Do you remember listening to Kanye’s “Through the Wire” and hearing the lines – “If you could feel how my face felt / You would know how Mase felt”?

That was in reference to an incident which left the former Bad Boy superstar with a broken jaw, courtesy of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Let’s rewind back a little. Back in the late ’90s, Mase was arguably the hottest rapper in the game; his debut album, Harlem World, had gone multiplatinum and he was all over the charts with hit singles like: “Feel So Good”, “What You Want” “Lookin’ at Me” and guest appearances on “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” and “Mo Money Mo Problems.”

So it’s probably safe to say that Mase was feeling himself. Which led him to violating the number one rule in hip hop – fucking with the Wu-Tang Clan. During one of his live shows, Mase Betha was talking shit about Ghostface, and it wasn’t long before Ironman and his crew caught up with him.

The two entourages got into a scuffle with Mase came out of it with a broken jaw and a new life lesson. While it has long been believed that Ghostface was the one who broke Mase’s jaw, it was actually his affiliate, I-Cham, who did the dirty deed as clarified by Ghostface on the Supreme Clientele track “Malcolm.”

Yo, I-Cham punched Mase in his face over some bullshit
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