Ranking Every Jadakiss Album From Worst To Best
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The Best Songs with Jadakiss Features as Ranked by Fans

Few have sharpened their craft and maintained relevancy like Jadakiss. Known for his raspy voice and punchy delivery, Jada’s career is a tapestry of potent verses woven into some of the hardest beats. A craftsman of collaboration, he’s joined forces with titans of the game, creating moments where his bars meet the unique energies of heavyweight names like Diddy, Nas, and Mariah Carey.

Whether it’s the soul-soothing hooks from Anthony Hamilton, the infectious rhythms courtesy of Pharrell Williams, or standing alongside his LOX brethren Styles P and Sheek Louch, Jadakiss consistently elevates the tracks he’s on, matching the vibe of diverse talents, including the likes of Eminem and Nate Dogg. Gov’t Cheese, You Don’t Eat, or the anthemic We Gonna Make It – every collab tells a story, every verse drops wisdom. And some, they just redefine cool.

So let’s get into the top ten songs list. From “Show Discipline” to “We Gonna Make It” here are the Best of 10 Jadakiss Collaborations, Ranked from Worst to Best.

10. Show Discipline

Released: 2001

Features: Nas

The track lays down a heavy mandate for respect and survival in the game, weaving narratives that underscore the high stakes of hustling and loyalty. Through raw lyricism, they navigate the complexities of power struggles and the harsh realities of the hustle, commanding an unapologetic portrait of the struggle where every move is critical.

9. Gov’t Cheese

Released: 2020

Features: DeJ Loaf, Nino Man, Millyz

The hardship in the lyrics is palpable, reflecting on personal battles with demons, societal neglect, and the never-ending pursuit to rise above it all. The track serves not just as a reflection but also as a testament to the resilience found in facing life’s adversities head-on.

8. Friends

Released: 2017

Features: Nino Man, Styles P

Nino Man’s feature reinforces this narrative with a smooth back-and-forth that feels like two vets chopping it up on the block. This track isn’t just vibes—it’s a sermon on loyalty and street code, with bars that resonate deeper than a bassline, staying true to the game while questioning the integrity of those around.

7. Knock Yourself Out

Released: 2001

Features: Pharrell Williams

Teaming up with Pharrell’s smooth production, Kiss delivers a track brimming with self-assuredness, showcasing his success and lifestyle. The lyrical focus intertwining the worlds of fashion, street credibility, and the high life serve as a direct message to any doubters about Jadakiss’s place in the game, while also giving listeners a catchy anthem for those looking to flex their own aspirations.

6. Welcome To D-Block

Released: 2004

Features: Sheek, Styles P, Eminem

This track delves deep into the ethos of survival and brotherhood, setting the stage for a sonic journey through urban warfare, amplified by an unmistakable raw energy and loyalty that defined the Ruff Ryders era.

5. Time’s Up

Released: 2004

Features: Nate Dogg

Teaming up with Nate Dogg, Jada delivers bars that paint his hustle’s reality and the stakes at play, each line a testament to his grind and resilience. Combining a gritty narrative with his signature flow, he navigates the pressures of street credibility and success, all while showcasing his skill to spit truth with the same ease as breathing.

4. U Make Me Wanna

Released: 2004

Features: Mariah Carey

Juxtaposed with Mariah Carey’s sultry hook, Kiss lays down verses that reveal a more intimate side of his persona, speaking to the ride-or-die queen in his life. This track paints the picture of a hustler in love, vividly detailing the grind and the glory of a relationship forged in loyalty and luxury.

3. Why

Released: 2004

Features: Anthony Hamilton

This track cuts deep into the fabric of social and political issues, questioning the disparities and injustices with a blend of street wisdom and conscious examination. It’s a sonic embodiment of hip-hop’s role as the people’s megaphone, giving a voice to the struggles and the unanswered questions that haunt the hood and beyond.

2. We Gonna Make It

Released: 2001

Features: Styles P

The bars are a testament to overcoming adversity, peppered with the harsh realities of street life and the opulent dreams that fuel the hustle. It cuts deep into the grind of the game, where success and survival are interwoven, and where the weight of one’s word is just as heavy as the product on the scale.

1. Don’t Like.1

Released: 2012

Features: Kanye West, Chief Keef, Pusha T, Big Sean

Ye and the squad throw down hard on phonies and snitches, pulling no punches while they praise authenticity. This joint isn’t just about spitting bars; it’s about that life – the struggle, the success, and staying true. It’s raw, unapologetic, it’s street poetry that bangs in the club and resonates in the soul.

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