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The Best of Gucci Mane’s Features

Aight, y’all know Gucci got that feature game on lock! The Atlanta legend ain’t just killin’ it with his own tracks, he’s droppin’ fire on collabs too. From that classic “Wake Up in the Sky” with Bruno Mars to spittin’ hard alongside Drake on “Both,” this dude is versatile. He’s worked with everyone in the game – Young Thug, Migos, Megan Thee Stallion, the whole damn industry knows his name.

Gucci ain’t just spittin’ a verse, he brings that ATL swag, real street stories with a sprinkle of that Gucci humor. Whether it’s “Icy” or his legendary run with Rae Sremmurd on “Black Beatles,” every collab adds another notch to his belt. This dude’s a force, and his features prove he ain’t slowin’ down anytime soon.

So, let’s dive in! From classic collabs to the joints that are hot right now, we’re breakin’ down the best Gucci Mane features of all time. Get ready for some serious heat!

1 Black Beatles


Released: 2016
Features: Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane

The track became an anthem for those moments frozen in time, immortalized by the #MannequinChallenge. Gucci’s presence amplifies its allure, delivering lines that stick, like “Black Beatle, club close when I say so”, pronouncing an unparalleled level of swag and authority. This collaboration not only showcased the synergy between Rae Sremmurd and Gucci but also reinforced Gucci’s influence in shaping the sound and attitude of contemporary hip-hop.

2 Wake Up in the Sky


Released: 2018
Features: Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black

The trio floats on a cloud of self-confidence and opulence, leaving no room for doubt about their status in the game. “You can’t tell me I ain’t fly (you can’t tell me I ain’t fly), I know I’m super fly” – this line from Gucci embodies the song’s essence, a smooth declaration of their untouchable flyness and a celebration of their achievements, making the listeners feel like they’re soaring right alongside them.

3 Fetish


Released: 2017
Features: Selena Gomez, Gucci Mane

It’s a track that delves into the intense craving and connection in a relationship, both seductive and raw. Gucci’s standout line, “Call on Gucci if you ever need me / I’ll be South Beach in the drop top gleamin’”, not only flaunts his lavish lifestyle but also cements his role as a go-to collaborator who brings authenticity and flare to any track.

4 Like That


Released: 2019
Features: Doja Cat, Gucci Mane

Doja Cat’s sultry delivery complements Gucci’s confident bars, making for a catchy and vibrant track. The fusion of their distinct styles showcases the versatility of hip-hop’s influence on mainstream music. Gucci’s reference to his lavish lifestyle and charisma, “Gucci El Dorado, we in Rome, I’m a model”, stands out, encapsulating the essence of luxury and swagger that defines much of his persona and the song’s allure.

5 I Get the Bag


Released: 2017
Features: Gucci Mane, Migos

The trap beat sets the stage for their flex on wealth accumulation and opulence, contrasting the ease with which they earn with those who fumble opportunities. “I get the bag and flip it and tumble it,” Gucci declares, encapsulating the essence of turning quick profits in a game where only the shrewdest players thrive. This track isn’t just about flaunting wealth; it’s a masterclass in earning and flipping it.

6 Party


Released: 2017
Features: Chris Brown, USHER, Gucci Mane

The synergy between the smooth R&B vocals of Brown and Usher, combined with Gucci’s assertive rap verse, elevates the experience, making it impossible not to move. Gucci Mane, staying true to his East Atlanta roots yet embracing the lavish lifestyle of the Cali hills, delivers a memorable line, “It’s party, party, party like a nigga just got out of jail.” This track embodies the essence of celebration, capturing the exhilarating feeling of breaking free and indulging in the moment.

7 Slippery


Released: 2017
Features: Migos, Gucci Mane

The chemistry between the artists showcases their penchant for catchy hooks, underscored by a beat that’s hard to resist. Gucci delivers with his signature blend of charisma and street wisdom, making every line memorable. A standout moment is when he boasts, “I’m so slimy, grimy, shiesty but still shining”, encapsulating the track’s vibe of triumph amidst the trials of the streets.

