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The Best Kanye West Features as Ranked by Fans

The dynamism of Kanye West’s musical journey is punctuated by an exquisite cadre of collaborative joints that have become staples not only in his discography but in hip-hop culture itself. A master of fusion, Yeezy has a knack for weaving together disparate artists to create symphonies that resonate with the soul of the streets and the finesse of the studio. From the poetic chi-town narratives spun with Lupe Fiasco to the Auto-Tune laced vibes with T-Pain, and the raw emotion elicited alongside Syleena Johnson—Kanye’s collaborative tracks stand as monuments to his genre-bending vision.

The standout songs that withstood the test of time have come from Kanye collaborating with the following artists:

  • Lupe Fiasco
  • DJ Premier
  • T-Pain
  • Rick Ross
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Syleena Johnson
  • Chris Martin
  • Dwele
  • Pusha T

Whether it’s the introspective storylines painted with Pusha T or the reflective whimsy captured with Chris Martin of Coldplay, Ye knows precisely how to amplify his sound with the unique artistry of his co-creators like Rick Ross and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

So let’s get into it. From “Touch The Sky” to “Runaway”, here are the best Kanye West collaborations & features ranked.



Released: 2010

Features: Pusha T

He holds up a mirror to his flaws and imperfections—a toast to personal failings, reflecting a love-hate relationship with celebrity culture. The track, assisted by Pusha T’s raw verse, delves into the complexities of relationships marred by ego and infidelity, challenging the listener to embrace vulnerability. It’s in this sonic catharsis that Kanye invites us all to confront our own shortcomings, making “Runaway” a therapeutic fixture in his discography.

Flashing Lights


Released: 2007

Features: Dwele

Yeezy paints the picture of a high-profile life drenched in luxury and heartache, with the instrumental hook hypnotically reinforcing the allure and toxicity of celebrity. This track is an introspective narrative that skillfully captures the dissonance between public adoration and personal struggle, reflecting the tumultuous side of success where everything that glitters ain’t always gold.



Released: 2007

Features: Chris Martin

The song is a tender ode to ‘Ye’s beloved Chicago. The metaphor of his native Chi-Town as a childhood sweetheart paints a vivid, emotive narrative that’s hard to shake. It’s a bittersweet symphony that hits on fame’s double-edged sword—the accolades and platinum plaques versus the raw pull of home and the nostalgia for simpler times. That soul-stirring piano and earnest hook from Martin turn Kanye’s reflective walk down memory lane into a universal anthem of return and redemption.

All Falls Down


Released: 2004

Features: Syleena Johnson

Yeezy spits fire about society’s addiction to materialism and the struggle for authentic self-esteem amidst the chaos of consumerism. The way the track resonates with Syleena Johnson’s soulful hook, it’s a poignant reflection that pushes us to confront the reality that even with all the bling and success, we still face the same existential plummet when it all falls down.

Gold Digger


Released: 2005

Features: Jamie Foxx

Kanye flips the script on materialism, spinning a narrative that’s equal parts cautionary tale and club banger. The record taps into the cultural pulse, questioning the motives behind relationships without sacrificing the humor and infectious energy that make it a standout track in Ye’s illustrious catalog.

Ghost Town


Released: 2018


The track is an exploration of pain and freedom, grappling with the idea of liberation from one’s demons. It’s metaphorical, with references to self-harm revealing the catharsis in confronting what haunts you. As Kanye and his collaborators tap into the nostalgia of youth and the accompanying promise of pain’s transient nature, they create a space where the angst of today is met with the hope of “someday” feeling kind of free. This song isn’t just about personal liberation—it’s an anthem for anyone dealing with the agony of growth.

Devil In A New Dress


Released: 2010

Features: Rick Ross

Rick Ross steps in with a luxurious monologue, flexing poetic imagery that’s as rich in metaphor as it is in braggadocio. The collaboration creates an introspective atmosphere, with Kanye wrestling between sacred love and sinful indulgence, while Ross reflects on a life of excess and the often-overlooked consequences that come with it. It’s a track where the glamour of success is interspersed with introspective vulnerability, making it a standout in West’s discography.

Good Life


Released: 2007

Features: T-Pain

It’s a celebration of success against all odds, embodying the champagne wishes and caviar dreams of anyone who’s hustling to turn those zeros in their bank account into serious stacks. The auto-tune king and Mr. West combine forces to pass the vibe check with flying colors, delivering an anthem that sounds like victory lap music for anyone chasing that top-tier, flashbulb-popping, sky-high living.

Everything I Am


Released: 2007

Features: DJ Premier

It’s Ye at his most introspective, spitting raw about the pressures of fame and the rap game. He ain’t about fronting a facade, feeling the weight of Chi-town on his shoulders while dodging the industry’s expectations. With DJ Premier’s cuts giving it that old-school cred, Kanye’s message is clear: embracing his flaws is key to his artistry, defining his journey of staying true in a scene flooded with playas acting out a part they can’t maintain.

Touch The Sky


Released: 2005

Features: Lupe Fiasco

Before the luxury, there were struggles and doubts, thinking pink Polos could tank The Roc and dining at KFC while dreaming of skies yet to be touched. Ye and Lupe’s verses are a sonic blueprint for dreamers aiming for the stratosphere, and the track’s triumphant horns amplify that climb from the grind to grandeur. This collab is the essence of hustle transformed into an anthem that doesn’t shy away from the past but propels you forward, high above any turbulence.

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