The world of hip-hop was taken aback when Lil Uzi Vert, one of its most innovative and enigmatic stars, announced his impending retirement. This Philadelphia native, known for his fusion of punk rock and trap, declared that after the release of his anticipated album, “Luv is Rage 3,” and its subsequent tour, he would step away from the limelight, seeking a more normal life beyond the echoes of fame. It’s a brave move for an artist who, in a relatively short span, managed to redefine the sonic and aesthetic boundaries of contemporary rap.

From his audacious style and energetic performances to his raw and emotionally resonant lyrics, Lil Uzi Vert has undeniably made a mark as a cultural icon, offering anthems that resonated deeply with a generation. His influence goes beyond just chart-topping tracks; it’s seen in the way he’s shifted perceptions and set trends within the music world. His decision to retire might be bittersweet for many, but it also underscores the authenticity and unpredictability that fans have come to adore.

As we settle in with the idea that hip-hop will now be without his distinctive voice, it’s a fitting time to take a look back at his best tracks. So, as we await the release of what might be his magnum opus with “Luv is Rage 3”, let’s revisit and celebrate the legacy of this trailblazer.

Let’s get to it, here’s Lil Uzi Vert’s Top 25 Best Songs so far, a testament to the indelible mark he’s imprinted on music and pop culture.

25. Top

This track, produced by Sonny Digital, marks an early milestone in Uzi’s career. Prized for its hypnotic beat and Uzi’s melodic flow, “Top” set the stage for the rapper’s later success, setting him apart from other artists in the burgeoning SoundCloud rap scene. It’s this track that separates the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff. It’s raw yet refined, showcasing Uzi’s ability to spit bars over unconventional beats. A lowkey gem, but don’t sleep on it, cuz it laid the foundation for Uzi’s distinct sound and style.

24. Sauce It Up

Uzi goes full throttle on this joint, flexing his flashy lifestyle and unabashed swagger over an infectious beat. The standout track is a testament to Uzi’s knack for creating viral hits. Honestly, it’s a banger that will have you humming the chorus under your breath for days. While it may not dive into deeper lyrical themes, the track’s energetic flow and uptempo beats make it a club favorite, reinforcing Uzi’s status as a trendsetter in today’s hip-hop scene.

23. Pluto to Mars

This high-energy cut showcases Uzi’s affinity for cosmic-themed lyrics as he switches between the icy cool of Pluto and the fiery aggression of Mars with finesse. The track encapsulates the audacious, bold, and experimental spirit of Uzi’s musical persona. It may not be his most introspective piece, but the spacey vibes and slick wordplay make “Pluto to Mars” a standout in his discography. It’s one of those joints that reminds us just how far Uzi can take his musical prowess when he shoots for the stars.

22. Yessirskiii

This track is a monster, pure heat in the form of a track, with both rappers trading bars over a hard-hitting instrumental. Known for their complementary styles, Uzi and Savage create a synergy that’s nothing short of electrifying. While the song is steeped in bravado and materialistic flexing, it’s the sonic chemistry between the two that takes this track from good to great. Loaded with catchy hooks and memorable one-liners, “Yessirskiii” stands as a testament to Lil Uzi Vert’s versatility and his ability to collaborate effectively with other artists. This joint is undoubtedly a banger, showcasing Uzi’s energy and lyrical prowess.

21. NFL

The Philadelphia-born rapper’s playful energy is evident throughout the track, with him drawing on sports metaphors to illustrate his own rapid rise to fame. The song showcases Uzi’s signature flow, loaded with brash confidence and audacious lyricism, making it a must-listen for both core fans and new listeners. Even without delving into complex wordplay, Uzi paints a vivid picture of his world, he’s in his own league, just like an NFL superstar. His unabashed self-belief further solidifies him as one of the most unapologetic voices in the hip-hop game today.

20. Homecoming

With a beat that hits hard, Uzi takes us on a journey back to his roots. The track feels like an anthem, a celebration of where he’s come from and the peaks he’s reached in his career. Don’t get it twisted, though: while the track is nominally about his home turf, it’s just as much an exploration of Uzi’s own growth as an artist. He’s come a long way from his humble beginnings and this cut is a reflection of that journey, filled with the brazen confidence of a rapper who’s made it to the top. Truly, “Homecoming” is Uzi staking his claim in the hip-hop world.

