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The Best Jack Harlow Features Ranked by Fans

Jack Harlow, the Louisville slugger, has been swinging for the hip-hop fences ever since he stepped up to the plate. A prodigy in the art of collaboration, Harlow knows the game is about more than just raw talent—it’s about finding that perfect synergy with others who know how to ride the beat just as smoothly. And ride it he has, crossing paths with some of the most celebrated names in the industry. From the smooth bravado of Drake to the electrifying pulse of Lil Wayne’s verses, Harlow’s joint tracks read like a who’s who of hip-hop royalty. We’ve witnessed him trading bars with the likes of DaBaby and Tory Lanez, proving that he can hold his own with the heavy hitters.

However, his collaborations extend beyond big names. Jack has a talent for creating hits with rising stars too, partnering with emerging talents like EST Gee and Jetsonmade. This demonstrates his sharp ability to spot new talent and his courage in exploring new musical directions. While his solo hits like “First Class” and “Lovin On Me” stand out, this discussion focuses on his ventures into various melodic paths, including soulful collaborations with Bryson Tiller and engaging in the timeless vibe with Pharrell Williams, among many others.

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List of collaborative artists with Jack Harlow

So let’s get into the best Jack Harlow collabs. From Face Of My City to What’s Poppin, here are the best of Jack Harlow’s collaborations ranked on votes from our fans.



Released: 2023

Features: Lil Nas X

“INDUSTRY BABY,” released on July 23, 2021, by Lil Nas X featuring Jack Harlow, is a compelling anthem that highlights themes of success, resilience, and authenticity. It was absolute fire on the billboard hot 100 and whilst recent hits like Lovin On Me are rocking the charts lately, it’s Industry Baby that leads with more than two billion streams. The track, produced by Kanye West and Take a Daytrip, is recognized for its vibrant pop-edged rap composition. It features a brisk tempo of 150 BPM in E-flat minor, offering an expertly crafted rap anthem that resonates with listeners. The song’s lyrics and video depict Lil Nas X’s journey of overcoming skepticism and criticism to affirm his place in the music industry, celebrating his achievements and addressing the backlash against his expressive works​​​​​​.

The music video, rich with symbolism and narrative depth, plays on the controversy surrounding Lil Nas X, including his legal battle with Nike over the “Satan Shoes.” It showcases Lil Nas X being sentenced to Montero State Prison, where he continues to defy expectations, eventually leading an escape. The video cleverly incorporates themes of perseverance and defiance, using imagery that nods to iconic prison escape films like “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Escape from Alcatraz.” This artistic choice underscores Lil Nas X’s message of breaking free from societal constraints and embracing one’s true self, regardless of judgment or controversy​​.

“INDUSTRY BABY” also stands out for its partnership with The Bail Project, highlighting Lil Nas X’s commitment to social issues, specifically aiming to challenge and end cash bail in the United States​​.

The collaboration between Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow on this track not only marks a significant moment in both artists’ careers but also serves as a powerful statement on identity, creativity, and the courage to be unapologetically oneself in the face of adversity. Through “INDUSTRY BABY,” Lil Nas X continues to push boundaries and inspire a dialogue on authenticity and resilience in the music industry and beyond.



Released: 2020

Features: Tory Lanez, DaBaby, Lil Wayne

Harlow leads the pack, cool as the other side of the pillow, spittin’ bars about his moves, his hustle, and his rapidly swelling bank account. His flow? Sharp. His game? Tight. But this turns up the heat by bringing in three heavy hitters: DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne.

DaBaby jumps in, flexin’ his signature flow, bragging ’bout his position on the charts with the swagger of a man whose words punch as hard as his beats. Tory Lanez takes the baton with a slick, rapid-fire verse, riding the rhythm while flaunting his lyrical prowess and the lavish lifestyle that accompanies it. And then, the grand finale, Lil Wayne bursts in with the raw charisma of a rap vet, dropping punchlines that remind us why he’s a living legend in the game.



