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The Best of YungManny Features

YungManny, with his distinctive flow and bold lyrical prowess, has been at the heart of some of the most dynamic team-ups in recent memory. From trading verses with the likes of Chief Keef in “MURDAMAN!” to creating undeniable bangers with Rico Nasty in tracks like “495” and the remix of “Gucci Down,” YungManny has shown an admirable versatility and an uncanny ability to elevate every track he touches. His collaborations extend further into the landscape, joining forces with Flo Milli and Sada Baby on bops like “Clap For ‘Em,” and weaving lyrical magic with other luminaries such as Coi Leray, ZaeHD & CEO, and even Sheff G, marking him as a pivotal figure in shaping the future sound of hip-hop.

So let’s get into it. From Her Peace to song MURDAMAN!, here are the best of YungManny’s features & collaborations ranked by fans.



Released: 2022
Features: YungManny, Chief Keef

Offering a stark representation of YungManny and Chief Keef’s unapologetic embrace of street culture, laced with metaphors of violence and power. The collaboration between these two artists brings out a raw energy, highlighted by their distinct flows and gritty lyricism. An undeniable standout line from the song, “And I swear to God, that God the only nigga I’m worshippin’, emphasizes the depth of loyalty and reverence in the chaotic environments they navigate. This track isn’t just music; it’s a bold statement of survival and dominance in their world.

2 Clap For ‘Em


Released: 2021
Features: YungManny, Flo Milli, Sada Baby

Reverberating with an energetic vibe, spotlighting the lavish lifestyle and unapologetic swagger that define the artists’ personas. Flo Milli’s verse, in particular, captures the essence of feminine power and independence, with a standout line that punches hard: “Bitch, I’m lit like a blunt, you can get high”. It’s a testament to the track’s infectious spirit, marrying wit and bravado in a perfect symphony.

3 So Silly!


Released: 2022
Features: YungManny, Koto.

4 Independent Like Webbie


Released: 2022
Features: Foggieraw, YungManny

5 495


Released: 2020
Features: IDK, YungManny, Big Flock, Big JAM, Rico Nasty, Weensey

The collaboration exudes a raw energy and authenticity that’s emblematic of the region’s gritty hip-hop scene. YungManny, alongside his peers, paints a vivid picture of navigating life’s trials with grit and determination. A standout line that encapsulates the essence of the struggle and defiance in the face of adversity is “Been this way since a child, need no validation / You gon’ die from this smoke, cancer patient.”

6 Runtz Remix


Released: 2018
Features: YungManny, MoneyMarr

The track immerses listeners in the harsh realities of street life, navigating through themes of survival and ambition amidst adversity. Its raw lyricism, combined with the energetic flow of YungManny and MoneyMarr, crafts a vivid narrative of life’s high stakes. The song not only slaps with its hard-hitting beat but also resonates through its authentic storytelling, painting a portrait of resilience and hustle that’s deeply rooted in the trap.

7 First Day Out


Released: 2019
Features: YungManny, XanMan

8 Hey Xan


Released: 2018
Features: XanMan, YungManny

9 Gucci Down – Remix


Released: 2019
Features: XanMan, Rico Nasty, YungManny

This remix adds to the head-bobbing anthem that’s dedicated to the lavish lifestyle, slick with verses about opulence, designer wear, and assertive street cred. XanMan, alongside Rico Nasty and YungManny, delivers a cocktail of raw energy and infectious beats that underscore their unapologetic swagger. A standout line that really hits is when Rico Nasty effortlessly drops, “I got a .40 on me, send your man to the clouds”, encapsulating the track’s bold vibes and the artists’ readiness to ascend, draped in Gucci.

10 Her Peace


Released: 2021
Features: YungManny, Loui, YK Osiris

Through lustrous beats and intimate lyrics, the artists share their commitment to providing luxury and peace for their partners, contrasting sharply with past lovers who brought strife. A standout hard-hitting line, “You been doin’ the most, I do the least”, encapsulates the song’s essence — less effort, more impact, revealing a confident, effortless approach to love and care.

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