19. You Was Right

The track exhibits Uzi’s distinctive style – a seamless fusion of hip-hop and trap punctuated by his eccentric vocals. This song is an unfiltered glimpse into the rapper’s psyche, focusing on the turmoil of a contentious relationship. It shines thanks to Metro Boomin’s beat – a luminous soundscape that simultaneously enhances Uzi’s narrative and propels the track into the stratosphere. Its success lies in the way Uzi matches the production with his infectious energy, sizzling with charisma and a certain je ne sais quoi. Here, Uzi isn’t just another rapper; he’s a certified rockstar.

18. Spin Again

Dripping with a mix of trap-influenced beats and psychedelic rock elements, Uzi proves his versatility through a standout sonic experience. His flow ripples over the punchy baseline, boasting a bravado that’s signature to him. The vivid lyrics reflect the hedonistic lifestyle that’s often glamorized in hip-hop circles, while simultaneously questioning the costs of such excesses. “Spin Again” is both an exploration of success’s dizzying heights and a comment on its pitfalls. It’s a formula Uzi has perfected, offering both a high-energy party anthem and a deeper insight into the man behind the bars. If you’re seeking the best of Uzi, don’t sleep on this track.

17. I Gotta

The track is an exercise in raw, unadulterated energy, with Lil Uzi Vert moving at a breakneck pace, delivering his bars with an aggressive intensity that grips you and refuses to let go, even long after the track’s done. The hook is an infectious mix of bravado and charisma, a testament to Uzi’s natural gift for crafting memorable one-liners. You feel his bravado seeping through your speakers, invading your space with every line. Uzi’s demonstrated that he’s got the lyrical chops and the flow to hang with the best, and “I Gotta” is another notch on his belt. This is peak Uzi, and we’re here for it!

16. 7AM

This is where we witness Uzi’s unbridled passion and ruthless hunger for success. The production, upbeat and boisterous, is a nod to classic hip-hop, yet feels fresh due to Uzi’s unconventional vocal delivery. The lyrics, meanwhile, are an amalgamation of Uzi’s larger-than-life persona and his struggles navigating the ruthless world of hip-hop. “7AM” displays Uzi’s genius in its rawest form – a potent blend of lyrical dexterity and instinctive flow. It’s a powerful track that establishes Uzi not merely as a rapper, but as a significant force in the hip-hop arena.

15. Suicide Doors

This track sees Uzi adopting a seemingly effortless flow, skillfully navigating the haunting, atmospheric beat that underscores his reflection on fame, fortune, and the conflicts they spur. Always one to push boundaries and blur genre lines, Uzi infuses a subtle rock influence here that adds a dimension of raw intensity to the track. His emotive storytelling digs deep into themes of self-destruction and the toxic side of stardom. It’s these glimpses into the rapper’s mind that sets Uzi apart. The track showcases his ability to balance chart-topping bangers with introspective narratives, solidifying “Suicide Doors” as a must-listen milestone in his discography.

14. Neon Guts (feat. Pharrell Williams)

This joint right here is a collision of two generations of excellence; a master class in swagger from Lil Uzi Vert and the evergreen Pharrell Williams. This ain’t just bars being dropped, this is a sonic painting – vibrant and electric, just like neon guts. Uzi sets the trap, and Pharrell elevates it, shifting gears effortlessly from laid-back crooning to fast-paced rapping. The synergy between these two artists elevates this track to a whole new level. It’s a brilliant showcase of Uzi’s versatility, navigating the Pharrell-produced beat with his unique blend of melody and catchiness. Just goes to show you can’t put a cap on the kid’s talent.

