Juice WRLD, the crepuscular star of the SoundCloud era, embodied a seismic shift in hip-hop. Known for his powerful lyrical expression and raw vulnerability, his work transcends the traditional constraints of the genre. His albums, like the poignant “Goodbye & Good Riddance” and the genre-bending “Death Race for Love”, pulsate with emotional honesty and introspective reverb. Tunes from those projects, along with tracks from “Wrld on Drugs”, his collaborative album with Future, and posthumously released “Legends Never Die”, seep into the listener’s psyche, thanks to their moody hooks and raw delivery.

His music is not just a collection of tracks; it paints a vivid picture of a talent striving for emotional clarity amidst chaos. Complex themes of mental health, substance abuse, and existential angst inform his body of work, making his brief discography both profound and influential. His legacy reverberates through the modern hip-hop landscape, with a distinct sound that continues to shape the genre’s direction.

So let’s get into it. From the hazy nihilism of “Used To” to the heartbreaking anthem “Lucid Dreams”, these are the Top 25 Juice WRLD Songs: Best of All Albums.

10. Conversations

The song encapsulates Juice WRLD’s struggle with his inner demons—namely, depression and addiction. His raw vulnerability percolates through the lyrics, as he draws us into his turbulent mental state. He paints a vivid picture of his battles with chilling lyricism, exploring themes of temptation, despair, and fleeting solace.

9. Wasted (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

It’s a clever play on words, with the term “wasted” repurposed to underscore both the physical state of drug intoxication and the existential waste of potential and time. The track marries this theme with a reference to “GTA love,” drawing a parallel between the reckless, chaotic, and impassive ethos of the infamous video game and the consequences of their indulgent lifestyles.

8. Wishing Well

A somber anthem in which Juice WRLD echoes a desperate cry for help, he admits to masking his true feelings to alleviate the worries of others. This track stands as a vivid testament to the rapper’s personal struggle with mental health and drug dependency. Rather than a wishful thinking piece about hypotheticals, “Wishing Well” unwraps Juice’s reality, trapped in a loop of self-destruction, where solace is found at the bottom of a pill bottle.

7. Armed And Dangerous

In this banger, Juice WRLD is flexing his success and wealth, acknowledging how far he’s come from a kid to a globally recognized artist. There’s a candidness in admitting he’s sipping lean and it’s cliché, a testament to his raw honesty about his struggle with substances.

6. Come & Go (with Marshmello)

Juice WRLD, aka Jarad Higgins, wrestles with love and the fear of losing it, refusing to shy away from his own vulnerabilities. He’s trying to be everything for someone, but he’s worried he comes off as nothing. This fear of failure, of not living up to expectations, is definite Juice WRLD territory – a raw, painful honesty that makes him so relatable.

5. Lean Wit Me

This track isn’t just a song – it’s a cry for help packaged in catchy hooks and a hypnotic beat. The lyrics teeter precariously on the edge of despair, painting a bleak portrait of a young man lost in a haze of drugs, grappling with the pull of dependency and the push of his own mortality. It’s a confessional narrative where he candidly faces his demons and debates with his own consciousness, constantly questioning if he is doing right or wrong.

4. Let Me Know (I Wonder Why Freestyle)

The repeated refrains of “Let me know” extend an invitation, a plea for understanding or perhaps a sense of companionship in a world that often feels isolating. He grapples with his own sense of worth in a landscape filled with pretenders, questioning why “lame niggas think that they run things”. Amidst this self-doubt, there’s defiance and determination, a constant quest for realization, a quest to stay in his prime and not waste time.

3. Robbery

He frames his heartache in metaphors of crime and addiction, painting an image of a chaotic love affair that’s as destructive as it is addictive. We see Juice battling conflicting advice from his father and his own instincts, creating a profound dilemma. The tailspin of paranoia, laced with his obsession for the elusive object of his affection, spirals out of control. His poignant lyrics speak of the fickle and ephemeral nature of love, metaphorically portrayed as a robbery where hearts get stolen, and not everyone comes out unscathed.

2. All Girls Are The Same

This evocative ballad underscores Juice’s battle with despair; a melancholic journey dictated by a string of failed relationships. Juice WRLD beschwört images of drowning in sorrow and losing his mind, invoking strong identifiers that resonate with young love’s existential agony.

1. Lucid Dreams

This man lived in a dizzying dreamscape, the lyrics painting a haunting snapshot of love and loss. The heartbreak is palpable as he chronicles the poignant tale of being haunted by a former lover’s shadows in his room; unable to reclaim the love he extended, fixated between love and loathing. The track effortlessly blends raw emotion with artistry, the lyrics invoking a feeling of dangling between the lucidity of reality and the paralysis of a dream state. His struggle with unforgiving heartbreak also mirrors larger themes of mental health—a staple in Juice’s discography. Trades of love and disappointment, feelings of being replaceable, and the gut-wrenching reality of heartbreak are narrated in a way only Juice WRLD could. The song remains a testament to Juice’s raw talent and sensitive soul, making “Lucid Dreams” the cornerstone of emo rap.