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The Best ‘Gangsta Boo’ Features of All Time

From Memphis to the masses, Gangsta Boo’s influence stretches wide, dominating tracks with a presence that’s as undeniable as it is inspiring. Boo’s arsenal of collaborations reads like a roll call of hip-hop’s finest—linking up with legends like DJ Paul and Juicy J, standing toe-to-toe with Project Pat, and even mixing it up with Fresh blood like GloRilla. Whether she’s stirring up the scene with Tear Da Club Up Thugs, chilling with Crunchy Black, or dropping knowledge alongside Eco, Boo’s features are a testament to her versatility and staying power. As we dive into this compilation, we celebrate the Memphis queen’s ability to shine, schooling folks with each bar and showing exactly why her throne remains untouched.

So let’s get into it. From “Throw It Up” to “Gangsta Niggas,” here are the the Best Gangsta Boo features & collaborations as ranked by our fans.

1 Gold Teeth


Released: 2019 • Features: Blood Orange, Project Pat, Gangsta Boo, Tinashe

It’s an audacious track that rallies under its own swaggering anthem, uniting the distinct flows of Blood Orange, Project Pat, Gangsta Boo, and Tinashe into a seamless tapestry of braggadocio. Gangsta Boo comes through with that Memphis tenacity, reinforcing the grind and the glory, as she asserts, “Pussy power. Yeah, nigga, yeah, nigga, that’s the biz”, reflecting the track’s mix of opulence and streetwise energy.



Released: 2022

Features: Latto, GloRilla, Gangsta Boo

This track is a bold testament to taking over spaces unapologetically and demanding respect with every bass drop. Gangsta Boo’s fearless energy complements the raw assertiveness of her counterparts, creating an anthem that’s both a call to arms and a celebration of female empowerment. The line “And security can’t even save yo’ ass, they know I’m trained to go” slaps with a force that embodies the trio’s untouchable swagger and readiness to shake things up, proving once again why Gangsta Boo remains an uncompromising force in hip-hop.

3 Da Blow


Released: 2004

Features: Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Gangsta Boo

Through pounding beats and the gritty storytelling prowess of Gangsta Boo, the song deep-dives into the core of street hustle—covering everything from substance slangin’ to the lavish, wild lifestyle that follows. Boo’s delivery on the track is a relentless force, with lines like “If you wanna get high, you should fuck wit Gangsta Boo, I be turning niggas out, watch how quick I turn you” punctuating the track’s hard-hitting theme.

4 Love Again


Released: 2014

Features: Run The Jewels, El-P, Killer Mike, Gangsta Boo

El-P and Killer Mike spit verses that are as explicit as they are evocative, but it’s Gangsta Boo who steals the show with her empowered, no-holds-barred stance on pleasure and control. “Run The Jewels, love again, you gon’ lose, I’m gon’ win”, Gangsta Boo declares, setting the tone for a joint where she takes the reins, exuding confidence and demanding respect. It’s a collision of gritty beats and gritty realities, as sensual as it is street.

5 I’ll Call B4 I Cum


Released: 2000

Features: Outkast, Gangsta Boo, Eco

Within the masterful weave of Andre 3000’s playful lyricism and Big Boi’s suave delivery, Gangsta Boo flips the script, telling it straight: “What the biz nigga jump on in relax wit a lady / Wit a reputation known for sexing niggas till they crazy”. This joint taps into the essence of Southern hip-hop’s storytelling prowess, lacing each verse with the spirit of ATL’s libertine hip-hop scene.

6 Where Dem Dollas At


Released: 1998

Features: Gangsta Boo, DJ Paul, Juicy J

Coupled with DJ Paul and Juicy J’s rugged beats and hype, the track is a clarion call to the paper chase. Boo effortlessly delivers the grindhouse reality of Memphis streets, unapologetically asserting her hustler’s creed in the standout line, “I gotta make a profit out of everything I touch”, turning this joint into a hustler’s mantra for both the block and the boardroom.

