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The Best Lil Wayne Features

Weezy F Baby and the ‘F’ is for ‘Feature king,’ ya dig? In the sprawling universe of hip-hop, few artists can claim to have the gravitational pull of Lil Wayne, whose verses have become the stuff of legend and transformed tracks into cultural milestones. The New Orleans-born mic fiend has an uncanny ability to uplift a song, morphing features into show stealers with his syrupy drawl, alien vocab, and punchlines that hit like a heavyweight. We’ve seen him swap bars with some of the illest in the game—from the lyrical prowess of Kendrick Lamar and the raw magnetism of DMX to the smooth vibes of Snoop Dogg and the boundary-pushing insanity of Tyler, The Creator. And let’s not forget the star-studded hooks laid alongside giants like Jay-Z, Eminem, and Beyoncé. Tunechi’s features have painted a vast soundscape, a testament to his versatility, influence, and rank in the hip-hop hierarchy.

Lil Wayne’s collaborative cuts resonate like pages from hip-hop’s grand playbook, filled with tracks that innovators and new jacks alike study meticulously. He’s not just a feature; he’s often the fulcrum, tipping the scale in favor of timeless over transient. The man puts the ‘collab’ in collaboration, and dissecting these dynamic partnerships offers a masterclass in rap synergy.

So let’s get into it. From “Love Me” to “Annihilate,” here are the Best Lil Wayne Features & Collaborations of all time as ranked by our fans.

1 Love Me


Released: 2013

Features: Lil Wayne, Drake, Future

The chemistry between Weezy, Drake, and Future is potent, as each artist brings their signature swagger to the track, boasting about the women and the hedonistic lives they lead. Lil Wayne’s verses are both braggadocious and reflective, a showcase of his lyrical prowess and ability to craft memorable hooks. The collaboration feels like a victory lap for the artists, reveling in their success and the adoration they receive. Weezy’s confident delivery of “Uh, pussy ass nigga, stop hating. Lil Tunechi got that fire and these hoes love me like Satan, man” serves as a hard-hitting reminder of his self-assured stance in the face of detractors. It perfectly captures the essence of his appeal—charismatic, unfiltered, and above all, loved by his fans.

2 Down

Released: 2009

Features: Jay Sean, Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne swerves in with that signature blend of smooth and sharp, elevating the track with metaphors that could only come from the mind of the mixtape messiah himself. The joint is a certified banger, marrying British R&B vibes with that New Orleans flair. Weezy stands out, dropping lines like “I’m fighting for this girl on a battlefield of love, Don’t it look like baby Cupid sent her arrows from above?” asserting his lyrical dominance even in the realm of pop crossovers, managing to weave in a little humor and a lot of swagger. That’s the Wayne effect – turning a radio-ready track into a hip-hop heavy hitter.

3 Annihilate


Released: 2023

Features: Metro Boomin, Swae Lee, Lil Wayne, Offset

Wayne comes in hot with “Weezy Carter, I’m ’bout to go Peter Parker”, marrying his iconic moniker with the web-slinging Marvel legend, while Swae and Offset weave between dimensions with their melodic hooks and sharp flows. This collaboration ain’t just for the comic books, fam—it’s a multiverse where bars meet bars, and every verse is out to annihilate the beat.

4 Sucker for Pain


Released: 2016

Features: Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, Logic, Ty Dolla $ign

Weezy bears his soul amidst this anthem of adversity, his verse threading a narrative that embraces the struggle as a badge of honor. The track oozes with the spirit of camaraderie in the face of societal pressures, and Wayne’s unmistakable grit carves through the chorus with an ominous warning: “Just stay up in your lane, just don’t fuck with Lil Wayne”. It’s here he underlines the track’s theme—pain as a catalyst for unity and strength, making “Sucker for Pain” an enduring testimony to pushing through the flames. Whether it’s defiance or desperation, this collab serves up a potent reminder that sometimes, the only way out is through.

5 The Motto


Released: 2011

Features: Drake, Lil Wayne

Weezy comes through with his quintessential punchline-heavy delivery, fusing wit and braggadocio that complements the track’s bouncy cadence and Drake’s smooth-talking verses. His knack for clever wordplay and irreverent metaphors shines as he spits “Funny how honey ain’t sweet like sugar, ain’t shit sweet, niggas on the street like hookers” – a line that punches with the raw street-savvy philosophy and slick delivery that’s been the hallmark of his storied career. This track is a celebration of success and the lavish lifestyle that often accompanies hip-hop stardom, with both rappers flexing their lyrical muscles over a hypnotic beat that’s pure ear candy.

