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The Best ‘Future’ Features

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, few artists have mastered the alchemy of collaboration quite like Future. The Atlanta trap maestro has a knack for fusing his distinct, codeine-drenched cadence with a plethora of diverse talents, from pioneers like Kanye West and Drake to melodious mavens like The Weeknd and Rihanna. His synergy with beat monsters like Metro Boomin and titans of the new school like 42 Dugg and Lil Baby has spawned tracks that dominate both the streets and the charts. Whether lacing cuts alongside lyrical juggernauts like Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, and SZA or holding it down with trap brethren YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Young Scooter, Future’s features and collabs have created a rich tapestry of sonic gold that resonates with the signature hypnotic flair of hip-hop’s elite.

So let’s get into it. From “Superhero” to “Too Many Nights,” here are the best Future features & collabs ranked by fans.

1 Too Many Nights


Released: 2022

Features: Metro Boomin, Future, Don Toliver

Metro Boomin’s production sets the stage—a realm where luxury and the fast life aren’t just aspired to, they’re lived out with every beat. Then you got Future and Don Toliver sliding through with verses that encapsulate the grind and the glory, steeped in the lavishness that comes with their level of game. It’s a soundtrack for those too familiar with the hustle and the blur of success. The track hits on the adrenaline-fueled lifestyle that often leaves one nameless in neon lit nights, yet famous in the echelons of rap royalty. Toliver’s melodic delivery contrasts with Future’s signature cadence, creating a dynamic that’s both intoxicating and reflective. “It’s too many nights I went nameless, it’s too many nights I went famous”—that line right there? It’s a raw glimpse into the dichotomy of fame: invisible yet in the spotlight, a double-edged sword that both artists wield with precision.

2 Superhero


Released: 2022

Features: Metro Boomin, Future, Chris Brown

Doubling down on the superhero metaphor, Future spills his soul with his signature auto-tuned vocals, dabbling between his braggadocio and inner turmoil. Dark Knight feeling, die or be a hero / Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain – this line hits with the force of truth, speaking to the dichotomy of fame and the inevitable fall from grace that can accompany it. The track encapsulates the essence of the struggle within, the external pressures of celebrity, and the razor-thin line between heroism and villainy—a modern-day saga set against a backdrop of booming bass and haunting synths.

3 Love Me


Released: 2013

Features: Lil Wayne, Drake, Future

Weezy, with his exceptional wordplay, confidently declares, “I’m on that good Kush and alcohol, I got some down bitches I can call”, serving as a testament to the luxuries of rap royalty and their nonchalant dismissal of any negativity. It’s an anthem that rejoices in the loyalty of their inner circle against the backdrop of fame’s superficial landscape, simultaneously igniting clubs with its infectious hook while encapsulating an era where rappers double as modern-day rock stars.



Released: 2023

Features: Travis Scott, SZA, Future

Spinning around opulence, existential flexes, and a touch of introspection that’s common when artists reach the zenith of fame. Future’s prophetic vision, “I can see the future, it’s lookin’ like we leveled through the sky,” cuts deep, laying bare a collective ambition to transcend. The trio navigates the dichotomy of success and solitude, hustler’s ambition and the vulnerability behind the velvet curtain. It’s a celebratory anthem that’s unafraid to peer into the abyss, anchored by Future’s assertive foreshadowing of greatness and SZA’s candid reflection on the messy human behind the celebrity.

5 Low Life


Released: 2016

Features: Future, The Weeknd

This track sees the duo embracing their trials and transgressions, with The Weeknd’s haunting voice blending into Future’s Auto-Tuned croons about excess and vice. “I turn the Ritz into a poor house,” Future declares, capturing the song’s essence—a transformation of luxury into hedonism, a theme echoed by both artists throughout their verses. They paint pictures of a lifestyle riddled with narcotics, women, and a nonchalant attitude toward fame and societal norms, embodied by the song’s raw energy and unapologetic honesty.



Released: 2022

Features: Future, Drake, Tems

With Future’s autotune-twinged confessionals about loyalty and vulnerability, and Drake’s signature introspective bars on complex relationships, paired with Tems’ hauntingly soulful chorus, this joint becomes a grimy yet gorgeous mosaic of modern love’s trials. The trio captures the essence of emotional rawness against the harsh realities of a fast life. “Every time I sip on codeine, I get vulnerable” hits different as it gives voice to the often-unspoken bond between substance use and emotional transparency in the struggle to open up under the spotlight. It’s this authentic blend of melancholy and melody that makes “WAIT FOR U” a standout in Future’s constellation of collaborations.