Released: 2023

Features: Jungkook

“3D,” a collaborative track by South Korean singer Jungkook of BTS and American rapper Jack Harlow, was released on September 29, 2023, marking a significant moment in music. The song, which blends pop and R&B elements, showcases a mature side of Jungkook, diverging from his previous work with BTS. It reflects on themes of unreciprocated attraction and the longing for a deeper, more tangible connection with someone, metaphorically wishing to experience someone in all three dimensions. The lyrics, co-written by Harlow, express a desire for intimacy, a theme that resonates deeply with listeners. The track achieved commercial success, securing top spots on Billboard’s Global 200 and various other international charts, demonstrating Jungkook’s global appeal as a solo artist​​​​.



Released: 2020

Features: jetsonmade

This track ain’t shy about its intentions—it’s as straightforward as it gets. Harlow is bringing the party vibes on this one, painting the scene of a wild night out where inhibitions sit low and the energy is cranked all the way up. The anthem rides on the back of a hypnotic beat courtesy of jetsonmade, a known hitmaker in the game. This cut is all about the celebration of the strip club culture, with Harlow spitting bars about the revelry, complete with the requisite Ciroc and smoky atmosphere.

Churchill Downs


Released: 2022

Features: Drake

Harlow starts by highlighting his rise, how he’s manifesting the prophecy he spoke into the mic way before the fame hit—the whole world peeping his trajectory now. He’s keeping it chill in a sweatshirt, letting success simmer slow, letting you know he’s the man your girl is checking for, and even the greatest in the game wanna chop it up with him. Enter Drake, delivering that cool, northern breeze with his signature reflective steez. It’s a blend of introspective bars and the acknowledgment of his untouchable status.

Already Best Friends


Released: 2020

Features: Chris Brown

This joint is slick with charisma as Harlow details a sultry encounter with two women, freshly-met yet swiftly intertwined in intimacy, seemingly unbothered by the quick escalation. The scene is set with a Georgia State freshman entering Harlow’s orbit, alongside her friend, sparking a tryst that’s unapologetically candid. Harlow’s flirtatious play-by-play melds with Chris Brown’s smooth vocal assists, perfect for a club’s late-night pulse.



Released: 2019

Features: Bryson Tiller

As Harlow links up with Tiller, two Kentucky torchbearers come together, drawing a vivid soundscape of carefree adventures that unfold under the cover of darkness. This track from Harlow’s mixtape ‘Confetti’ gives listeners a glimpse of love interests that are temporary yet intense, with Harlow dropping verses about a connection so potent it feels cinematic. Both artists paint the thrill of the moment with the common understanding that life’s brevity only amplifies their present experiences.

Way Out


Released: 2020

Features: Big Sean

This track is both a boastful celebration of Harlow’s ascent in the rap game and a carefree dive into romantic escapades. He’s spitting about his non-stop grind, the extensive touring, and not just the cash flow, but the overflow of attention he’s commanding from every corner. And look, Harlow isn’t shy about his connections — coast to coast, from Dallas to Cape Town, he’s got someone waiting to pick up where they left off.



Released: 2021

Features: Pooh Shiesty

The song enters the arena with Harlow flexing his financial gains, comparing his brags to undeniable facts, and painting a picture of his evolution from struggles to success. It’s about transformation and turning the once ordinary into outright opulence – Harlow is serving up bars about flipping his lifestyle, from chilling on couch cushions to calling shots like a seasoned coach. Pooh Shiesty, the Memphis menace, swoops in with that raw, unmistakable drawl, unpacking tales from the trenches to the lap of luxury, never forgetting where he came from.

Route 66


Released: 2020

Features: EST Gee

This cut is all about hometown pride mixed with that big ambition energy. Harlow’s bars are a celebration of his come-up, weaving in local references while stunting on his escalating success. He ain’t got time for those not on his level, and the selectivity he rhymes about shows he’s choosy with his crew and even choosier with his climbs. Then EST Gee steps up, pouring out that unapologetic realness, repping that life before the deal and boasting a drip that’s on another level. The two trade verses on this track about maneuvering through the game, draped in luxury but firmly rooted in the streets of the Bluegrass State.

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