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The Best of Ludacris’ Features of All Time

Word, Luda got that flow that’ll have your head bobbin’ and the punchlines that hit hard! This dude’s been droppin’ anthems for years, and then there’s the collabs – his energy on tracks with Pharrell, Usher, Lil Jon, even Mary J. Blige? Unforgettable. Luda ain’t afraid to switch it up, workin’ with big names and new talent alike. He spits with Nicki Minaj on remixes, shares the mic with up-and-comers like Flo Milli, or vibes with OGs. Every collab proves this cat is a hip hop chameleon who stays makin’ classics.

Fan votes don’t lie! We’re rankin’ the best Ludacris features, the ones that still get the party jumpin’. From “Move B*tch” to “Yeah!” to the hottest collabs of today, this countdown is pure fire.

1 Yeah!


Released: 2004

Features: USHER, Lil Jon, Ludacris

“Watch out, my outfit’s ridiculous, In the club looking so conspicuous.”

2 Baby


Released: 2010

Features: Justin Bieber, Ludacris

“When I was 13, I had my first love, there was nobody that compared to my baby”

3 Glamorous


Released: 2006

Features: Fergie, Ludacris

“Plus I gotta keep enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish / Lifestyle so rich and famous, Robin Leach’ll get jealous.”

4 Lovers And Friends


Released: 2004

Features: Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, USHER, Ludacris

“Sometime wanna be your lover, sometime wanna be your friend”

5 Break Your Heart


Released: 2010

Features: Taio Cruz, Ludacris

“I’m born to be bad and bad to the bone”

6 Wet The Bed


Released: 2011

Features: Chris Brown, Ludacris

“Women call me the super soaker and I’ma soak your bed to death”

7 Tonight


Released: 2010

Features: Enrique Iglesias, Ludacris, DJ Frank E

“From the window (window) to the wall (to the wall), gotta give you my all (my all)”

8 Oh


Released: 2004

Features: Ciara, Ludacris

“Ludacris on the track, get back, trick, switch on the ‘Lac, I’m flexin’ still”

9 My Chick Bad


Released: 2010

Features: Ludacris, Nicki Minaj

“Running down the court, I’m dunkin’ on ’em, Lisa Leslie”

10 What’s Your Fantasy


Released: 2000

Features: Ludacris, Shawnna

“I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes”

11 Stand Up


Released: 2003

Features: Ludacris, Shawnna

“When I move, you move (just like that?)”

12 Move Bitch


Released: 2001

Features: Ludacris, Mystikal, I-20

“I’m D.U.I., hardly ever caught sober / And you about to get ran the fuck over”

13 Tonight


Released: 2012

Features: John Legend, Ludacris

“She know I beat it up like the thriller in Manila”

14 Area Codes


Released: 2001

Features: Ludacris, Nate Dogg

“I got hoes in different area codes.”

15 Blueberry Yum Yum


Released: 2004

Features: Ludacris, Sleepy Brown

“Got that blueberry yum yum, and it’s that fire”

16 The Champion – Bonus Track


Released: 2018

Features: Carrie Underwood, Ludacris

“The C is for the courage I possess through the trauma,”

17 Money Maker


Released: 2006

Features: Ludacris, Pharrell Williams

“Shake your money maker like somebody ’bout to pay ya”

18 Breathe In Breathe Out


Released: 2004

Features: Kanye West, Ludacris

“I blow past low class niggas with no cash, In the fo’ dash six, bitch you can go ask”

19 Scatter Brain


Released: 2021

Features: Conway the Machine, Ludacris, JID

“Bow down to rap’s dignitary / ‘Cause Luda always been a visionary / I always knew you was a bitch / So I just read your obituary, nigga”

20 All Around The World


Released: 2012

Features: Justin Bieber, Ludacris

“Lost time is never found, can the DJ please reverse it”

21 Gossip Folks


Released: 2002

Features: Missy Elliott, Ludacris

“Had to clear these rumors, I got a headache and it’s not a tumor”

22 Holidae In


Released: 2003

Features: Chingy, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg

“Some call me Ludacris, some call me Mr. Wiggles / Far from little, make ya mammary glands jiggle”

23 The Champion


Released: 2018

Features: Carrie Underwood, Ludacris

“The C is for the courage I possess through the trauma”

24 Ride


Released: 2010

Features: Ciara, Ludacris

“Ludacris the MVP with a rack like that and a back like that, Cici, better see-see me,”

25 One Minute Man


Released: 2001

Features: Missy Elliott, Ludacris

“I’m big dog, havin’ women seein’ stripes and thangs”

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