8 Glizock & Wizop


Released: 2023
Features: Gucci Mane, Key Glock

The collaboration bridges generations of trap, packing each verse with vivid imagery of their lavish lifestyle and resilience. A standout line, “Ayy, it’s Glizock and Guwop, we so icy, nigga, you not,” captures the essence of their unapologetic braggadocio and sets the tone for a track that’s as confident as it is catchy, underscoring their status in the game and their affinity for luxury.

9 Both


Released: 2016
Features: Gucci Mane, Drake

“See the power of the mind is not a joke. Man, I said that I would do it and I did”

10 Last Night


Released: 2024
Features: Jason Derulo, Gucci Mane, Quavo

The song navigates through a whirlwind of emotions and memories from a night filled with passion and promises, encapsulated by Gucci’s unforgettable line, “Last night, she told me she love me But now she act like she forgot.” This verse perfectly captures the fleeting nature of love and desire, making “Last Night” a standout collaboration that resonates with listeners long after the music stops.

11 Rumors


Released: 2022
Features: Gucci Mane, Lil Durk

The track dissects the reality of lives embroiled in rumors and the cold truths of the streets, with both artists delivering hard-hitting verses that resonate with authenticity. A standout line from Durk, “Better not believe no rumors, rest in peace to Koopa”, encapsulates the song’s essence, warning against the dangers of gossip while paying homage, showcasing the blend of respect and realism that defines the track.

12 Champions


Released: 2016
Features: Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Quavo, Desiigner

Resonating with themes of resilience, success, and the unyielding pursuit of greatness, common in the DNA of hip-hop culture. Gucci Mane’s return from incarceration to the apex of rap is celebrated with lines that embody the essence of triumph over adversity, such as “Gucci Mane and I’m ’bout to put my Yeezys on, Now that Gucci’s home, it’s over for you Gucci clones.” This lyric not only highlights personal victory but also asserts Gucci’s undiminished influence in the game.

13 06 Gucci


Released: 2023
Features: Gucci Mane, DaBaby, 21 Savage

It’s a heavy-hitting homage to Gucci Mane’s iconic era, blending raw, uncut narratives with modern hard-hitting bars. Gucci reminisces about his past, asserting his undeniable impact on the trap scene. DaBaby and 21 Savage come through with verses that match the energy, painting vivid pictures of resilience and the street hustle. A standout line from Gucci, “Nigga, this that ’06 Gucci Mane”, serves not just as a throwback but as a declaration of the timeless nature of his influence in the game.

14 Steady Mobbin


Released: 2009
Features: Young Money, Gucci Mane

Weezy and Gucci trade bars over a menacing beat, painting vivid pictures of their opulent, untouchable lifestyle. Gucci’s contribution is especially notable, blending humor with aggression. A standout line from his verse that embodies this mix is “This AK 47’ll hit you everywhere from ankle up”, showcasing his unbridled confidence and flair.

15 Cold


Released: 2023
Features: Gucci Mane, B.G., Mike WiLL Made-It

This one’s with Gucci and B.G., under the sonic mastery of Mike WiLL Made-It, which delves deep into themes of incarceration, survival, and loyalty, laying bare the harsh realities that often accompany street life. Amidst all the bars, one line encapsulates the spirit of endurance against the odds, “Thinking ’bout them cold nights, sleeping in that cold cell”, symbolizing the cold, hard truths of a life many live but few can articulate as authentically as Gucci and crew.

16 Realist In It


Released: 2018
Features: Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Offset

The artists reflect on their come-up, laying claim to their authentic experiences in the game and the literal trenches. Gucci Mane, with his distinctive flair, drops a line that encapsulates their unyielding resilience: “Cold-hearted like I never had a vertebrae.” This track isn’t just a testament to survival but a bold declaration of victory over their past struggles, resonating with anyone hustling to turn their dreams into reality.

17 King Snipe


Released: 2023
Features: Gucci Mane, Kodak Black

Gucci and Kodak exchange verses that are steeped in the life lessons learned through their respective journeys in the streets and the music industry. “I got murder all in my eyes, you see it, it’s torture in my heart”, Kodak vividly illustrates the internal conflicts and struggles, making “King Snipe” a standout banger that resonates with listeners familiar with the grind.

