Greatest Future Intro Tracks Of All Time
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The Best Songs that Feature Future & Drake

When the titans of trap, Future, and the emperor of emotive hip-hop, Drake, cross paths on a track, it’s not just a song—it’s an event. The alchemy of Future’s codeine-laced melodies with Drake’s reflective bars has repeatedly resulted in chart-topping anthems that have come to define an era of the genre. Beyond their solo triumphs, their collaborative firepower has delivered a series of genre-bending tracks—ranging from confessional to club-banging—that bear the pair’s unmistakable fingerprints. Their music, an ambitious blend of trap and rap with candid lyricism suspended over lush production, has seen them join forces with an enviable roster of hip-hop nobility and rising stars alike.

These songs, seasoned with cameo spices like the Nigerian songstress Tems’ velvety voice, the Southern charm of 2 Chainz, DaBaby’s bouncy flow, Lil Baby’s Atlanta storytelling, Preme’s precision, Young Thug’s unique delivery, and the legendary Lil Wayne’s unmatched swagger, result in collaborations that aren’t just hits—they’re moments in hip-hop history.

So let’s get into it. From ‘Love Me’ to ‘WAIT FOR U’, here are the best Future & Drake collabs of all time ranked.

Love Me


The track surfs that fine line between braggadocio and vulnerability, with Drake reinforcing the narrative— they don’t need universal acclaim when their core supports them unwaveringly. It’s a hedonistic hymn that underlines the often-sampled creed in hip-hop: loyalty over everything, where genuine connections trump the volatile waves of public opinion.

WAIT FOR U (feat. Drake & Tems)


Infused with the sultry voice of Tems, this track delves into the vulnerability of love marred by fame and drugs. It’s an honest confession booth where both emcees confront the complexities of relationships strained by their lifestyles. Distinctly, they lay bare the turmoil of yearning and the raw emotions that come when deep connections and busy lives collide.

Way 2 Sexy (with Future & Young Thug)


From Milan to Japan, syrup to diamonds, the trio’s ostentatious rhymes are a flex, emphasizing their iconic presence in the game—as if their success is simply too hot for the world to handle.

Life Is Good (feat. Drake)


Future’s homage to hustling back in the trap marries with Drake’s luxurious, headline-making ennui, as they both celebrate and contest the price of success. They unite themes of opulence, work ethic, and the inevitability of climbing higher, connected by the refrain of life’s inevitable difficulties and triumphs.



The vibe is all hustle and flex, drawing from the eponymous Michael Jordan’s legacy of greatness. It’s about the come up and staying on, a testimonial to the grind and the glitz that follows. With them boys up to something, the spirit of the song is the embodiment of motion, ambitious scale, and the sheer will to dominate the game—on and off the court.

N 2 Deep


This track is like peeping through the window of Drake’s VIP section, mixed with that raw Houston vibe and nocturnal confessions. Homie illustrates the addictive push-and-pull of the fast life and the entanglement with a down chick, all while balancing fame’s seduction with the realness of his roots. It’s one of those joints where the beat switch-up feels like a ride from the Northside down to the club—where everything, and I mean everything, goes down in the 713.

I’M ON ONE (feat. Drake)


They navigate through a lush soundscape with bars that drip opulence and indifference to the legal repercussions that their actions might bring, all while maintaining an air of detachment. The track epitomizes the brash confidence and cool of hip-hop’s elite, who move with the waves but never get wet.

Where Ya At (feat. Drake)


As they spit verses drenched in hustle and betrayal, questioning the absence of so-called friends during tough times, the duo brings a raw edge that resonates with anyone who’s felt doubted or left behind. It’s a narrative of ascent—climbing from the depths of struggle while watching fair-weather friends fade away, leaving only the truest allies in their wake.

Desires (with Future)


With its moody beats underlining a narrative of lavish attempts to shield a lover from fame’s temptations, the track unpacks the emotional toll of having “desires” that fame amplifies but can’t fulfill. The artists delve into the pitfalls of trust and the dichotomy between public image and personal struggle, making for a contemplative piece on vulnerability in a seemingly invincible lifestyle.



It’s a cut that reeks of the hustle, boasting about the success, the bread, and the daily grind of counting up those riches. Drizzy is all about that triumph, the prayer in the AM, and dismissing negativity, embodied in the visceral energy when he talks about elevating above demons and haters alike. It’s a testimony to making it out the trenches, stacking paper, and reveling in well-earned prosperity.

Digital Dash


The track oozes the confidence of two artists at the top of their game, with Drake delivering a hook that boasts of their ability to maneuver the rap game with the same ease as a street-savvy hustler navigating the corners. It’s a snapshot of two moguls in motion, evoking imagery of luxury cars and streets turned into stages for their triumphs.

Diamonds Dancing


Drake and Future lay out a soundscape of luxury, detachment, and the side effects of the high life, reflecting on the emptiness that can accompany the thirst for excess. It’s a cold, infectious hook that mirrors the icy heart of a love gone sideways; this track isn’t just for your ears, it’s for that part of you that wonders if the top is really as good as it gets when you’re there alone.

Big Rings


It’s not just about the bling—it’s a declaration of unity, a testament to their journey, and a bold assertion that they’re on top, looking down with the confidence of a squad that’s secured victory and intends to keep winning, no strings attached.



The track is laced with affirmations of their street cred and wealth status, effortlessly bouncing between Southside’s 808s and tales of opulence. The synergy in this joint taps into their respective narratives—riches from rags, loyalty, and the relentless hustle, all while painting a vivid picture of their combined come-up.

Used to This (feat. Drake)


It’s a celebration of the spoils that come with their hustle; from rocking designer threads to chilling in mansions high up in the hills. What the track ultimately boasts is a seamless blend of their distinct flows—a testament to their adaptation to a life of luxury and recognition. They’re accustomed to the high life, hunger transformed into hard-won comfort and opulence.

Change Locations


With verbal snapshots of lavish escapades and the non-stop flow of currency, they paint a lush picture of opulence that’s both a flex and a lament, a canvas where the cost of high-roller status comes through. It’s hedonism on a beat, showcasing the lavish, transient lifestyle that comes with fame and fortune in the rap game.

DnF (feat. Drake & Future)


The track mirrors the undercurrent of escapism often coveted in the chaos of life, while Drake’s seamless flow and Future’s harmonizing finesse turn the raw concept of a no-strings-attached fling into a smooth, infectious anthem. It’s all about the potent cocktail of rest, sex, and disconnect for a moment’s peace.

Never Satisfied (feat. Drake)


Future and Drake trade verses over a haunting beat, laying bare the unsparing truth that no level of fame or fortune can quench their thirst. Their relentless pursuit of success echoes the insatiable hunger of the streets, ensuring they remain on their grind as if every dollar still speaks to survival, exposing the emptiness in the echo of clinking diamond-encrusted glasses.

100it Racks


The relentless flow and braggadocio fuse with the sound of success—money beyond counting, a life awash in codeine luxury, and status symbols that speak without words. The collaboration with Drake and 2 Chainz is less about narrative depth and more a celebration of their rise from minutiae to mogul status.

Tony Montana (feat. Drake)


Future and Drake, they’re channelin’ that Tony Montana swag, pushing boundaries with unapologetic braggadocio. It’s that rise-from-the-ashes narrative, where street wisdom meets opulence. They’re not just playin’—they’re the new dons of the scene, laying claim to thrones with every bar spit and every lavish reference.

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