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The Best ‘Freeway’ Features

Aight, we gotta talk about Freeway, the Philly legend with bars of steel and a voice that embodies the raw spirit of the streets. This ain’t no cookie-cutter rapper – Freeway adds grit to every track, elevates any collaboration. He’s traded verses with the best: Hov, Weezy, Killer Mike, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Dude’s style is chameleon-like. Whether it’s soul with Raekwon, punchlines with T.I., West Coast wisdom with Nipsey (RIP), or straight spittin’ fire alongside Biggie’s crew, Freeway always adapts but never loses his edge. Each of his collabs is a masterclass – proof he can roll with any style, any sound.

So let’s dive in! From classic joints like “What We Do” to newer bangers like “Sunnah Boys,” these are the hottest Freeway features, the collabs that show why cats from all corners call him for that extra dose of realness.

1 Two Words


Released: 2004

Features: Kanye West, Mos Def, Freeway, The Boys Choir Of Harlem

“Turn y’all rap niggas to two words: fast runners”

2 What We Do


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, JAY-Z, Beanie Sigel

“Even though what we do is wrong”

3 Flipside


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, Peedi Crakk

“Pop tried to shut me down, Cops tried to shut me down, haters wanna hit me up”

4 Cannon Remix


Released: 2007

Features: DJ Drama, Lil Wayne, Willie The Kid, Freeway, T.I.

“I’m like a Muhammad when he split the vein, its a braveheart, never spit in vain!”

5 Roc The Mic


Released: 2002

Features: Beanie Sigel, Freeway

“It’s B Sig in the place with Young Free, and I got what it takes to rock the mic right.”

6 Pistolvania


Released: 2010

Features: Vinnie Paz, Freeway, Jakk Frost

“Rockafella heat spitters, Desert Eagle heat holders, Philly Freezer keep soldiers that’ll ride for the cause”

7 Take It To The Top


Released: 2007

Features: Freeway, 50 Cent

“When you think I’m freaking I be on my grind, Even when we not freaking you be on my mind”

8 Get Your Grind On


Released: 2005

Features: The Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, Fat Joe, Freeway

“I dream filthy…my enemies hang with me ’til I eventually flip”

9 Roc The Mic – Remix


Released: 2002

Features: Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Nelly, Murphy Lee

10 My Love


Released: 2003

Features: The Diplomats, Freeway

“I’ma show you how to move with the ooze, how to handle it”

11 Full Effect


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, Young Gunz

‘Freeway’s in Full Effect / And all I need is one reason just to pull this burner’

12 Fucc Um


Released: 2017

Features: Cuzzy Capone, Nipsey Hussle, Freeway

“I’m about a dollar what the f*** is 50 cents”

13 Switches & AR’s


Released: 2023

Features: Sauce Walka, Freeway

“From the city where they bang, bang boogie for loot”

14 All My Life


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, Nate Dogg

“Lovin’ dough, chasin’ hoes, Smokin’ ‘dro, yeah yeah yeah”

15 State to State


Released: 2005

Features: Paul Wall, Freeway

“City to city, coast to coast, I’m a staple in the game, all the real n****s know”

16 Throw Your Hands Up


Released: 2010

Features: Freeway, Jake One

“I remember when I was first tryin to be a rapper guy / Like Pharcyde, the labels kept on (Passin’ Me By)”

17 She Makes Me Feel Alright


Released: 2010

Features: Freeway, Jake One

“Now she got me locked, Bush approach – shock and awe”

18 P.A.


Released: 2011

Features: Freeway, Statik Selektah, Mac Miller

“Used to be the kid, now homie I’m the man”

19 Roc Nation Brunch


Released: 2024

Features: Marv Won, Freeway

20 What We Do – Album Version


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, JAY-Z, Beanie Sigel

“Even if we all get murdered in a rap, ain’t none of us deserve it where we at”

21 Don’t Cross The Line


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, Faith Evans

“Freeway bring trouble to soloists, The sawed off split, get the fu*k outta dodge”

22 Flipside – Album Version


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, Peedi Crakk

“Freeway move the rocks in your area!”

23 Triple OG


Released: 2021

Features: B-Real, Freeway

“From the land where the gangsters roam, we grew from the concrete from the seeds that were sown”

24 You Don’t Know


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, Sparks

“My man Willie Mays and Santana live on the run”

25 Life


Released: 2003

Features: Freeway, Beanie Sigel

“It’s my life, not for the taking”

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