13. Sanguine Paradise

The track reaffirms Uzi’s penchant for crafting a catchy hook, a quality that sets him apart in the cluttered scene of modern hip-hop. His lyrical prowess is on full display as he weaves a tale of triumphs and trials in the industry. The beat is intoxicating, with a mix of rapid-fire hi-hats and a soaring melody that gives the track an otherworldly vibe. In “Sanguine Paradise,” Uzi solidifies his place among the maestros of trap, fuelling the track with his unique blend of zest and vulnerability. It’s an audacious anthem that encapsulates Uzi’s artistic brilliance.

12. Myron

Off his lauded “Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2,” this standout record is a salient reminder of Uzi’s unfettered talent. The Philly rapper sails over a high-octane beat, belting out lyrics loaded with self-assured swagger. His free-spirited style, playful ad-libs, and high-pitch vocals contribute to the relentless momentum of the track, allowing listeners to envelop themselves in his world of exorbitant riches and relentless ambition. With “Myron”, Uzi, once again, demonstrates his remarkable ability to churn out radio-friendly, yet deeply expressive bangers, and this remarkable artistic balance remains one of his most defining attributes. A true testament to his longevity in the game.

11. Silly Watch

This joint is a full-throttle offer from the Philly rapper, and it hits hard. Uzi is a beast on the mic, unleashing a rapid-fire flow that refuses to let up. His unapologetic bravado is on full display, flexing his wealth and success with unabashed glee. But what makes “Silly Watch” a standout is the way Uzi rides the beat – a menacing, bass-heavy banger that sounds like it came from the depths of the trap. Put it on your playlist and it’s guaranteed to get the joint jumping. Let’s just say, when Uzi’s on his “silly watch”, ain’t nothing silly about it.

10. Erase Your Social

Walking a tightrope of introspection and infectious rhythm, Uzi proves he can balance radio-ready bangers with thoughtful lyricism. He subtly challenges our dependency on social media, crafting a societal critique wrapped in a candy-coated beat. This joint is a testament to Uzi’s range as an artist, proving he can provoke thought and move bodies simultaneously. It’s part social critique, part club-banger, and all Uzi. “Erase Your Social” is a standout in his catalog and a paradigm of his incredible versatility.

9. Endless Fashion (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Granted, it’s a materialistic anthem, but Uzi’s unique display of lyrical dexterity and Minaj’s fierce, unapologetic verse add depth and identity. The synergy between Uzi’s emotive rap-singing and Minaj’s hard-hitting bars showcases a rare blend of two disparate styles converging seamlessly. The infectious beat, coupled with vivid descriptions of a luxe lifestyle, take listeners on a G5 trip through the clouds of hip-hop affluence. “Endless Fashion” isn’t just a song about unadulterated indulgence, it’s an exhibition of Uzi’s knack for fashioning gold out of the materialistic aspect of rap.

8. Money Longer

From the jump, the production is futuristic and pulse-pounding, sending out a call that Uzi answers with an intensity that matches the beat bar-for-bar. Always one to play with tempo, Uzi makes intriguing rhythmic choices that seesaw between languid stretches and quicksilver volleys of syllables. His voice drip with swagger as he paints a picture of his loaded, unapologetic lifestyle. The genius behind “Money Longer” lies in the track’s infectious chorus—once you’ve heard it, good luck getting it out of your head. This is Uzi at his most magnetic and the result? Pure hip-hop gold.

7. Aye (feat. Travis Scott)

Travis Scott) When Uzi and Travis Scott join forces on “Aye,” the result is nothing short of explosive. This collaborative joint is a testament to Uzi and Scott’s musical chemistry. The two iconoclasts trade verses over a haunting beat, creating a sonic experience that is as intriguing as it is exhilarating. Their distinctive styles blend seamlessly, resulting in a track that pushes the boundaries of modern hip-hop. Scott’s atmospheric production perfectly complements Uzi’s eccentric lyricism, pulling listeners into a different dimension. “Aye” is evidence of the magic that ensues when two of hip-hop’s most innovative artists join forces.

6. Flooded The Face

The fine-tuned balance between Uzi’s hard-hitting, intricate rhymes and the track’s atmospheric, bass-heavy production produces a banger that reverberates through your soul. Uzi’s hooks are potent, and his lines, while seemingly braggadocious, subtly peel the veneer of stardom to reveal an artist grappling with success. His introspective moments, cleverly veiled behind the facade of riches and fame, elevate the track, proving that Uzi’s more than a flashy rap star — he’s a thoughtful, emotionally intricate artist brimming with depth. The song is a testament to Uzi’s artistic growth, and a peak into his life behind the scenes. It doesn’t just flood the face with vibes, it floods the mind with food for thought.

