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The Best ‘Iggy Azalea’ Solo Tracks of All Time

Crafting tracks that range from the bass-heavy anthems to introspective verses, her unique blend of raw Australian grit and Southern hip-hop sensibilities has made her a standout figure in the genre. Iggy’s discography is a testament to her versatility, featuring collaborations with a veritable who’s-who of the music world. While this list celebrates her prowess as a solo artist, it’s impossible to ignore the influence of her collaborations, which have amplified her presence on the global stage. Whether it’s the pulsating beats of “Mo Bounce”, the storytelling prowess of “Work”, or the catchy hook of “Sally Walker”, each track showcases a different facet of Azalea’s artistic evolution.

So let’s get into it. From “Work” to “Not Important”, here are the best of Iggy Azalea’s solo songs of all time as ranked by our fans.

1 Work


Released: 2014

With razor-sharp honesty, Iggy narrates her story of moving from Australia to Miami at just sixteen, with “No money, no family, sixteen in the middle of Miami.” This line hits hard, encapsulating the raw determination and resilience it took to pursue her dreams. It’s more than a song; it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles and kept working towards their dreams, proving that hard work can indeed pave the way to success.

2 Team


Released: 2016

The track is a bold declaration of Azalea’s persona in the face of criticism and doubt, loaded with her signature swagger and crisp rhymes. A standout line, “I took a chance like I’m from Chicago / Hundred plus in that Murcielago,” showcases Iggy’s knack for weaving her ambitious hustle with pop culture references, encapsulating the spirit of the song. It’s all about rolling solo but with the confidence of an entourage, embodying the mantra: if you’ve got yourself, you’ve got everything you need.

3 Sally Walker


Released: 2019

The track is peppered with sharp wit and Iggy’s signature bravado, making it an anthem for self-assurance and female empowerment. A standout line that encapsulates the song’s essence is “Add that shit up just like mathematics / If you do it for free, then it’s ass backwards”. These bars not only highlight Iggy’s clever wordplay but also deliver a message on valuing oneself and one’s work, resonating with listeners aiming to assert their worth in any sphere of life.

4 Iam The Stripclub


Released: 2021

With its pulsating beats and Azalea’s assertive flow, the song is a bold declaration of self-empowerment wrapped in the glitz of nightlife. A standout line, “Don’t need dark rooms, I am the strip club. Don’t need red lights, I am the stripclub,” epitomizes the essence of the song – Iggy doesn’t just participate in the scene, she embodies it, controlling her narrative and asserting her dominance in spaces traditionally overwhelmed by male presence and gaze.

5 Started


Released: 2019

Azalea’s lyrics portray a transformation from obscurity to fame, highlighting her tenacity and disregard for her detractors. One of the track’s most compelling lines, “I started from the bottom and now I’m rich, I got in my bag and I ain’t looked back since,” serves as both a testament to her hustle and a middle finger to the haters. Azalea’s confident delivery and the catchy hook make “Started” a compelling anthem for those who aim to rise above their beginnings, refusing to apologize for their success.

6 Money Come


Released: 2023

The track is peppered with wit, assertiveness, and the kind of in-your-face boldness that demands attention. One standout line that embodies the essence of this powerhouse track is, “‘Cause even though I don’t fuck with you hoes, All the hatin’ kept my eyes on the money like a banker.” This line not only showcases Iggy’s ability to turn negativity into fuel for her success but also her unwavering focus on her grind, making it a quintessential anthem for anyone hustling towards their dreams with blinders on.

7 Mo Bounce


Released: 2017

In a whirlwind of relentless beats and an infectious chorus, Iggy commands, “Bounce that ass, bounce that ass, yeah, bounce it,” turning the song into an anthem for freedom of expression through movement. Sharp, slick, and saturated with confidence, the lyrics aren’t just words; they’re a celebratory call to action, hyping up any setting into a high-energy, bounce-fueled extravaganza.

8 Emo Club Anthem


Released: 2021

Azalea lays her soul bare, intertwining party culture with emotional desolation, a juxtaposition that resonates deeply. The repetitive declaration, “Not gonna waste my high, because I love drugs”, hits hard, encapsulating the song’s theme of seeking oblivion in the face of emotional pain. This track is a candid exploration of the lengths one might go to in order to escape the harsh realities of their internal world.

9 Bounce


Released: 2014

The track pulses with an electrifying energy that calls listeners to let go of their inhibitions and just “bounce.” Iggy’s flow rides the beat with confidence, dropping lines that celebrate living in the moment and indulging in life’s pleasures. A standout line that encapsulates the song’s essence is “Iggy Iggy, gettin’ ’em tipsy, tippin’ em broads, hundreds and fifties”. This line doesn’t just flex financial prowess but speaks to the joy of spending lavishly in pursuit of a good time, making “Bounce” a quintessential party hit.

10 Tokyo Snow Trip


Released: 2018

Azalea flexes her journey from the bottom to the top, juxtaposing her rise from “the cracks with the rats and the roaches” with the lavish lifestyle she now leads. The track is loaded with braggadocio and vivid storytelling, exemplified in lines like “Pinocchio nose drip, Tokyo snow trip”, painting a picture of intoxicating nights and globe-trotting adventures that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. This raw, unapologetic anthem showcases Azalea’s knack for crafting catchy hooks while keeping a foot squarely in the underbelly of her past experiences and present triumphs.

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