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The Best Drake & Kendrick Lamar Features of All Time

Drake and Kendrick Lamar stand as titans, monumental forces reshaping the contours of the game with each verse they spit. Drizzy, the six-side’s own lyrical wizard, has been crafting anthems that resonate from the frosty streets of Toronto to the sun-baked corners of Calabasas. Meanwhile, Compton’s favorite son, Kung Fu Kenny, pens narratives dense with metaphor and airtight in flow, weaving complex tapestries of socio-political commentary and personal evolution. Together, these artists have raised the bar, fusing emotive storytelling with head-nodding production that has become the soundtrack for a generation.

Their collaborative efforts, whether direct or by tapping the talents of fellow artists like A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz, infuse their individual brilliance into collective masterworks. These songs aren’t just records; they’re cultural touchstones, setting the mood, narrating the struggle, and celebrating the triumphs of contemporary life. Each collaboration is a multi-verse event, blending styles and subgenres to challenge and redefine hip-hop’s sonic landscape.

So let’s get into it, here’s the very few yet the best Drake & Kendrick Lamar collaborative features of all time.

Poetic Justice (2012)


Lamar and Drake spit bars that touch on the essence of romantic longing and the pains of communication breakdown in relationships. The track has got a pulse that matches the human heart—raw, insistent, and honest. They’re navigating the chaotic streets of love with verses that holler truth about wanting, having, and losing. It’s that Kendrick magic, right? Bringing that poetic touch to the gutter realness of relationship woes, blended with Drizzy’s signature emotion-laden flow. The justice here ain’t just poetic—it’s a sonic trial by fire, where infatuation meets introspection. This jam goes hard because it’s the sound of two powerhouses delivering more than verses; they’re delivering pieces of a love-lore puzzle, all wrapped up in a beat that’s got you nodding from the jump. “Poetic Justice” ain’t just a track; it’s the realest of real talk in hip-hop form.

F**kin’ Problems (feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)


A$AP Rocky orchestrates this symphony of braggadocio with Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar as the ensemble – each spittin’ tales of their insatiable appetites for “bad bitches” and the luxuries of the rap game lifestyle. The track’s addictive hook cements its replay value, while each verse serves up a distinct flavor: Drake slides in smooth as ever, balancing his love for the chase with his penchant for raw reflection. 2 Chainz delivers with unapologetic flash, but it’s K-Dot who flips the script, cutting through with razor-sharp wit, flipping the Benz to a metaphor and laying waste with his pen game. The alchemy of ego, hedonism, and lyrical prowess in “F**kin’ Problems” captures the zeitgeist of 2010s hip-hop, each rapper staking his claim as an alpha in the wild jungle of rap stardom. It’s a collision of charismatic heavyweights, all proving that their real problem might just be how effortlessly they reign over the beat.

Buried Alive Interlude (2011)


Kendrick offers a glimpse into his psyche, wrestling with the industry’s seductive yet suffocating embrace. We get Kendrick before the full bloom of “good kid, m.A.A.d city” fame, introspective and hungry, reflecting on the temptations of fame—bright lights, A-list companions—and the dark trade-offs of success. This track is an open casket on the soul of an artist on the cusp of greatness, its vibe dark, thoughtful, and altogether vibey, laden with the weight of existential reflection. Far from your average interlude, “Buried Alive” is a lyrical excavation of ambition and the toll it takes, stripping back the layers of glamour to reveal the raw, gritty undercurrent of the music game. It’s a sobering, intimate moment on Drake’s “Take Care,” serving as a contrast to the album’s polished bravado and a foreshadowing of Kendrick’s ascendancy in the hip-hop pantheon.

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