Doja Cat, real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, has been slaying the hip-hop scene and makin’ noise since her debut. Coming off her hot album “Planet Her”, she’s dropped “Scarlet”, a record that’s got heads turning and ears popping. As complicated as a cipher and as smooth as a beat switch, “Scarlet” has been lighting up the charts and shaking up the game.

This ain’t your mama’s hip-hop – Doja’s blending the old with the new, spitting bars with the fervor of an OG, yet sprinkling in enough new school flavor to keep things fresh. We’ve got tracks like “Paint The Town Red”, where she goes beast mode and “Agora Hills” where she flexes her versatility.

Then there are joints like “WYM freestyle” where she goes into storytelling, capturing the streets and their ethos. She’s servin’ up everything from tender moments on “Love Life” to the spicy wordplay on “F$#k The Girls (FTG).” And yes, she’s even got a track called “Wet Vagina” where she unapologetically explores sexuality and femininity. “Scarlet” is a buffet of hip-hop goodness, demonstrating the breadth and depth of Doja’s talent.

Which brings us to the crux of the matter – breaking down these lyrics. So let’s get into it. From “Paint The Town Red” to “WYM Freestyle”, here are the Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘Scarlet’ by ‘Doja Cat’

17. Paint The Town Red

When Doja Cat drops lyrics like “Yeah, bitch, I said what I said, I’d rather be famous instead”, in “Paint The Town Red”, she’s laying out her unapologetic ambition and swagger for all to see. The track buzzes with vibrant energy as Doja Cat revels in her sense of self, her success, and her refusal to back down. The repeated line, “I don’t care, I paint the town red” signifies a kind of rebellious assertiveness, hinting at her desire to leave her mark on the world, no matter what. Doja further claims her toughness and autonomy with lines like “Mm, she the devil, She a bad lil’ bitch, she a rebel.” Clever lines such as “You can’t talk no shit without penalties” and “I’m doin’ things they ain’t seen before” showcase her fearless and defiant attitude towards critics and doubters, and her determination to innovate and push boundaries.

16. Demons

‘Demons’ by Doja Cat puts the spotlight right on Doja’s raw and unapologetic view of her success. She’s flexing her rise to the top, letting her ‘demons’ know she’s wealthy and confident. She’s confronting those who’ve doubted her, throwing shade with a cash-loaded uppercut. She’s essentially acknowledging her personal growth, asking her demons how they look now that she’s doing well.

The song also portrays the evolution of her self-image; she’s no longer the sheep or puppet of the industry. Instead, she’s become a ‘cash cow’, dominating everyone’s screens, and she relishes in the discomfort this causes her detractors. She’s unashamedly dominant, asserting her position as a queen on the scene, a figure both admired and demonized. Overall, Doja lays out her journey from a struggling artist to a powerhouse, shedding her old struggles and embracing her newfound success.

15. Wet Vagina

Doja Cat is at her audacious best in the provocative song, “Wet Vagina.” She brings an unequivocal flavor of assertive sexuality, unapologetic opulence, and a rebellious, non-conformist attitude. The lyrical narrative is highly creative and unapologetically rebellious, embodying Doja’s trademark blend of humor and explicit sexuality. The verses are littered with references to luxury fashion like Rick Owens and big-shot brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This mix of high fashion inclusions might be a nod to the hip-hop culture of flaunting wealth and status. The hook, “I bring the drip wit’ wet vagina”, is a street-smart assertion of her feminist sexual empowerment. Several lines hint at responding to critics, and handling haters, demonstrating her resilience in the unforgiving music industry. Overall, the track is a testament to Doja Cat’s ability to combine sensuality, bravado, and wit, creating a unique spot for herself in the hip-hop landscape.