18 Semi On Em


Released: 2014
Features: Gucci Mane, Chief Keef

With an unrelenting flow over a gritty beat, both rappers flex their lyrical muscles, boasting about their wealth, the loyalty of their crews, and their readiness for confrontation. A standout line that encapsulates the song’s essence is “Drive-thru, In-N-Out (Skrrt), I throw ’em up, Benihanas (gang, gang) / Ridin’, Hemi, semi on me (Skrrt), catch his ass, semi on ’em (gang, gang)”—a raw declaration of their dominance and fearlessness in the face of adversity.

19 There I Go


Released: 2023
Features: Gucci Mane, J. Cole, Mike WiLL Made-It

Cole, and producer Mike WiLL Made-It, weaving together rich narratives of success, authenticity, and the cold reality of the game. Reflecting their journey from humble beginnings to stardom, they emphasize realness and resilience against industry fabrications and shallow attractions. The synergy between Gucci’s trap roots and Cole’s introspective lyricism over Mike WiLL’s production underscores the track’s uniqueness. A standout line from J. Cole, “I’m stackin’ too many chips to care less about a fit”, encapsulates this blend of confidence and disregard for superficial standards.

20 10AM/Save The World


Released: 2018
Features: Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane

Gucci’s vivid storytelling paints a picture of his journey from the trenches of East Atlanta to the pinnacle of rap royalty. He outlines his work ethic and the finer points of trap life while hinting at a deeper desire to leave a positive mark on the world. “The sun ain’t even up yet, I’m thinkin’ ’bout the check” captures the essence of Gucci’s grind and ambition, set against the backdrop of Metro Boomin’s atmospheric production.

21 Down


Released: 2017
Features: Fifth Harmony, Gucci Mane

The blend of Fifth Harmony’s harmonious vocals with Gucci’s gritty, yet smooth flow, creates a unique contrast that elevates the track. A standout, hard-hitting line from Gucci’s verse, “And I’ma hold you down like you hold me / And I’ll never tell a soul what you told me”, emphasizes the depth of commitment in the face of challenges, resonating with anyone who values trust and loyalty in their relationships.

22 Crew REMIX


Released: 2017
Features: GoldLink, Gucci Mane, Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy

The collaborative genius breathes life into GoldLink’s narrative, painting a vivid picture of ascent from obscurity to prominence. Gucci adds a layer of luxury and legitimacy, marking his territory with the line, “Spend a week with Gucci and I boost your self-esteem”. The track is an anthem for those building their empire, underscored by a relentless pursuit of success, encapsulated through sharp lyricism and unforgettable beats.

23 Curve


Released: 2017
Features: Gucci Mane, The Weeknd

Gucci’s verses, combined with The Weeknd’s sultry hook, encapsulate a world of luxury, casual relationships, and the art of curving those undeserving of their time. The standout line, “I got the kind of wood that make a woman lose her mind,” hits hard, showing Gucci’s unapologetic confidence and flair for vivid imaginations. It’s a collaboration that showcases both artists at their best, mixing raw, street-smart rap with smooth R&B vibes.

24 Bluffin


Released: 2023
Features: Gucci Mane, Lil Baby

swagger-filled anthem that speaks to overcoming adversity, proving doubters wrong, and the relentless pursuit of success. Both artists flex their accomplishments and warn against underestimating them, backed by a hard-hitting trap beat that underscores their defiant message. A standout line from Gucci Mane encapsulates the essence of the track: “Had to bet on myself, and made somethin’ from nothin’,” showcasing the self-made attitude that both rappers embody, making “Bluffin” an unapologetic declaration of victory against all odds.

25 Pissy


Released: 2023
Features: Gucci Mane, Roddy Ricch, Nardo Wick

The track’s high-energy beat serves as a perfect backdrop for their tales of success, street credibility, and luxury, illustrating their climb from the bottom to the pinnacle of the game. Gucci’s presence is monumental, as always, lending the track a sense of authority and authenticity. “Please don’t try the ‘Wop ’cause it’s risky” stands out, highlighting Gucci’s untouchable status in the hip-hop world.

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