6 Loyal


Released: 2014

Features: Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Tyga

Weezy hops in, slinging bars that cut deep into the disloyalty running rampant in the game. The track is slick with its infectious chorus, but it’s Tunechi’s hard-hitting verse that delivers the real talk – laying out the ultimate player’s philosophy with “Why give a bitch your heart when she’d rather have a purse?”. It’s this line where Wayne distills the ethos of the track, mixing his worldly skepticism with that quintessential swagger. Lil Wayne, alongside Chris Brown and Tyga, crafts a narrative about opulence, mistrust, and the fickle nature of relationships in the limelight. The joint is a straight-up earworm, and its message resonates in the lavish, loyalty-testing playgrounds of fame and fortune.

7 Mirror


Released: 2011

Features: Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars

Wayne’s bars are laced with a poignant vulnerability as he confronts his personal demons and his lineage, drawing a direct line to his father and the cyclical nature of struggle and triumph. It’s a meditation on identity set against the backdrop of success, where the mirror serves as both confidant and critic. “Look at me when I’m talkin to you / You looking at me but I’m lookin through you” hits hard, encapsulating the theme of looking beyond the surface to the turbulent depths within. Wayne’s collaboration with Bruno adds a layer of soulful introspection, turning this track into a stand-out piece of lyrical introspection in his discography.

8 You


Released: 2007

Features: Lloyd, Lil Wayne

Baby himself, is a joint that perfectly encapsulates the era’s bonafide club bangers. The track showcases Lil Wayne’s effortless blend of swagger and charm, delivering lines that cut through Lloyd’s velvety crooning. Wayne flips the script on the typical playa persona, showing he’s not afraid to lock down for the right lady, hitting with the line, “I’m a player, yeah, it’s true, But I’ll change the game for you”, solidifying the track’s legacy as a smooth yet raw anthem for anyone caught up in that love game.

9 Lyfestylë


Released: 2024

Features: Yeat, Lil Wayne

In this track, both artists trade bars on the high-paced lifestyle that fame and street credibility afford them, orbiting themes of resilience and the price of success. Wayne, a connoisseur of blending hardcore imagery with slick wordplay, delivers a standout line that sticks with you long after the track ends: “Small feet but I kick asses, call me and your bitch answer”. It’s a classic Weezy flex, mixing humor with a fearless assertion of dominance—an echo of his legacy that reverberates through the newer generation Yeat represents. “Lyfestylë” is a collision of eras, a reminder that while the players may change, the game remains the same.

10 Mrs. Officer


Released: 2008

Features: Lil Wayne, Bobby V., Kidd Kidd

Officer” rolls up on the scene with that smooth, siren-like melody and Weezy playfully flipping the script on law enforcement encounters. Lil Wayne, alongside Bobby V.’s crooning and Kidd Kidd’s raw verse, crafts a cop-themed love affair that’s as cheeky as it is catchy. With Wayne’s charisma and humor, the track becomes an anthem for those who’ve fantasized about frisking with the fuzz. “And she know I get high, a-bove the law” – it’s lines like this, blending bravado with the punny wordplay, that spotlight Wayne’s lyrical wit. And don’t it just thump right when Bobby V. hits the hook, echoing like the sweet promise of forbidden romance? “Mrs. Officer” ain’t about respecting authority; it’s all about seducing it, making it yet another testimony to Weezy’s talent for turning any scenario into an opportunity for lyrical finesse and sultry storytelling.

11 6 Foot 7 Foot


Released: 2011

Features: Lil Wayne, Cory Gunz

But it’s Wayne’s sharp wit that slices through the track, with metaphors and punchlines that’ll break your rewind button. Take the sly slickness when he slips in “Real Gs move in silence like lasagna” – you gotta marinate on that line to catch the silent “g” in lasagna, a sleek nod to his stealth wealth and status. It’s Weezy at his finest, spitting bars with that venomous charisma, proving once again why he’s the mixtape king turnt Young Money mogul. It ain’t just about height; it’s about that elevation in skill, persona, and the art form. “6 Foot 7 Foot” is anthem-level, putting the rap world on notice that Weezy ain’t never lost his step.

