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The Best Songs that Feature Future & Lil Uzi Vert

When the trap maestro Future and the eclectic trailblazer Lil Uzi Vert cross paths, the result is an alchemical mix of Atlanta’s raw, syrupy beats and Philadelphia’s audacious, high-energy lyricism. It’s a synergy that’s sparked a slew of collaborative bangers, sprinkled with feature spots from some of the most influential names in the game. Bridging the gap, A$AP Rocky brings his Harlem swagger to the mix, while Lil Baby adds a dose of his signature Atlanta hustle.

Influential producers Metro Boomin and DJ ESCO ensure the sonic landscapes are nothing short of mesmerizing, crafting tracks that have become staples not only in the clubs but in the headphones of fans seeking that quintessential trap zest. Sampling this concoction of talent is like flipping through a playlist of modern hip-hop’s most defining sounds. As the industry heavyweights DJ Khaled and A$AP Ferg add their own flavors to the pot, the duo’s collaborations are elevated into a league of their own.

So let’s get into it. From “Moment of Clarity” to “Drankin N Smokin,” here are the Best Future & Lil Uzi Vert Collabs of All Time.

22. Marni On Me

There’s a swagger to this track, a declaration of success that’s measured not just in wealth, but in the ease of it all – like waking up dripping in designer. It’s a snapshot of what being at the top looks like, delivered with Future’s signature Atlanta trap sound and complemented by Uzi’s vibrant energy.

21. Moment of Clarity

Here, Future casually deals with luxury with street-wise grit, as he navigates a life that swings from yachts to backdoor dealings, all while keeping his soul medicated in codeine’s embrace. The track is a braggadocio anthem, an audio exhibit of hedonism and the relentless pursuit of status that defines his narrative.

20. Plastic

The references to lavish Cartiers and purple tinted lenses signify a certain detachment from the usual, underscored by Future’s affinity for the extraordinary. Meanwhile, the repeated mentions of ‘plastic’ hint at authenticity in a fake world, suggesting weaponry and relationships that are as real as their hustle in the trap game.

19. Because of You

The hypnotic off-beat hook captures the disorienting effect of love’s grip, while Future’s gritty bars juxtapose street wisdom with vulnerable admissions, creating a tapestry of raw romanticism and hardened reality that’s as infectious as it is reflective of their respective personas.

18. Too Much Sauce

Future and Uzi flex their success through a haze of designer names and high-end watches, a testament to the lavish lifestyle earned through the grind. The track is a celebration of excess, a moment where the pair coat their achievements in the sheen of Audemars and Patek Philipe, reveling in the glory that comes with being at the top.

17. Stripes Like Burberry

With nods to NBA sharpshooter Steph Curry and lyrical snapshots of their violent hometowns, they juxtapose their troubled pasts with the lavish present—luxury brands, fast cars, and insurmountable stacks of cash. It’s a track that celebrates survival and success, with Future’s ATL swagger melding with Uzi’s Philly tenacity.

16. Over Your Head

They bounce across the beat with the effortlessness of ballers way ahead of the game, brushing off attempted communications from lesser players—texts left on read symbolize this distant vantage point. The track is a boisterous showcase of their high-flying life, writ large with the multimillion-dollar flexes that only few can fathom.

15. New Level (feat. Future, A$AP Rocky & Lil Uzi Vert)

It’s a certified banger that speaks on elevation – overcoming the struggle, stepping up the luxury, and going hard with ambition. Each verse layers the track with individual hustles transforming into collective success, embodying the hunger and assertiveness synonymous with climbing to a new apex.

14. Real Baby Pluto

This relentless track finds Future asserting his dominance in the rap game, swerving through the high life at full throttle, cash flowing as freely as the syrupy beats that back his claims. Navigating this world with the ease of the truly anointed, the track hits like an anthem for the untouchable, self-made elite, crowning Future as the undisputed Baby Pluto.

13. Million Dollar Play

It’s a track where every beat hits like a bag drop, with Future flexing about plays that rake in the M’s, while staying true to his squad. Uzi complements this vibe, as they both ride the rhythm, illustrating a world where trust is currency and every move they make is a headline-making score.

12. Baby Sasuke

The track’s energy mirrors that of a wild night out, both artists trading verses that boast about their top-tier status and influence, with Future likening their dominance and dual upmarket conquests to the legendary Toni Kukoč’s basketball dominance.

