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The Best USHER Features

Arguably, all of USHER’s best songs are collaborations with other artists, so here we are bringing you the top dozen. Usher has been crafting chart-toppers since the ’90s, intertwining his smooth vocals with the street-savvy verses of the rap game’s finest, so it makes sense that his arsenal of collaborations demonstrates versatility, bridging gaps between genres and making hits that resonate across the board.

These collabs are not just features; they’re master strokes involving all these artists:

  • The-Dream
  • Latto
  • Burna Boy
  • Pheelz
  • Soa Mattrix
  • Juicy J
  • Summer Walker
  • 21 Savage
  • Jeezy
  • Alicia Keys
  • Pitbull
  • Lil Jon
  • Ludacris

From the crunk-energy of Lil Jon and Ludacris on the club-banging “Yeah!” to the sensual exchange with Alicia Keys on “My Boo,” Usher has an uncanny ability to pick collaborators who heighten the sonic experience. Whether summoning the bold flavors of Young Jeezy for “Love in This Club” or tapping into the electronic pulse with on “OMG,” each partnership adds a new dimension to his already dynamic delivery.

So let’s get into it. From “Cold Blooded” to “Yeah!”, here are the Best USHER Collaborations, ranked.

Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris)


Released: 2004

Features: Lil Jon, Ludacris

This joint, with its hypnotic beats and that call-and-response hook, made you lose your composure on the dance floor. It embodied the struggle of every player caught in that magnetic pull of attraction, delivering anthemic lines about nightlife, desire, and the very human moment of feeling caught up in it all. It was more than a banger; it defined an era.

DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull)


Released: 2010

Features: Pitbull

305 linked up for “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love,” they captured that electrifying club vibe on wax. It’s all about the euphoria of the nightlife, where the beat takes over and you find yourself caught in a trance, moving to the rhythm like it’s your last chance. Usher’s smooth vocals paired with Pitbull’s high-energy rhymes create a contagious blend that ignites that urge in us to let loose and embrace the moment, proving that music is the ultimate matchmaker in the dance hall of life.

My Boo


Released: 2004

Features: Alicia Keys

Usher and Alicia Keys take us on a soulful stroll down memory lane, where youthful love and innocence were the main characters in our coming-of-age story. Their vocal chemistry immortalizes the universal sentiment of a special someone who remains irreplaceable, no matter where life leads or who enters the picture. It’s the soundtrack for everyone’s ‘what could have been,’ resonating with a shared history that keeps playing in our heads long after the song is over.

Love in This Club (feat. Young Jeezy)


Released: 2008

Features: Jeezy

It’s all about that magnetic pull towards someone in the heat of the night, blurring the lines between public and private with a sultry promise that resonates with club-goers and lovers alike.

Good Good


Released: 2023

Features: Summer Walker, 21 Savage

Laced with vulnerability and realness, the track resonates with those who’ve felt love’s high and its inevitable descent. It ain’t about shattered hearts and throwing shade, but a recognition of love’s past presence and wishing well for the future. Usher and Walker reflect on the echoes of a relationship that’s run its course—no drama, just earnest peace offerings and moving forward with grace. It’s that post-breakup evolution, where the love remains, even when the romance has faded into the rearview.

OMG (feat.


Released: 2010


It’s a sonic embodiment of that magnetic pull to the dance floor when the right one catches your eye—full of dynamite moments that make your heart race and body groove. As Usher croons about being so in love, you can’t help but ride the wave of his awe, because this isn’t just about physical allure; it’s the soundtrack to that pulse-quickening, head-to-toe connection that’s got everyone saying, “Oh my gosh.”

I Don’t Mind (feat. Juicy J)


Released: 2014

Features: Juicy J

The track’s an ode to the modern hustler’s romance, where the grind is real, and money’s the motive. Usher and Juicy J deliver a smooth, unapologetic salute to the independent women out there doing whatever it takes to secure that bag. With a beat that bumps and lyrics that champion the dancers’ hustle rather than shame it, this collaboration is a refreshing take on the classic love story – dollars, desire, and all.



Released: 2024

Features: Pheelz, Soa Mattrix

It’s a deep cut that taps into the aftermath of love turned sour, where Usher’s been left so scorched, he’s untouchable to future prospects. It’s more than just the lyrics—it’s the emotion in every beat that speaks to the universal struggle of moving on when the ghost of a past love lingers, leaving one’s heart in a state of lockdown. This remix underscores Usher’s pain with a haunting rhythmic undercurrent that mirrors the emotional turbulence of a bruised heart.

A-Town Girl


Released: 2024

Features: Latto

With Latto bringing that extra sauce, the track is a celebration of local pride and female empowerment, all set to a bounce that’s tailored for the strip clubs and the streets. Painting a picture of a self-sufficient Southern belle who knows her worth and her roots, the song is a testament to the culture-rich, resilient spirit of the women from the A, capturing the essence of the city with every beat.

Cold Blooded


Released: 2024

Features: The-Dream

With The-Dream onboard, the track unfurls a narrative of high-stakes romance, laced with the complex interplay between wealth, trust, and heartbreak. Usher’s velvety vocals lament over a relationship turned sour, where the allure of the dollar and the dazzle of the high life overshadow the real connection. It’s a testimonial to the cold reality of love in a material world, backed by a beat that insists you feel every word.

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