12 What’s Poppin


Released: 2020

Features: Jack Harlow, Tory Lanez, DaBaby, Lil Wayne

It’s like watching four heavyweights go bar for bar in the lyrical ring, with each one flexing their distinctive flow. Weezy, aka Lil Wayne, steps in with his signature blend of clever wordplay and gritty delivery, elevating the track’s energy to new heights. His verse drips with the confidence of a hip-hop titan who’s been in the game long enough to know exactly how to leave an indelible mark on a beat. One line that stands out is when Wayne hits us with “I’m the best yet and yet my best is yet to come”, laying down a gauntlet and reminding everyone that after all these years, his throne is as unshakeable as ever.

13 Look At Me Now


Released: 2011

Features: Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes

Weezy’s verse is a relentless barrage of braggadocio, with wordplay that cuts deep and a flow that’s as manic as it is precise. Hitting hard with lines like “I’m a nuisance, I go stupid, I go dumb like the Three Stooges”, Wayne manages to blend cultural references and self-aggrandizement into an explosive package, delivering a feature that amplifies the track’s energy to the extreme. Chris Brown introduces the high-speed flow and handles the hook, but it’s Lil Wayne’s clever lyricism that keeps your head spinning long after the beat fades out.



Released: 2011

Features: Drake, Lil Wayne

The track is a confessional carousel, circling back on Drake’s past relationships and the pressures of his skyrocketing celebrity status, with Weezy bringing his A-game in a verse that vibes with the complexity of stardom and personal connection. One of the coldest lines, “We eat each other whenever we at the dinner table,” hits hard, revealing the raw intimacy and predatory nature of celebrity relationships, where personal and public appetites clash. Both artists stay true to the game, questioning loyalty and love, while asserting their place at the top, making “HYFR” a definitive statement in their legendary collaboration portfolio.

15 No Love


Released: 2010

Features: Eminem, Lil Wayne

This track delivers a merciless takedown of the phonies and haters who show no loyalty, offering zero sympathy for those who didn’t stand by their side during the struggle. With Eminem’s rapid-fire flow and Wayne’s signature clever wordplay, they form a defiant alliance that speaks to anyone clawing their way through adversity. Weezy cuts deep with “It’s a little too late to say that you’re sorry now, you kicked me when I was down, but what you say just don’t hurt me”, emphasizing the strength gained from betrayal and the power in overcoming. It’s a testament to resilience, where pain transforms into artistic ammunition, and no slight is left unaddressed.

16 Me U & Hennessy


Released: 2015

Features: DeJ Loaf, Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s verse is a heady mix of lust and intoxication, blurring lines between the high from the Hennessy and the high from the late-night lover’s game. Dropping in typical Wayne style, he spits incendiary bars that meld seamlessly with DeJ’s velvety tones, with standout lines that pack a punch, like “Girl you don’t love me, you just love my doggystyle / Put this dick up in your mouth while you’re talkin’”. It’s a raw, unfiltered articulation of desire, showcasing Lil Wayne’s ability to infuse a track with unabashed, provocative energy.

17 Beware


Released: 2013

Features: Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Jhené Aiko

Weezy comes through with a verse that balances wit and raw emotion, painting a picture of a love gone sour where infidelity and regret weave an intricate tale of modern romance. His candid confession, “But players f*** up, my bad”, hits with the weight of honesty and the irony of acknowledging one’s own missteps. It’s a reminder that even the greatest can fall prey to their weaknesses, turning a mirror on the listener to reflect on the personal battles within intimate bonds.

18 Lollipop


Released: 2008

Features: Lil Wayne, Static Major

The beat slaps, and Weezy slides through the track with that syrupy flow, flipping a playful concept into a chart-topping hit. Static Major’s smooth hook is the perfect complement to Wayne’s spicy verses, creating a confection that’s just too addictive to resist. At its core, “Lollipop” is Weezy’s ode to the ladies and a demonstration of his prowess, both lyrically and sensually. And when he spits, “Shawty want a thug / Bottles in the club / Shawty wanna hump / You know I like to touch your lovely lady lumps,” he’s not just dropping lines; he’s crafting an infectious hook that sticks in your head like bubblegum beneath a school desk. “Lollipop” isn’t just a song; it’s a cultural moment that solidified Lil Wayne’s status as a hip-hop heavyweight.

