Greatest Future Intro Tracks Of All Time
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The Best Songs that Feature Future & Kendrick Lamar Together

When you talk the biggest names in the rap game, you gotta put some respect on Future and Kendrick Lamar. These cats been lighting up tracks with their distinctive flows, Future with that lean-soaked ATL drawl and K-Dot with the layered lyricism straight outta Compton. When you throw these two in a studio, expect the bars to be heavyweight and the beats to be fire. Now, sprinkle some production magic from Mike WiLL Made-It and you got yourself a recipe for bangers that go hard in the streets and the charts.

So let’s get into it, here’s the three occasions where Kendrick Lamar and Future have teamed up, spitting bars together over an epic beat.

3. Buy The World (2014)

Dot and Future to flex on the dream of copping everything their hearts desire. It’s classic hip-hop materialism spun on its head, not just flossing but almost a challenge to the constraints of reality— doing the impossible, as they say. The track embodies the hustle mentality, that grind toward greatness, and the belief that limitations are really just illusions. Weezy’s verse is all about transcending what holds you back, and Kendrick comes through with that Compton heat, painting pictures of real struggle against the world they trying to buy. Future’s melodic touch bridges that gap between the streets and the stars—think NASA with a trap pass. It’s the come-up story, the rags-to-riches tale that’s at the core of hip-hop, laced with a twist of philosophical musing: What’s it all for, if not to reach for the zenith of our dreams?

2. Mask Off (2017)

Kendrick, a poet with a penchant for insight, flipped Future’s anthem from a celebration of excess and vice to a sharp critique of authenticity and the perils of fame. No mask could hide the sheer force of K-Dot’s bars, as he called out the sleepwalkers in the industry, demanding they wake up and catch the vibe he’s setting. Together, Future’s hypnotic drawl over that irresistible flute sample and Kendrick’s precision-cut lyrics turned “Mask Off – Remix” into a cultural moment, a soundtrack for the struggle and triumph in the grind, making it a standout collaboration that banged in the trunk and sparked reflection in the dome.

1. King’s Dead (2018)

This joint from Jay Rock with Kendrick Lamar, Future, and James Blake is a convergence where beats and bars meet bravado and blitz. The track’s got that kinetic energy, blending raw, aggressive lyricism with an eclectic soundscape, underlined by Blake’s haunting vocal contributions. K.Dot and Rock come through with verses that serve as testimonies to their grind, resolve, and conquests—real king-type moves. And let’s not sleep on Future’s interlude; it’s a left-field curveball that polarized cats but still colored the track with a sense of unpredictability and flair—true to the spirit of rap’s evolution and fearlessness. This anthem is that victory lap for a squad that’s been through the trenches and now reigns supreme—revving up those “fast cars” and leaving a trail of rubber as they peel towards their empire, and that ethos is what “King’s Dead” is all about. It’s a statement, it’s a celebration, and most definitely, it’s a scorcher that refuses to be categorized as anything less than regal.

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