7 Private Landing


Released: 2023

Features: Don Toliver, Justin Bieber, Future

The trio serves up a flex anthem, smooth on the approach but heavy on bravado, with each verse painting a picture of excess and success. Future, with his ATL-stained swagger, comes through drippin’ in finesse, reminding us why he’s the patron saint of trap harmonics and flashy lifestyle rap. “Quarter million on her head, quarter million on her head”, he declares, a hard-hitting line that epitomizes the lavish theme, and sets the vibe for a joint that’s fit for a grand entrance, whether you’re stepping off a G5 or pulling up in a Maybach. The hook soars on Toliver’s ethereal delivery, while Biebs slides in with that pop-infused R&B smoothness, proving that when it comes to stunting, genre lines blur into the smoke of jet-set life.

8 I Can’t Save You


Released: 2022

Features: Metro Boomin, Future, Don Toliver

The lyrics, awash with references to substance use and the fleeting club love affairs, underscore the stark inconsistency concerning connection in the topsy-turvy world of glamour and excess. “Most of these hoes don’t wanna be saved / Most of these niggas can’t identify that most / Superheroes dont wear capes” – this line hits with the impact of a sledgehammer, dismantling the romanticized notion of the savior complex. It speaks to the disillusionment that comes when you recognize that not everyone desires redemption, and that sometimes, the heroes and villains are indistinguishable, each wearing their own deceptive masks.

9 U Are My High


Released: 2021

Features: DJ Snake, Future

It’s a love letter to that intoxicating feeling of infatuation, wrapped up in club beats that make the floor quake. Future, ever the poet of the trap, flexes his affinity for luxury and a life of excess while zeroing in on that one person who transcends the material. In the whirl of temptation, there’s a potent fixation, as Future croons, “All these girls in the club, I got my eyes on you.” That line slams as both an affirmation of loyalty in the midst of opulence and a testament to the magnetic power of desire. This track isn’t just about the high—it’s about what, or who, takes you there.

10 Flex Up


Released: 2020

Features: Lil Yachty, Future, Playboi Carti

With a hook that pounds like 808s in an old school Atlanta club, the trio takes turns flexing their wealth, their street cred, and their unbothered demeanor in the face of legal trouble. Future’s syrupy drawl melds with Carti’s punctuated ad-libs, creating a soundscape that’s as hypnotic as it is hard. The track embodies the spirit of stuntin’ on the opposition, with a particular standout line linking street reputation to off-the-cuff luxury: “Bet you won’t get no murders out me (homicide, homicide), Go tell the cops (homicide), I bet you won’t get no murders out me.” In this collaboration, they prove that the art of the flex isn’t just about what you flaunt; it’s about keeping ice cold in the heat of the spotlight.

11 Double Fantasy


Released: 2023

Features: The Weeknd, Future

The track unravels the raw, often dark, complexities of a love that’s as passionate as it is problematic, exploring themes of temptation and the inescapability of an all-consuming affair. Future’s verse weaves a tale of seduction and indulgence, with lines that expose both vulnerability and a reckless disregard for consequences, encapsulated perfectly when he raps, “Love when you fuckin’ me, talkin’, I know what you doin’. The intensity of their collaboration captures the essence of the song’s cinematic undertone, portraying a love affair that feels as grandiose and dangerous as a high-speed chase through neon-lit city streets.

12 Life Is Good


Released: 2020

Features: Future, Drake

Ain’t just a track, it’s a whole mood, a lifestyle flex that captures the grind and the glam that comes with it. Future and Drake, they’re like yin and yang, dropping bars that resonate with hustlers and dreamers alike. They’re talking tax evasion, designer indulgence, and never breaking stride even on the weekends. But let’s not sleep on the way this anthem reflects the ethos of success in the rap game—luxury and legitimacy intertwined. “Hunnid thousand for the cheapest ring on a nigga finger, lil’ bitch” – that line right there? It slaps you with the weight of their wealth and the casual opulence these icons have achieved. It’s celebratory, it’s braggadocious but it’s also unapologetically real about the journey and the work it takes to say “Life is good.”