19 Presha


Released: 2023

Features: 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne

It’s a heavy-hitting track where pressure ain’t just a word, it’s the very essence that defines their hustle and grind. Wayne, with his unmistakable finesse, drops bars that smack you with the weight of truth, spitting game about resilience in the face of adversity—whether it’s from the feds or the weight of expectations. What’s especially cold is when Wayne lays it down with “I be puttin’ pressure on the plug, I get treated special by the plug”, signaling just how much clout he carries in the game. And that’s real talk—because in the kitchen of hip-hop, Wayne and 2 Chainz cook with ingredients that others can’t handle: skill, legacy, and the raw pressure of life itself that they transform into undiluted dopeness.

20 Right Above It


Released: 2010

Features: Lil Wayne, Drake

Thumping with a triumphant beat that matches the bravado in their flows, this track exemplifies the aspirational themes often found in hip-hop. Wayne masterfully commands the flow with cleverness and wit, while Drake complements with equal gusto. It’s a partnership that serves as a testament to their chemistry, setting the standard for rap collaborations. “You know you’re at the top when only heaven’s right above it”, Wayne spits, a hard-hitting line that captures the essence of their untouchable status. It’s this unapologetic swagger and airtight delivery that make “Right Above It” a classic in Lil Wayne’s vast catalog of features.

21 She Will


Released: 2011

Features: Lil Wayne, Drake

“She Will” is a testament to their chemistry, with Wayne and Drake trading verses about the allure and power of a woman determined to get hers by any means. Weezy’s penchant for pun-laden punchlines comes through heavy when he hits us with, “I tried to pay attention but attention paid me”, a line that’s both a boast of success and a clever play on words. This track stands tall in both of their catalogs, the beat’s haunting atmosphere providing the perfect canvas for their raw reflections on fame, desire, and the grind. It’s these elements that make “She Will” a definitive banger, embedding the track firmly in the halls of hip-hop’s collaborative greats.



Released: 2023

Features: NLE Choppa, Lil Wayne

Weezy baby, dropping in with his signature lyrical acrobatics, blending Memphis tenacity with that New Orleans flavor. The track’s all about brushing off the haters, making moves, and staying unbothered in the face of envy—classic themes in hip-hop’s hustle-hard narrative. Weezy slips in references to his legendary status, spitting game with the effortlessness of a rap veteran. With lines like “call him NLE, you can call me ‘Machiavelli’”, Wayne pays homage to Tupac, asserting his own G.O.A.T status and showing that, even when featured, his poetic prowess commands attention, effortlessly intertwining with Choppa’s raw energy.



Released: 2015

Features: Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne, Kanye West

Tyler, The Creator crafts a soundscape that’s both whimsical and intense with each verse echoing the unique persona of these hip-hop juggernauts. Lil Wayne, in his element, delivers lines that slice through the beat with surgical precision, talking his truth and flexing lyrical muscle in equal measure. Kanye comes through with that signature bravado, staking his claim as a cultural icon, unafraid to stir the pot and challenge norms. “Why, oh why, why, why don’t they like me? ‘Cause Nike gave a lot of niggas checks but I’m the only nigga to ever check Nike”, Kanye spits, with a direct hit that reminds us why he’s perennially relevant. Together, they create a triumvirate of raw energy and fearless creativity that elevates “SMUCKERS” to a showcase of hip-hop excellence.



Released: 2021

Features: Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne

This track is a testament to their versatility, with Wayne spittin’ clever wordplay and rich imagery that’s both playful and potent. The synergy between these two heavy-hitters creates that dope dichotomy of laid-back vibes and lyricism that cuts deep. Weezy, in his element, delivers lines that only he can, with a flow switch-up that reminds us of his legendary status—the mix of introspection, braggadocio, and technical prowess. One embodied standout line, “I’ma get even and even get even some more. It’s too late to even get low”, showcases Lil Wayne’s perpetual dominance and hunger in the game, regardless of the altitude of his success.



Released: 2023

Features: 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne

The track is a heavy hitter, loaded with hedonistic bravado and the acknowledgement of the dangerous life that often walks hand-in-hand with success in the game. It’s a standout from their collaborative effort, “Collegrove 2,” bringing the kind of synergy that makes for an anthem. Weezy, true to form, drops gems of introspection amidst the swagger, delivering a line that hits with both its grit and truth: “Love my trigger finger so much, I bought it a wedding ring.” This bar serves as a testament to the loyalty to the streets and the tools that dictate survival, wrapping personal danger and commitment into one punch of reality.

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