11. Patek

It’s a straight-up anthem that pulses with the heartbeat of excess, zooming from zero to the penthouse with every bar. Future and Uzi lay the ostentation thick, with a relentless cadence that mirrors the flash of the Patek on their wrists – a symbol of success and, perhaps, an ironic nod to the impermanence of fame.

10. Heart In Pieces

Future and Lil Uzi Vert blend their distinctive flows to paint a canvas of heartbreak and isolation, enveloping the listener in a world where success and luxury can’t mend emotional scars. It’s a narrative steeped in authenticity, acknowledging the hollow victories and the personal cost of fame in a solitary journey where trust is scarce and love leaves jagged edges.

9. Too Much Sauce (feat. Future & Lil Uzi Vert)

This track was a certified banger, no cap. It’s the drip anthem, where flexing is a must, and the ice is a status symbol—straight up. Future and Uzi floated on this beat with the finesse of kings talkin’ Patek watches and exotic whips. It’s not just a song; it’s a lifestyle, a celebration of success and excess. In a world where everyone’s watching, they made too much sauce a badge of honor.

8. Wassup (feat. Future)

It’s a head-nodding reminder of their otherworldly status in the rap game, with Uzi skating on the beat with his classic spacey references while Future comes through with the heavy artillery, his voice, a call to allies and a warning to foes. In this anthem, they assure listeners and haters alike that their presence is as unforgettable as it is untouchable.

7. All Bad (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

It’s that track where both emcees flex on independence, dismissing drama with those who can’t keep up. There’s a vibe of emotional detachment, yet the pair manage this without losing their signature addictive hooks. It’s an assertive shrug in sonic form, encapsulating the ethos of moving on with flair.

6. Seven Million (feat. Future)

This track is a flex anthem, where luxury and confidence collide, sparking a vibe that’s both lavish and infectious. With Future’s unmistakable cadence riding alongside Uzi’s dynamic energy, they paint a sonic picture of high-end fashion, exclusive whips, and a lifestyle where being unremarkable isn’t just a fear, it’s a cardinal sin.

5. That’s It

Future flexes with cold bars about luxurious excess, the weight of ice on his wrist — a metaphor for his heavy success. It’s the anthem for those who vibe with the high life, no apologies. The track tells a tale of living large and in charge, drenched in designer and dripping with confidence, unapologetically flaunting a boss mentality with every beat.

4. All The Way Live

Channeling the electric thrill of Spider-Man swinging through the cityscape, the trio delivers a soundscape pulsing with kinetic energy. The lyrics capture the protagonist’s double life, balancing superhero duties with a desire for normalcy, adding a human touch to the larger-than-life beats that mirror the adrenaline of a year-round vigilante’s grind.

3. Tic Tac

This track slaps with an aggressive flow and beats colder than a polar bear’s toenails, laying out a vivid narrative of flexin’, confrontation, and the lavish trap lifestyle. The title “Tic Tac” itself plays off the slick talk about needing a breath mint after an encounter with a shorty, but it’s deeper; it symbolizes that aftertaste of hood politics and flashy living. It’s raw, it’s unfiltered, and the duo’s chemistry is pure fire, showing their dominance in the game, leaving no room for the faint of heart. This joint is as much a reflection of the hustle as it is a showcase of their lyrical prowess and the relentless beats that have become their signature sound in the trap sphere.

2. SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED (feat. Lil Baby, Future & Lil Uzi Vert)

DJ Khaled on the boards, Future and Uzi alongside Lil Baby? That’s heavyweight status. They’re painting those feels all over the track, with Future’s iconic tone matching Uzi’s playful cadence, and Lil Baby sliding through with that emotional realness, promising love beyond the shine and grind. They ain’t just spitting bars; they’re crafting an anthem for everyone trying to balance that hard edge with the soft touch, loving like it’s the only hustle that matters. It’s a narrative flip from the streets to the sheets, talking love’s language in a cadence only the Plutos can master.

1. Drankin N Smokin

The track’s a canvas for Future’s syrupy flow and Uzi’s playful wordplay, where they’re not just celebrating their lavish lifestyles but also diving into the complexities of their hedonistic escapades. They navigate through the ups and downs of romance and luxury, strikin’ a balance between the high life and the emotional cost that rides shotgun. No doubt, “Drankin N Smokin” is a head-nodder that serves up a candid snapshot of a rapper’s life, where vulnerabilities are cloaked in ice and the party never stops – unless the emotions bubble over.

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