13 Way 2 Sexy


Released: 2021

Features: Drake, Future, Young Thug

It’s the epitome of flex culture, with Drake, Future, and Thugger stylizing over that Right Said Fred sample like they’re cruising the galaxy in a diamond-encrusted spaceship. They’re schooling cats on levels of extravagance that’s just too potent for the average mindset. The trio’s chemistry is electric; they’re bouncing off each other’s braggadocio with the ease of old homies swapping stories in the back corner of the club. When Drake lands that blow, “I’m too sexy for the trap, too sexy for that cap, too sexy for that Jack, yeah, yeah,” you can’t deny the collision of swagger and sly wit that makes this track a modern-day anthem for anyone stepping out feeling like money and mint.

14 Loveeeeeee Song


Released: 2012

Features: Rihanna, Future

Their chemistry on the track is undeniable, blending Rih’s island-infused seductive vocals with Future’s raw, Auto-Tune-laced emotion. They ain’t just singing; they’re pouring out desires for that deep, physical and emotional connection, making a plea for love that’s genuine and unfiltered. This track delves into the vulnerabilities that even the hardest hood figures face when stripped down to their barest need for intimacy. One can’t just breeze past the line where Future’s voice quivers with authenticity, “I can work miracles, I’ll work it physical.” It’s more than just a catchy hook; it’s a heartfelt declaration that resonates with anyone who’s ever craved that real love and affection.

15 Stand On It


Released: 2024

Features: Yeat, Future

This track is coated in unapologetic braggadocio, with both artists flexing their successes and asserting dominance in the game. It’s that hustler’s anthem where Yeat and Future stand tall on their accomplishments, stunting with a devil-may-care attitude. The energy is raw, fueled by heavy beats and relentless flows that embody the grind. One bar that cuts deep and encapsulates the track’s ethos is when Future spits, “If I’m not making money, then I got me some withdrawals / If I’m not at the top, then I won’t do it at all”. That line is a testament to their all-or-nothing approach, living large, chasing that paper, and remaining untouchable at the zenith of the trap mountain.

16 X


Released: 2016

Features: 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, Future

It’s a ruthless ode to success post-breakup, a heavy-hitting anthem that has 21 Savage reflecting on a glow-up that leaves a sour taste for the exes. The joint echoes with lavish lifestyle braggadocio, dripping in diamonds and dismissals of past loves that couldn’t keep up with the come-up. “Diamonds got the flu, try not to catch this” – this line alone encapsulates the cold shimmer of their triumphs, a sickly swagger that’s as infectious as it is flashy. The synergy between 21 Savage’s deadpan delivery and Future’s narcotic harmonies turns “X” into a soundtrack for the streets and a slap in the face of anyone who ever doubted them.

17 Life Is Good


Released: 2020

Features: Future, Drake

It’s all about flexing their success and the luxe life that comes with it, while also nodding to the real grind behind the scenes – working on weekends, yet still keeping it more lavish than your average. Drake opens with smooth braggadocio, but it’s Future who elevates the track, delivering his verse with a signature melodic trap flow that complements the beat’s opulence. “Hunnid thousand for the cheapest ring on a nigga finger, lil’ bitch” cuts through as a standout line, emphasizing both the weight of their wealth and the casualness with which they spend it; making it crystal clear that for them, life’s not just good—it’s grandiose.

18 3500


Released: 2015

Features: Travis Scott, Future, 2 Chainz

This track embodies the high-rolling, fashion-forward lifestyle that’s synonymous with hip-hop royalty. Its sonic tableau, adorned with luxurious beats and a haze of bravado, is a testament to self-made success and the grind that gets you there. The verse, “Only real niggas keep you float, Only trill niggas I know,” hits with the weight of authenticity, asserting a code of realness and resilience in a game flooded with pretenders. The trio’s seamless blend of trap and flex culture is a masterclass in the opulence and grit that sculpted the soundscape of Atlanta rap.

19 Pardon Me


Released: 2020

Features: Lil Yachty, Future, Mike WiLL Made-It

With the syrupy beats and trap-inflected rhythms, they drop bars that celebrate the spoils of success but keep it gritty with an edge that only streets could hone. “25 thousand for eight of my teeth, Three thousand dollars for each every tooth,” Future brags, showcasing not just the ice grills but also the high cost of stardom and how they’re transcending their roots without losing sight of the past. The track’s juxtaposition of luxury with the raw, unapologetic realities of life before fame serves as a testament to where they’re at and where they came from.



