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The Best Migos Features as Ranked by Fans

When it comes to the pulsating heart of modern hip-hop, Migos have undeniably etched their names onto the genre’s DNA with an abandon as bold as their rollicking flows. Stirring the pot with their triplet-laden cadence and catchy ad-libs, the trio from Atlanta—Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff—have redefined the collaborative spirit, intersecting with nearly every vein of the hip-hop spectrum. From the syrupy hooks of Travis Scott to the Philly-born, mumble rap stylings of Lil Uzi Vert to the undeniable braggadocio of Drake, Migos have a knack for choosing collaborators that both complement and challenge their sound.

With each feature, Migos didn’t just share the mic; they multiplied each other’s swag, pushing the boundaries of what hip-hop could sound like. They matched Cardi B’s tenacious Bronx fire in tracks that could blow up any speaker, captured the fierce unorthodoxy of Young Thug, and rode the high-energy waves of Soulja Boy to create anthems that vibrated through the culture. Even outside the traditional sphere of hip-hop, Migos linked up with unexpected artists like Marshmello, expanding their empire beyond genre confines. Their eclectic collaborations embody a sense of unity in diversity, tying threads with icons like Gucci Mane and upcomers like Polo G, to spin a rich tapestry of contemporary beats and rhymes.

The complete list of artists that have collaborated with Migos are as follows:

Cardi B
Ty Dolla $ign
Rich Kid
Skippa Da Flippa
Lil Uzi Vert
Gucci Mane
Soulja Boy
Trinidad James
Riff Raff
DJ Durel
Rich Homie Quan
DJ Ray G
Young Thug
Cassius Jay
Jermaine Dupri
Chris Brown
DJ Khaled
2 Chainz
Justin Bieber
Pop Smoke
Travis Scott
Big Sean
Polo G
Juice WRLD
21 Savage
Snoop Dogg
Rock Mafia
Post Malone
Nicki Minaj
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
List of collaborated artists with Migos.

However, not all features are created equal, and though Migos never stray from bringing their A-game, some tracks undoubtedly rise above others in their explosive discography. It’s a colossal task to sift through the hype and analyze which collabs truly define the peak of trap teamwork, but the impact of these musical team-ups on the hip-hop landscape is too significant to ignore. So let’s get into the songs list. From “Thank God” to “Walk It Talk It,” here are the Top 30 Best Migos collaborations ranked.

12. Deadz (feat. 2 Chainz)

Released: 2017

Features: 2 Chainz

Within the track, Migos seamlessly blend references to their lavish lifestyles, fresh from the metaphorical bed to counting vast amounts of money – a direct nod to their prosperity and work ethic. The repeated mantra, “You niggas in trouble,” serves as a reminder of their dominant status, with a subtle warning to competitors who dare cross paths with their success.

11. BBO (Bad Bitches Only)

Released: 2018

Features: 21 Savage

Migos, being the trap maestros they are, lay down verses about their preference for only the most elite women—those who are as bossed up and independent as they come. It’s a track that oozes the grandeur of icy jewelry with ‘tennis chains’ and ‘APs’, so bright, they liken them to lighthouses. The hook is a catchy and brazen declaration of the Migos’ exclusive taste in women, with a vibe that can make the whole club bounce.

10. Danger (with Migos & Marshmello)

Released: 2017

Features: Marshmello

The song weaves a narrative of resilience and dominance, with Migos asserting their rank in the game while grappling with the internal and external challenges they face. They bring in their signature triplet flows, drenched in braggadocio, embodying the hustler’s spirit and the steadfastness required to stay on top in a ruthless industry. Amidst the pulsating beat, Migos’ lyrics oscillate between confronting adversaries and reflecting on personal struggles and triumphs, painting a picture of life lived on the edge.

9. Having Our Way (feat. Drake)

Released: 2021

Features: Drake

When these forces combine, you get a track that’s nothing short of a power move, a soundtrack to flexing with no apologies. The Migos trio—Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff—along with Drake weave a narrative of triumph, detailing their ascension from street hustle to dominating the charts and securing a legacy in the game. They explore themes of resilience and success, emphasizing how they’ve navigated the industry on their terms and continue to do so, effectively having their way.