14. F#$k The Girls (FTG)

On “F#$k The Girls (FTG)”, Doja Cat serves an in-your-face anthem that’s a brazen assertion of her unapologetic confidence and individuality. Navigating through the cutthroat game of the music industry, she’s fiercely independent and unafraid to dismiss any detractors. Doja’s dismissive attitude encapsulates the essence of hip-hop’s spirited resistance, saying if they’re not with her, they’re against her. She flexes her success and brushes off those who attempt to poke into her personal world, belittling their feigned access to her life. Notably, the track adds a distinct flavor of gender discourse, addressing the unique challenges and criticism faced by women in the music industry. The refrain ‘f#$k the girls’ symbolizes her dismissal of societal expectations and norms women are often subjected to. In essence, Doja Cat asserts her autonomy, revamps societal narratives, and empowers women to assert their individuality.

13. Ouchies

“Ouchies” by Doja Cat showcases her trademark audacity, matched with fiery lyricism and bombastic beats. The LA rapper isn’t shy about asserting her dominance, likening her continual ascension in the game to a three-round fight where she’s the unequivocal victor. Through the lyrics, she takes shots at other artists she perceives as “phoning it in,” emphasizing that her own success is not on the back of superficial hits, but earned through talent and hard work. Unapologetically confident, she dismisses potential opponents as irrelevant, positioning herself as the undisputed queen of the rap game. The track taps into her overarching narrative of female empowerment and unabashed self-belief, asserting that she’s not just a participant but a key player in the male-dominated hip-hop industry.

12. 97

The song “97” by Doja Cat is a swaggering anthem of rebellion and defiant luxury. Doja reps the ’97 Benz, a symbolic representation of her status, and takes a nonchalant approach to societal norms, repeatedly stating she doesn’t give a damn. Her lyrics use witty wordplay and references to flaunt her wealth, from a luxury walk-in closet free of skeletons to her speed-infused city drives. She challenges PETA with her love for expensive furs and meaty luxuries, illustrating her fearless attitude. The track is also peppered with her critique of social media drama, scoffing at online trolls and dismissing rumors with defiant pride. Overall, “97” is a bold declaration of Doja’s self-confidence and elevated status in the game, exhibiting her unique blend of bluntness and glam.

11. Gun

Yo, let’s unpack “Gun” by Doja Cat, a track that shoots straight from the hip. On this joint, Doja marries playful wordplay with some hard-hitting themes, crafting a narrative that flexes both her audacity and linguistic dexterity. She’s riding shotgun with confidence, and ain’t nobody gon’ tell her otherwise. The lyrics are a saucy declaration of feminine power, loaded with firearms imagery that Doja deftly flips into metaphors for her own prowess and control. She ain’t just playing games here, but redefining the rules. That’s a power move, no doubt. Despite the sexual overtones, it’s her agency that’s the real talk of the track. She knows how to use a ‘gun’, a provocative metaphor that echoes throughout the song, symbolizing her audacious assertiveness and unabashed desire. True to form, Doja ain’t pulling any punches, and she’s got the lyrical ammo to back it up.

10. Go Off

“Go Off” by Doja Cat is a manifest anthem of self-empowerment and non-conformity. Doja Cat, ain’t no buddy for the weak-hearted as she positions herself as the boss in her own narrative. She’s the “bitch in charge,” unapologetic and daring, ready to “go off” when provoked. The lyrical spotlight falls on Doja’s assertive characterization, where she ain’t in no damn need of validation. Donned in new ice and Louboutins, she communicates success and self-reliance – success not defined by anyone but her. The track also highlights the role of materialism in hip hop, with references made to luxury brands like Fendi. Artistically merging gritty street influence with unyielding feminity, Doja Cat scores a cold one for the ladies out there in the rap game. No cap, she’s mixing the Fendi with the Shein and sliding past DMs – she’s too real for that. Peep how she throws it back, maintaining the power dynamics, the “trunk” in the front, driving this song forward. “Go Off” is Doja Cat reminding us all she’s the real top dog – unique and trailblazing, a force to be reckoned with in today’s hip-hop scene.

