Over the past couple of years, Boldy James has cemented himself as one of the best rappers in the game right now with an unquenchable work ethic that has seen him put out no less than two projects a year.

Ever since he made his comeback with the Alchemist-produced The Price of Tea in China in 2020, the Detroit MC has been locked into a different zone. In 2022 alone, he dropped four strong albums – Killing Nothing (with Real Bad Man), Fair Exchange No Robbery (with Nicholas Craven), Mr. Ten08 (with Futurewave) and Be That as It May (with Cuns).

As a testament to his steady hustle and steady output, in a recent interview with Passion of the Weiss, Boldy revealed that the collaboration album with Nicholas Craven only took him four days to record.

Boldy James: It took me maybe four days in total to record Fair Exchange No Robbery with Nick Craven because he had flown here from Canada, from Montreal. And the beats, the beats were right up my alley. And then the recording process was how I like to work. So it was easy, like, it was like a 96-hour process.

“I’m Not Into Selling Fast Food”: An Interview With Boldy James | Passion of the Weiss

Later in the interview, Boldy revealed that Mr. Ten08 took him just a month to record with Futurewave, his upcoming album full of Dilla beats and why his status as an independent artist enables him to drop so many albums whenever he wants.

“That’s all this is about: me just putting out content to keep the ball rolling,” he explained. “And just flex my muscle on not being signed. When I feel like it’s time to drop off, I’m gonna just drop a project. I’m gonna stop holding on to this music and waiting on certain situations to help me promote it, or whatever. I’m gonna just do more of it myself, just work on being a better independent businessman, making moves.”

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