7 Throw It Up

Released: 2011

Features: Yelawolf, Gangsta Boo, Eminem

Boo’s verse comes hard, flexing her Memphis roots and unshakable confidence, leaving no room for the weak as she roars through the hook, “I see you bitches talkin’ loud, but you ain’t sayin’ shit”. The ferocity of this collaboration is palpable, as each verse builds up the intensity, making “Throw It Up” a relentless anthem of grit and grind that embodies the raw spirit of hip-hop defiance.

8 Get Some Bread


Released: 2024

Features: Mermaid Splash, Gangsta Boo, OG Circle, RIA RIA



Released: 2023

Features: Kari Faux, Gangsta Boo

Faux’s reflective bars pay homage to family roots and resilience, while Boo keeps it real with her unapologetic Memphis attitude. “Gucci logos on my frames bae and I ain’t tryna flex”, she quips, encapsulating their carefree swagger and deep-seated Southern authenticity—this track is a smooth ride through heritage and hood bravado, with the duo’s synergy shining like rims on a Caprice.

10 Stamina


Released: 2020

Features: Junglepussy, Gangsta Boo

Junglepussy sets the tone, delivering a no-holds-barred celebration of self-love and confidence, while Boo comes through with her signature gritty Memphis flavor. The track is an outright challenge to any lackluster lover, questioning their endurance with a bold defiance. Gangsta Boo doesn’t just ride the beat; she flips it, spins it, and schools it, straight up schooling anyone who thinks they can keep up. “Keep up with me, do you have the stamina?” becomes more than just a line; it’s a gauntlet thrown with supreme confidence.

11 Slangin’ Rocks


Released: 1999

Features: Project Pat, Gangsta Boo

Meshed in the grimy underbelly of Memphis streets, the track stays true to its roots with that hypnotic Three 6 Mafia-infused production. Boo comes in fierce, spitting authenticity and holding her own with grit, as she trades verses with Pat, conjuring images of hustle and survival. One line that hits hard is “Posted on the corner, early morning, late night.” It’s a stark snapshot of that grind and the relentless push for power and respect in the trap.

12 Follow Home Robbers


Released: 2023

Features: Juicy J, Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo comes through spitting cold, hard street wisdom over a haunting beat, delivering lines that cut deep into the tension of the streets. With a flow that’s warning and anointing in equal measure, her voice punches with urgency, especially when she rhymes, “Just come off of that paper, bitch”, hitting listeners with the realness of the game played outside the studio.

13 We Ain’t Playin


Released: 2000

Features: Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca

The energy they harness – it’s reminiscent of the early Three 6 Mafia ethos, where the visceral is the norm, and pulling punches is for the faint-hearted. There’s a rawness in lines like “Bringin’ the cheese necessary, ain’t no punks on the mission”, where Gangsta Boo throws down the gauntlet, proving once again that real recognizes real, and in this game, playtime is over.

14 Stay Gold feat. Gangsta Boo


Released: 2018

Features: Run The Jewels, El-P, Killer Mike, Gangsta Boo, Smiff & Cash

With El-P and Killer Mike spitting flames, Gangsta Boo storms in, amplifying the track’s raw energy. Her bars are a reminder of why she reigns supreme in the game, as she boldly claims her throne with lines like “Run The Jewels, we don’t tuck chains, we snatch ’em.” The track encapsulates that distinct RTJ punch, while Boo’s feature adds a Southern-fried twist to this golden banger.

15 Bo Hagon’s Phone Call


Released: 2004

Features: Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Gangsta Boo

It captures that raw, street camaraderie, with Gangsta Boo’s signature tenacity amplifying the intensity. As a conversation track rather than a verse-chorus structure, it doesn’t offer hard-hitting lyrical verses but instead drops unfiltered truths about the grind, spotlighting the authenticity of the hustle and the bond between those embroiled in it.

16 I Don’t Lov’em


Released: 1996

Features: Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca

It’s steeped in that down and dirty southern style that’s raw and unapologetic, painting a picture of the streets with a blunt brush. Gangsta Boo cuts through with her trademark ferocity, delivering lines that hit with the impact of a slug to the chest. “Men always thinking with they thang but it’s a brain you should use”, she spits, calling out game-players with her no-nonsense attitude.