9. Shutcho

“Shutcho” by Doja Cat flexes her impressive lyrical prowess with a robust amount of bravado. The song unfolds as a triumphant declaration that she won’t be deterred by idle chatter or unfounded criticism. Doja claims her rightful place in the hip-hop sphere while also emphasizing her financial success amid the noise. The song conjures the image of Doja marching resolutely ahead, immune to the negativity around her.

Lyrically, “Shutcho” serves up deliciously lacerating bars aimed at Doja’s detractors. There’s a clear and potent message conveyed through the repetition of the same phrase in the chorus – “Shutcho goofy ass up”. These words work as a direct command from Doja to anyone who doubts her or wants to reduce her achievements. The track is a heavy hitter in her arsenal, showcasing her ability to flip controversy into a powerful assertion of self-confidence and resilience.

8. Agora Hills

Doja Cat ain’t playin’ on “Agora Hills.” She’s spinning a tale of unapologetic love, yearning for public affection, and spotlight owning. It’s about showing off her partner and screaming their love from the rooftops, inviting the world to bear witness. She’s talkin’ about the intimacy between her and her man, the raw and uncensored acts of love that they engage in, and the PDA she’s down with. The song speaks to her craving for controversial love, one where envy is inevitable from onlookers. Throw in some bold sexuality, with mentions of OnlyFans and tattoos, and you got a track that’s both a battle cry for audacious love and a middle finger to any who would judge or condemn it. Doja Cat also touches on the perks and challenges of being in love in the public eye, acknowledging that fame comes with scrutiny but riding the wave nonetheless. Fact is, she’s putting it all out there in “Agora Hills,” and she ain’t asking for your approval; she’s demanding your attention.

7. Can’t Wait

Stripping it down, “Can’t Wait” is a testament to Doja Cat’s ability to bring vulnerability and honesty into her artistry. This joint captures the essence of anticipating to be with someone she’s really feeling, a theme that’s all too relatable. The raw desire and near-obsession are felt through her repetitive lyrics, speaking volumes about her longing. The song also artfully brings out the challenges of maintaining self-identity in a relationship with lines revealing her struggle to function independently.

Doja’s versatility shines as she envisions a future with her lover, dropping hints of domestic bliss and international adventures. She lays out her intentions clear, from bringing him treats, to travelling to Paris. It’s a vivid picture of a ride-or-die love that wants to give and still experience life’s adventures together. Her dedication deepens as she assures him: she ain’t giving any attention to the fakes and she’ll always be waiting, even when he needs a break.

“Can’t Wait” doesn’t shy from expressing its desire, encapsulating the essence of romantic anticipation, and pushing it through the prism of Doja Cat’s unique musical and lyrical vision. It’s a gem that lets us dive deep into her heart and mind, as she continues to elevate the game with her truth.

6. Often

On “Often”, Doja Cat flexes her lyrical prowess with a provocative, yet alluring narrative. This infectious banger captures a story of intense desire and sexual liberation told through Doja’s perspective. The song sees our femme fatale drawn to a sensual figure who’s got the moves that leave her wanting more. It’s a classic love-and-lust scenario where the partner’s allure is magnetic enough to have Doja anchored and asking for more, symbolizing a sort of infatuation that borders on obsession. However, there’s an undercurrent of confidence that Doja exudes, as she gives herself into the attraction while also maintaining her control. The repeated phrase “You must do this often” serves as a testament to her partner’s skills, but also hints at an anticipatory craving. Overall, Doja Cat manages to spin a tale of nocturnal escapades while keeping it real, relentless, and raw, showcasing the daring side of her artistry.

5. Love Life

On “Love Life,” Doja Cat lays out a rhythmic celebration of her life’s many joys. Reflecting her vivacious persona, Doja enumerates the things she appreciates, from her fashion sense to her fanbase who speak multiple languages. She gets personal too, expressing love for intimate moments with her man and her mother’s homecooked meals. The track serves as a vibrant, beverage-in-hand toast to the high life she’s living, all while accentuating her trademark confident swagger. More than bragging about success, Doja also showcases her vulnerability admitting past mistakes and temper, further humanizing her for her fans. Above all, “Love Life” radiates gratitude – for personal growth, camaraderie, and the one-shot-at-life chance she’s taking full advantage of.