5. The Way Life Goes (feat. Oh Wonder)

Oh Wonder) True to his eclectic style, Lil Uzi Vert took a sharp left turn with “The Way Life Goes”. The track stands as a testament to his remarkable flexibility as an artist, effortlessly blending hip-hop with electronic and indie pop elements. Uzi’s bars meld with the ethereal soundscape, offering a raw, introspective energy that’s a far cry from the swaggering bravado of other tracks. Oh Wonder’s haunting vocals give the cut a melancholic undertone, while Uzi explores heartbreak and resilience in the face of adversity. The synthesis of Uzi’s profound lyricism with the emotive chorus results in an anthem for anyone needing a reminder to keep pushing—because that’s just the way life goes.

4. Just Wanna Rock

Uzi is unapologetically himself, flaunting his signature blend of gleeful energy and versatility. His flamboyant persona bleeds into every bar, drifting through the beats with his intricate wordplay. The production is tight, with grimy, distorted guitar riffs riding over trap beats, testifying to Uzi’s profound respect for rock music. The track’s aggressive yet melodic nature embodies the rebellious spirit of hip-hop blended with the raw edge of rock ‘n roll, perfectly capturing Uzi’s individualistic ethos. It’s songs like “Just Wanna Rock” that cement Uzi’s status as a rule-defying maverick in the rap game.

3. 20 Min

This bonus track from his project “Luv Is Rage 2” has had fans feening more than Pluto to Mars. Peppered with his signature ad libs and infused with an addictive melodic bounce, Uzi’s freewheelin’ flows about flexin’ wealth and enjoying the finer things in life are front and center. Despite its place as a bonus cut, “20 Min” quickly became a fan-favorite, owing to Uzi’s charismatic delivery and the hypnotising production. Whether he’s cooking up a studio album or simply adding the cherry on top, Uzi shows he can turn any track into a standout gem.

2. Watch This

Lil Uzi Vert’s “Watch This” is not just a song, but a testament to the heights of success the artist has achieved. The track exemplifies Uzi’s signature fusion of captivating beats and poignant lyrical prowess. Through its pulsating rhythms and ear-catching hooks, “Watch This” embodies why Lil Uzi Vert remains an enduring figure in the modern hip-hop landscape. The lyrics traverse the intricate maze of success, ambition, and the constant watchful gaze of fame. Uzi’s melding of melodic vocals and rapid-fire verses accentuates the song’s narrative, providing a deeply personal yet universally relatable anthem. Clearly, “Watch This” isn’t just a title; it’s an invitation to witness the zenith of Lil Uzi Vert’s musical brilliance.

1. XO Tour Llif3

Sitting at the pinnacle of our list, Uzi’s melodic prowess shines bright as he dances over TM88’s haunting, lo-fi production. It’s a bleak and tortured anthem, where Uzi unloads his battles with heartbreak and mental health, delivering one of the most riveting performances of his career. This ain’t your typical club banger; Uzi takes us on a hellish rollercoaster ride of raw emotions. The track is a deviation from traditional hip-hop norms, blending elements of emo and trap to spawn a poignant portrayal of Uzi’s tumultuous personal life. It’s not just a song, it’s a cathartic release, a testament to Uzi’s willingness to bare his soul on wax, transcending genre boundaries in the process. It’s unequivocally Uzi, raw and unfiltered.

EXTRA: Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD feat. Lil Uzi Vert

We couldn’t put an Uzi list together without mentioning the smash-hit collab with Juice WRLD, it’s worth mentioning due to it’s supreme success with over 2.3 BILLION streams on spotify alone.

What next? We wait for Luv is Rage 3 to drop and then get tickets to his tour and wish him farewell. It’s been about 10 years in the mainstream for Uzi and his fans will surely respect his desire to go back into the shadows…

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