17 Hard Not 2 Kill


Released: 2001

Features: Gangsta Boo, DJ Paul

The track slaps hard with Boo’s relentless flow, as she spits the truth of Memphis streets and the struggle to stay legit amidst chaos. “I’m dealing with so much I might explode”, she declares, laying bare the everyday fight against destructive forces, her delivery as fierce as the code of the streets she navigates. This joint goes beyond the beat; it’s a testament to survival in a game that’s perpetually set to hard mode.

18 Tonight


Released: 2014

Features: clipping., Gangsta Boo

on “Tonight,” it was a collision of raw Memphis tenacity and West Coast avant-garde beats. Boo’s bars slice through the track with that unapologetic southern swagger, painting a vivid picture of club chaos and after-hours exploits. The energy is relentless, a testament to Boo’s ability to leap into any sonic world and command it. Her unabashed verse hits its peak when she spits, “Lookin’ for a victim, caught him slippin’, I just want some sex”, capturing the night’s wild and carefree ethos.

19 Big Momma


Released: 2022

Features: Gangsta Boo, Hannah Monds

They lay it down for the size girls with confidence, proclaiming their presence with a blend of boss-lady power and street-smart sass. Boo’s signature Memphis attitude shines as she reps Tennessee with pride, never shy to flex her influence. The line “Talk that talk, ’bout that, Coke bottle thick” hits hard, underlining the track’s celebration of a woman’s strength and allure, wrapped in that gritty Southern vibe.

20 Tear the Club up


Released: 2015

Features: BeatKing, Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo)” by BeatKing featuring Gangsta Boo. However, it’s clear that a title like “Tear the Club up” indicates a raw, high-energy banger that’s got enough bass to shake the foundations. You know any track with Gangsta Boo is about to bring that unapologetic Memphis attitude, laying verses that hit harder than a sucker punch in the cypher.

21 Don’t Stand So Close


Released: 1998

Features: Gangsta Boo, DJ Paul, Juicy J

Boo’s bars are relentless, repping her set while keeping frauds at arm’s length with that signature Southern drawl. “This game, it ain’t to be told but sold, if you got no game then your ass is old” – her words echo the cutthroat nature of the hustle, always guarding your space in a game filled with fakes and snakes. It’s signature Boo: raw, unfiltered, and fiercely independent.

22 Get Some Bread – CamDB Version


Released: 2024

Features: Mermaid Splash, Gangsta Boo, OG Circle, RIA RIA

Therefore, I can’t provide a standout line or a deep dive into this collaboration, but given Gangsta Boo’s reputation, you know the verse would be laced with hustle mentality and Memphis attitude.

23 Da Blow


Released: 2004

Features: Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo)” hits hard with that crunk energy, blazing through a haze of street semantics and turnt-up tales. Hypnotic beats back Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz while Gangsta Boo, the Memphis queen herself, delivers lines packed with that gritty Dirty South realness. She flips the script on indulgence and excess, spitting, “If you want to get high you should fuck with Gangsta Boo / I be turnin niggas out watch how quick I turn you”, a testament to her legendary status in the game and a bold declaration of her unapologetic lifestyle.

24 Long Way Home


Released: 2018

Features: Junglepussy, Gangsta Boo

The synergy between the artists creates a smoldering track that’s equally raw and whimsical, carving out their desires against a landscape of minimalist yet punchy beats. With Gangsta Boo’s crunk-infused dominance, she drops a line that cuts through the track, “Why you wanna take the shorter road when I’m only tryna talk shit with you”, showcasing that it’s more about the journey than the destination.

25 Let’s Fuck


Released: 2012

Features: E-40, Gangsta Boo

The track’s a straight-up booty call anthem where Gangsta Boo delivers her raps with the same grit and unfiltered lust that defined her style in Three 6 Mafia. Lines like “Finger fuck me now you got cum on your hand” hit hard, with Boo enticing listeners in a straight-shooting, unvarnished Memphis swagger that’s all about the carnal pleasure, mixing graphic content with a touch of humor, making it a standout raunchy cut for any late-night playlist.

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