4. Skull And Bones

Now we’re diving deep into the track “Skull And Bones” by Doja Cat, a record that’s colder than a December in Detroit. She’s serving up introspective bars on wax, challenging not just her critics but also the constructs of the rap game, all delivered with that uncanny flow. She engages in existential musings questioning her own mortality – her body boiling down to just ‘skull and bones.’ She’s declaring that her only offerings to the world are her music and her soul, reinforcing that she’s in this for the love and passion rather than any shady dealings. One particularly striking line shows Doja’s resilience – “The only thing I folded under was pressure.” It ain’t the flexing or the haters that get to her, but her own internal struggles. She’s telling us she’s risen above it all to claim her spot at the top – no divine intervention necessary. To all the naysayers, Doja flexes her success and warns them not to underestimate the blessings she holds. The track ends with her defiance, declaring to the world that she’s not just the bones and the flesh, but her warm blood and soul make her an indomitable force in the game.

3. Attention

On “Attention,” Doja Cat navigates the landscape of fame, attention, and aggression. The song’s lyrics, a portrait of assertive self-confidence, delve into Doja’s perspective on her status in the industry, frequently highlighting her resilience against negativity. Here, Doja is demanding attention, not love – emphasizing that her rise to stardom doesn’t hinge on validation from others.

Through a clever mix of braggadocio and introspection, she takes us on a journey of self-discovery and ambition. She confronts her critics head-on, dismissing their claims and misunderstanding. Yet her narrative isn’t one of defiance alone; Doja also acknowledges her vulnerability, cooking up a potent mix of self-assured claims and candid admissions. All this plays out against a backdrop of pursuing her passion – the music – and dismissing the naysayers who fail to get it.

In sum, “Attention” is a testament to Doja Cat’s ferocious independence and indomitable spirit, a lyrical ode to her pursuit of authenticity amid the noise of fame.

2. Balut

When it comes to “Balut,” Doja Cat isn’t holding back. The track is a bold declaration of her prowess in a game where not everyone can be first, but can certainly aspire to be next. Doja Cat muses on her rise to stardom, likening her effortless success to ‘takin’ candy from a baby’ — a phrase that gets repeated like a hook throughout the song. She paints a picture of her luxurious lifestyle, referencing her assets and bragging about how she doesn’t even need to drive herself, due to her access to professional drivers. The second verse turns darker and more confrontational: Doja Cat starts dissing her competitors, making it clear she considers herself superior. She accuses others of being copycats, reminding everyone that, while they can try to emulate the greats, they can’t replicate her success. As the track progresses, Doja Cat insists that making hits is as easy as taking candy from a baby, a testament to her natural talent and hard-earned position in the rap game.

1. WYM Freestyle

Understanding Doja Cat’s lyrical prowess demands delving into the “WYM Freestyle”. The track acts as a defiant anthem, showcasing her confidence and refusal to be boxed in by societal or industry expectations. She’s got wordplay for days, and her rhymes are braggadocious, acknowledging her success while delivering a harsh critique to those who doubt her.

Doja dismisses the distractions of club life and drug culture, focusing instead on her craft. She takes aim at her detractors, asserting that she’s not confined to the streets, a reference to maintaining her authenticity and individual style in the cutthroat music industry. Paying no mind to the competition, she appreciates her overflowing accomplishments and draws a line between her lifelong career and those who are just out there to make a living.

The lyrics celebrate her transformation and growth since she entered the music scene, rejecting the notion of being a sell-out and confidently acknowledging her commercial success. In her aspirational journey, she doesn’t just demand respect, she commands it, and through the lyrics of “WYM Freestyle”, explicitly asserts her dominance, shredding anyone who might challenge it.

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