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Breaking down the Album ‘Drip Harder’ by ‘Lil Baby’

Released: 2018

Label: Quality Control Music/Young Stoner Life Records, a 300 Entertainment Label/Motown Records/Capitol Records

Featuring: Gunna, Lil Durk, NAV, Young Thug, Drake

When Lil Baby dropped his collaborative project with Gunna, ‘Drip Harder’ in 2018, it marked a thrilling high point in the Atlanta rapper’s meteoric ascension. Released under the umbrella of Quality Control Music, a 300 Entertainment Label, in conjunction with Young Stoner Life Records, Motown Records and Capitol Records, the album quickly solidified its place in the hip-hop cosmos. Bursting at the seams with hard-hitting beats and verses colored with stories of resilience, opulence, and unabashed ambition, ‘Drip Harder’ is a testament to the duo’s lyrical prowess. True to their roots, they effortlessly marry the raw street ethos with the luxurious gloss of fame. The 13-track project boasts a stellar lineup with features from hip-hop heavyweights such as Drake, Young Thug, Lil Durk, and NAV. From “Off White VLONE” to “Never Recover”, each track in the album stands as a stark reminder of the duo’s indomitable spirit and relentless grind. So let’s get into it. From track to track, here we are breaking down the album “Drip Harder” by “Lil Baby”.

1 Off White VLONE

Features: Gunna, Lil Durk, NAV

Lil Baby, Gunna, Lil Durk, and NAV each bring their A-game, painting vivid pictures of their rise from the streets to high fashion and private jets. A standout line, “Ice VVs, ice VS1s, Off-White, Vlone 1’s, foreigns parked in my lawn,” encapsulates the essence of the track—luxury brands as badges of success and symbols of a lifestyle that’s miles away from their humble beginnings. This bar isn’t just about the flex; it’s a testament to transformation, resilience, and ultimately, triumph.

2 Business Is Business

Features: Gunna

With a nihilistic charm, they rap about the duality of their lives—lavish indulgences and unyielding loyalty to the streets that raised them. A standout line that harmoniously sums up their grind and philosophy is, “Bitches ain’t shit, bet’ not trust your old lady / Business is business, so you gotta pay me.” This line punches hard, iterating the cold, calculated approach to life and business, underscoring the non-negotiable nature of their dealings. It’s a world where personal relationships and business transactions are on a tightrope, often blurred but always consequential.

3 Belly

Features: Gunna

Their narrative is laced with the imagery of luxury and triumph over adversity, symbolizing their evolution and the material rewards that have come with it. A standout line, “I used to sell yola, trap on Motorola,” hits hard, encapsulating the raw, unvarnished beginnings from which they’ve risen, juxtaposing their past life with their current status. Through their lyrics, they craft a testimony on resilience and the transformation that comes with determination and hustle.

4 Deep End

“I know they ain’t feelin’ my pain / I got codeine inside my veins, yeah,” Lil Baby raps, instantly immersing us in the pain and numbness of his reality. The track deftly explores themes of trust, betrayal, and survival, doing so with sharp lyrical precision. Notably poignant is the line, “Lil’ homie thuggin’, he can’t even swim, he in the deep end,” encapsulating a raw depiction of youth thrust into depth without the means to stay afloat. Through its gritty realism and hard-hitting bars, “Deep End” serves as a potent reminder of the stakes at play in their world.

5 World Is Yours

Features: Gunna

The track is laced with flamboyant displays of wealth, from untouchable VS1 stones to exclusive threads – a testament to their status in the game. But it’s not just about the glitter; it’s about loyalty to the grind and the crew, epitomized in “YSL the gang, come and join us (YSL) / Stay down and the world gon’ be yours (Stay down).” This line not only serves as an anthem of ambition but also encapsulates the essence of their journey from aspirations to realizations, urging listeners to stay tenacious. It’s a raw, unfiltered glimpse into their world where luxury meets hustle.

6 Underdog

Features: Gunna

Navigating through a landscape marked by trials and hard times, the duo emphasizes the value of loyalty, determination, and smart moves to ascend from underdog status to the top of the game. A standout line that punches hard is “I want it all, the underdog, I go hard,” encapsulating the relentless drive that powers their journey. This anthem is a testament to climbing from the bottom with your day ones, eyes set on success while keeping real fears and values in sharp focus.

7 I Am

Features: Gunna

With a relentless flow, they articulate the essence of grinding and the fruits of perseverance, all while navigating the pitfalls of success and the streets. Their narrative not only reflects personal growth but also underscores the value of staying true in a realm filled with change and challenges. A standout line, “I stayed down and I came up, stayed the same and they changed up,” captures the ethos of authenticity and resilience, marking the song as an anthem for all who triumph over adversity.

8 Seals Pills

Features: Gunna

Their verses weave through themes of opulence, loyalty, and the harsh realities of street life, against a backdrop of deep beats. Striking for its blunt honesty, one line encapsulates their estrangement from societal norms and the personal cost of their journey: “Fuck the cops we got our own laws / You can free my dawg he’s locked behind the walls / Numb to that pain I can’t feel shit at all.” This track stands out for its vivid storytelling, showcasing their unique blend of melody and rhythm, as they navigate their rise from the streets to stardom.

9 My Jeans

Features: Gunna, Young Thug

Balancing braggadocio with gritty reality, the trio reflects on the paths they’ve taken to achieve success, often in stark contrast to their humble beginnings. A standout line that captures the essence of the song’s themes is, “I got big racks in my jeans / I’ma mix some dirty with this clean,” illustrating the blending of their past struggles with their current triumphs. This track not only showcases their individual talents but also their ability to harmonize on a shared vision of success, no matter the means.

10 Style Stealer

Features: Gunna

The track encapsulates the essence of authenticity versus imitation, with lines that assert their dominance and originality in the crowded hip-hop landscape. Standout moments include lines that highlight their journey from the streets to luxury, juxtaposed with assertions of their success and influence. A hard-hitting line, “I got green avocado (‘Cado), drug lord like Pablo (Pablo),” showcases Gunna’s ability to blend everyday imagery with references to larger-than-life figures, encapsulating the grandeur and grit of their lived experiences and artistic personas.

11 Close Friends

Through his confessional lyrics, Lil Baby articulately expresses the pain of witnessing a transformation in someone who was once not just a partner, but a best friend. The line, “We started off as close friends, somehow you turned into my girlfriend,” encapsulates the bittersweet journey from platonic to romantic affection, revealing the vulnerability that lies beneath Lil Baby’s often tough exterior. The track stands out for its heartfelt honesty, as it navigates the complexities of love, betrayal, and the quest for forgiveness.

12 Drip Too Hard

Features: Gunna

The track’s infectious hook, “Drip too hard, don’t stand too close / You gon’ fuck around and drown off this wave,” encapsulates the duo’s knack for creating catchy melodies that speak to their extravagant lifestyles and relentless work ethic. It’s not just about flaunting wealth; it’s a statement of their dominance in the scene, a declaration that even at their current peak, they’re just getting started. Every line oozes with the confidence of artists who’ve made it from the bottom, now surfing on their own colossal wave of success.

13 Never Recover

Features: Gunna, Drake

This powerhouse trio floats over a hard-hitting beat, spinning tales of success, opulence, and the cold realities of the streets with effortless charisma. A standout line that encapsulates the essence of their untouchable status comes from Drake: “Treat every club like a Magic on Monday.” It’s more than just flexing; it’s an anthem celebrating how far they’ve come, all while knowing there’s no looking back now—only forward, as their grip on the game tightens with each verse.

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