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The Best Redman Features of All Time as Ranked by Fans

Reggie Noble, better known by his stage alias Redman, has rolled deep in the game since the early ’90s, carving out a legacy that’s both emblematic and enduring. His razor-sharp wit and unaltered flow have made him an undisputed heavyweight in the rap world. Redman’s collaborations and features are a testament to his versatility, flowing effortlessly with icons like Method Man, Busta Rhymes, and Christina Aguilera, and bouncing bars with the lyrical vigilantes of Wu-Tang Clan and the irreverent stylings of The Offspring. But it’s not just the lyrical acrobatics that make his features iconic; it’s the unmistakable energy and authenticity he brings to every track. It’s time to dive into the coliseum of Redman’s most fire features, from head-rocking hits with Method Man and gut-punching verses with Def Squad to transcending tracks with Cypress Hill and legendary link-ups with A Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes.

So let’s get into it. From “Dirrty” to “Da Rockwilder,” here are best of Redman’s features & collabs as ranked by real heads.

1 Da Rockwilder


Released: 1999

Features: Method Man, Redman

“Microphone checka, swingin’ sword lecture, closin’ down the sector, supreme neck protector”

2 Dirrty


Released: 2002

Features: Christina Aguilera, Redman

“My block live and in color, like Rodman hair / The club is packed, the bar is filled”

3 Original Prankster


Released: 2000

Features: The Offspring, Redman

“Navigate with style and aplomb, ‘Cause wherever you’re at that’s the tip youse on.”

4 Self Medication


Released: 2023

Features: Logic, Seth MacFarlane, Redman, DJ Statik Selektah

“It’s problems, bro, you ain’t know, now you know”

5 Part II


Released: 2001

Features: Method Man, Redman

“I’m that nigga that ride with trigga to give a supply High, is how I stay all the time”

6 Rollin’


Released: 2000

Features: Limp Bizkit, Redman, Method Man, DMX

“Old school soldiers blasting out the hot shit, that rock shit, let ’em bounce in the mosh pit”

7 Got My Mind Made Up


Released: 1996

Features: 2Pac, Daz Dillinger, Method Man, Redman, Kurupt

“Funk doctor, who? Spock, bitch, don’t get it twisted”

8 Pack a Lunch


Released: 2023

Features: Prof, Redman

“Yelling out, ‘Who the best, nigga?’ Na’n other”

9 Rap Phenomenon


Released: 1999

Features: The Notorious B.I.G., Redman, Method Man

“I break your legs, leave your eyes slightly blue”

10 How High


Released: 1999

Features: Method Man, Redman

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane / It’s the funk doctor spock smokin’ buddha on a train”

11 React


Released: 2002

Features: Erick Sermon, Redman

“My shots like squeegy men on your window”

12 Left And Right


Released: 2000

Features: “DAngelo”, Redman, Method Man

13 Cisco Kid


Released: 2001

Features: Redman, Method Man, Cypress Hill, War

“Me and my homies rollin’ chummy, can get it fo’ free”

14 People Say


Released: 2017

Features: Wu-Tang Clan, Redman

“Redman and the W, it’s televised / We ain’t them niggas, media telling hella lies”

15 Lesson Learn’d


Released: 2017

Features: Wu-Tang Clan, Inspectah Deck, Redman

“My price hiking like the pills Martin Shkreli sell”

16 Blackout


Released: 1999

Features: Method Man, Redman

“Go ask your father who the father from the (Park)Hill / To (Mariners)Harbor”

17 Dirrty


Released: 2008

Features: Christina Aguilera, Redman

“Yo Christine (what), better hop in here. My block live and in color, like Rodman hair (yeah)”

18 Whateva Man


Released: 1996

Features: Redman, Erick Sermon

“I smoked with a lot of college students / Most of ’em wasn’t graduatin’ and they knew it”

19 Buck 50


Released: 2000

Features: Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Method Man, Redman

“The words you talk, that’ll be the words you walk”

20 Hood Go Bang!


Released: 2017

Features: Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, Method Man

“I’m a block scholar, call me Dollars, I don’t change / I’m a Rottweiler, diamond collar with gold fangs”

21 Do Or Die


Released: 2018

Features: Cal Scruby, Redman

“I ain’t a killer but I murder the mic, judge / I did it no witness so my verdict is life, yes”

22 A-YO


Released: 2009

Features: Method Man, Redman, Saukrates

“Doc stay in the paint like A.I. shoes”

23 Da Goodness


Released: 1998

Features: Redman, Busta Rhymes

“Wild the fuck out, smoke the fuck out / Drink the fuck out, freak the fuck out”

24 Self Medication


Released: 2023

Features: Logic, Seth MacFarlane, Redman, DJ Statik Selektah

“We do this shit for MC’s, the DJ’s, the B-Boys that destroy the track”

25 Mi Casa


Released: 1999

Features: Method Man, Redman

“New Yorkers no no turnin’ on a red light / Me against forty of you? A fair fight / Microphones get took you shook wear white”

Over the years, Redman has collaborations and features with this the following artists:

Double O, D Don, Roz, Shooga Bear, Method Man, Icarus, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Biz Markie, Runt Dog, Ready Roc, Scarface, Treach, Jamal, Saukrates, Streetlife, Drama Squad, 8Ball, Markie, Shoogar, DJ Kool, EPMD, Das EFX, Adam F, Gov Mattic, Tame, Diezzel Don, Young Z, Nefertitti Avani, Stressmatic, Frank Noble, Whitney Littles, Dametria Wertz, Britney Bookhart, Tiffaney Bookhart, Destiney Bookhart, K-Solo, Bun B, Mally G, Missy Misdemeanor Elliott, Ghostface, Street, Dennis Coles, Gang Starr, SWV, Cypress Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Logic, Seth MacFarlane, DJ Statik Selektah, Cal Scruby, Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Christina Aguilera, Inspectah Deck, War, D’Angelo, The Notorious B.I.G., Prof, 2Pac, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Limp Bizkit, DMX, The Offspring.

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