Released: 2023

Features: Offset, Future

Anchored in the visceral imagery of hood survival and opulence wrestled from the mud, these two Atlanta savants paint a hawk-eyed view of the game, where the stakes are life or death, and the risks are as high as the rewards. Offset’s unrelenting flow coupled with Future’s hypnotic drawl deliver a potent dose of rawness that’s impossible to ignore. Capping off the unvarnished street sermon, Offset drops a line with the force of a gavel, “Catch a body, broad day, shoot him in the hallway”, underscoring the track’s brazen embrace of the darkness that fame and fortune can’t always outshine.

21 Drankin N Smokin


Released: 2020

Features: Future, Lil Uzi Vert

This track drips with luxury brand name-drops, and the intimacy of indulgences, unapologetically reveling in the excess that comes with success in the game. The chemistry between Future and Uzi is undeniable; they feed off each other’s energy, creating a vibe that’s as infectious as it is stunting. Future’s mastery of melody and Uzi’s playful wordplay give the track its replay value, making you want to jump back into their world of extravagance. The vividness of their exploits is captured in lines like “She called me her God, the way I floated in her ocean”, a testament to their larger-than-life personas and the intoxicating, God-like self-image they project to their partners and listeners alike.

22 King’s Dead


Released: 2018

Features: Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake

Every verse is a strategic play, a testament to their individual legacies within the rap game. Jay Rock sets the pieces in motion, Kendrick finesses the board like the grandmaster he is, and Future comes through with a left-field high-pitched interjection, “La di da di da, slob on me knob,” which practically hijacked social media. Then you got James Blake, closing out the ceremony with his hauntingly ethereal vocals. It’s more than just a posse cut—it’s a syllabus for how to drop knowledge while leading the cavalry, wrapped in a cinematic cloak. Power moves only, this track gets the crown and the scepter, and the throne’s not for the weak.

23 Fine China


Released: 2018

Features: Future, Juice WRLD

These verses weave through hedonism and devotion with sleek flow, embedding the high life into every bar. The track’s smooth beats underscore an almost narcotic chorus, amplifying its hypnotic effect. Pulling no punches, the hit smacks of a toxic love affair, one that’s as glorified as it is vilified—an addiction to a person so powerful that it mirrors Future’s self-professed dependence on Percs. “So if she leaves, I’ma kill her, oh, she’ll die”—this line in particular provokes, echoing the dark side of passion, a reminder of hip-hop’s enduring complexity as it grapples with themes of love, ownership, and the intertwining of both.

24 Relationship


Released: 2017

Features: Young Thug, Future

The track unapologetically celebrates a lifestyle where exclusivity is replaced by an opulent rotation of partners, with Thug and Future flexing their wealth and sexual conquests over a beat that’s as infectious as the lifestyle they’re depicting. Young Thug’s assertion, “I’m in a relationship with all my bitches, yeah”, hits with the force of a sledgehammer, encapsulating the song’s essence—a brazen disregard for the traditional in favor of a polyamorous tableau painted in luxury and excess. It’s a sonic embodiment of rap’s status-seeking culture, juxtaposing relationship dynamics against a backdrop of fame and fortune.

25 Press Play


Released: 2024

Features: Nicki Minaj, Future

A charged up track where Nicki Minaj flexes her lyrical prowess alongside Future’s signature trap sound. The song is a braggadocious anthem that serves up a blend of Minaj’s sharp bars with Future’s hypnotic ad-libs, creating a vibe that’s undeniably head-nodding. They both trade verses about their luxurious lifestyles, dominance in the game, and unapologetic attitudes. Nicki references her unmistakable position in the industry and draws a line in the sand with her competitors—she’s not just part of the scene; she is the scene. “Been on the chart so long, I told Billboard to dust it” is a hard-hitting line that encapsulates Nicki’s tenure and impact in the rap game. The track’s energy is a reminder that when Minaj and Future link up, they bring a certain flair that only enhances their respective legacies.

Over the years, Future has collaborations and features with this the following artists:

Juice WRLD, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Young Scooter, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, 42 Dugg, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, The Weeknd, Maroon 5, The Kid LAROI, BabyDrill, Nardo Wick, Quavo, Moneybagg Yo, Nicki Minaj, Jay Rock, James Blake, Offset, Lil Yachty, Mike WiLL Made-It, 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, Yeat, Playboi Carti, DJ Snake, Don Toliver, Justin Bieber, Tems, SZA, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown.

Who will be next? Or did we miss a banger? Let us know and drop a comment below!

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