8. Kelly Price (feat. Travis Scott)

Released: 2017

Features: Travis Scott

It’s all about the high life, lavish luxuries, and the hedonistic ride of fame and excess. We’re talking Bentley trucks as the whip of choice, with those iced-out diamonds that might just take a bite outta you if you get too close. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff flex about their unlimited access to women, drugs at the right price, and a life so rich that even ordinary nights feel legendary.

7. My Family – from “The Addams Family”

Released: 2019

Features: KAROL G, Snoop Dogg, Rock Mafia

With a playful aesthetic matching the animated film’s eerie vibe, the song emphasizes loyalty, solidarity, and the indomitable spirit of sticking together through thick and thin. Migos bounces over the beat with their signature ad-libs while they spit about handling all life’s ups and downs with their kinfolk. The lyrics invoke a battle cry for unity against adversity, pledging to go to war with and for their family, and cautions against messing with them—because an affront to one is an affront to the whole squad.

6. Notice Me

Released: 2018

Features: Post Malone

Sliding over the beat with the confidence of moguls, they lay down smooth verses about the spoils of the game—the diamonds, the Saint Laurent—they’re a walking billboard of success and they know everyone’s watching. Post Malone’s hook is an anchor, crooning about the aspiration to stay affixed in the public eye, riding the high life, and keeping it real with those who matter.

5. Slippery (feat. Gucci Mane)

Released: 2017

Features: Gucci Mane

The track slides smooth with slick production courtesy of Deko and OG Parker, where synths glisten over bass-laden beats, echoing the opulence and hedonistic themes Migos are known for. Thematically, this joint is all about the excesses and flexes that come with rap fame—from rocking heavy ice and popping bottles, to the magnetic swagger that has females slipping their way towards them.

4. MotorSport

Released: 2018

Features: Nicki Minaj, Cardi B

The track puts the pedal to the metal as it showcases Migos’ signature triplet-flow and introduces verses from rap royalty Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. They bring in their A-game, with references to their wealth, their unassailable spots in the game, and the haters that come with success. From flaunting Patek Philippe watches swimming in diamonds to boasting about their earnings and the exotic cars they drive, the song is a flex-fest of success and opulence.

3. Need It (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

Released: 2021

Features: YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again slides into this collab with a raw energy, blending with the Migos’ dynamic while carving out his own space. They’re all spitting about keeping the Draco close, being ready for whatever comes, and stacking paper so tall it’s sproutin’ maggots. This ain’t just about flaunting jewelry and whips; it’s a declaration of their presence and prowess. Each bar is a reminder of their grind, the risks they take, and the spoils of victory. It’s Migos and YoungBoy Never Broke Again saying they ain’t just in the game; they’re on top of it, undefeated, and ready to defend the throne. Ain’t no playin’ when it comes to keepin’ it real.

2. Walk It Talk It

Released: 2018

Features: Drake

The track flexes a simple yet catchy hook where walking the talk is non-negotiable. It’s all about that congruence between what they claim and what they do, no cap. Offset, Quavo, Takeoff, and Drizzy weave through verses detailing their luxury lifestyles, major moves, and the gravity of their words in the rap world, a testament to making it big and living up to your own hype. The icing on the cake? The music video serves up a retro vibe, paying homage to the soul train era, while they stunt in style. It’s a head-bobber with a message: in the rap game, if your walk doesn’t match your talk, you’re just noise.

1. Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Released: 2017

Features: Lil Uzi Vert

The track’s title itself—a combo of ‘bad’ as in good-looking, and ‘boujee’ as in bourgeois—is a nod to their partners who are both attractive and high-maintenance. They’re touching on topics like loyalty and street credibility, where trust is scarce and their crew is tight. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff spit about their opulent lifestyles, dripping in designer wear and ice, hustling hard, and partying harder. They compare their rugged beginnings with their current lavish way of living, boasting of their riches and firepower. Lil Uzi Vert chimes in with his own verse, maintaining the theme of prosperity and ‘not giving a damn’ energy. This trap symphony encapsulates the culture of excess, the sweet taste of success after struggle, and the relentless pursuit of more—a track that bumped them onto the A-list of hip-hop heavyweights.

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