purest form.

Get Lazee

“Get Lazee” is the perfect embodiment of the rapper’s no-holds-barred attitude. His ballsy, raw delivery complements the gritty beat, an irresistible siren’s call this hip-hop heads can’t resist. Lyrically, Lazee marries the bravado of the streets with the swagger of the rap game, delivering every line with a venomous bite. The track becomes a testament of his grind and grit, an unapologetic announcement of his prowess. He ain’t just about that fast money or fleeting fame, Lazee is in the game for the long haul. In “Get Lazee”, he pushes back against any doubt, asserting his place in the hip-hop scene. This ain’t just a song, it’s a manifesto, proclaiming Lazee’s intent to dominate, declaring his refusal to back down.

Feels Like Fire

This ain’t no party anthem; it’s a testament to survival in a world where making it out is a rare victory. Lazee’s lyrics rep his struggles, the fire within that fuels success against the odds. His fire ain’t a destructive calamity but a force of transformation, reminding us of the phoenix mythology. The track is overflowing with that raw, poetic energy typical of Lazee, hitting us with them hard-hitting lines that make you think, then think again. “Feels Like Fire” is a lyrical tour de force, an audacious testament to his prowess on the mic as he rhymes his truth into existence.