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The Best Scarface Features of All Time Ranked by Fans

Drawing from the rough-and-tumble neighborhoods of Houston, Scarface cut through the noise and cemented himself as a legend in the hip-hop scripture. With a career spanning decades, Face has blessed the mic with more than just solo bangers—he’s tagged in with the illest in the game, weaving tales of struggle, triumph, and authenticity. The alchemy of his collaborations is where his storytelling chops meet the distinct flavors of cats like Devin The Dude, Too $hort, and the eternally soulful Johnny P. Not to mention shaking the room with heavyweights like JAY-Z and Beanie Sigel, and paying lyrical homage alongside the immortal 2Pac.

Scarface has collaborated with the following artists over the years:

  • Devin The Dude
  • Tela
  • Too $hort
  • JAY-Z
  • Beanie Sigel
  • Johnny P
  • 2Pac

The tracks that emerged from these rendezvous are more than hooks and verses; they’re cornerstones of hip-hop’s vast mural. So let’s get into it. From “F*** Faces” to “Smile,” here are the best three Scarface collabs of all time.

5. F*** Faces

Released: 2010

Features: Devin The Dude, Tela, Too $hort

The track weaves narratives of materialism and casual encounters, exposing a hollow side of luxury and lust where emotions are as fleeting as the ‘fuck faces’ exchanged. Its visceral storytelling serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the objectification and disposability inherent in such a hedonistic lifestyle, set against the backdrop of a culture infatuated with status symbols and superficial connections.

4. Guess Who’s Back

Released: 2010

Features: JAY-Z, Beanie Sigel

The track’s a manifesto of resilience, where ‘Face and Hov detail their gritty ascent from street corners to industry zeniths—a reflective journey manifested through their lyrical prowess that speaks to anyone hustling to transform their own raw beginnings into a crown of success.

3. Hand of the Dead Body

Features: Ice Cube

A hard-hitting critique of media portrayal of violence and the hip-hop industry. Scarface’s sharp, insightful lyrics challenge the hypocrisy and sensationalism in media narratives, while Ice Cube’s verse adds a potent layer of social commentary. The track combines aggressive beats with a defiant tone, underscoring the frustration and anger towards misrepresentation and misunderstanding of street culture and rap music. This song stands out for its boldness in confronting controversial issues, showcasing Scarface’s skill as not just a rapper, but a storyteller and social commentator.

2. Favor for a Favor

Features: Nas

This track delves into the dark underbelly of the streets, where favors often come with a high price. Scarface’s storytelling is raw and compelling, painting a picture of the unspoken code in the underworld. Nas complements this with his own incisive lyrical prowess, adding depth to the narrative. The song’s haunting beats underscore the heavy themes, making “Favor for a Favor” a standout track that showcases the harsh truths of a life bound by unwritten rules and the cost of survival.

1. Smile

Released: 2010

Features: Johnny P, 2Pac

The joint paints a picture of struggle, from the block to one’s mental blockades, but the core message is about finding the strength to grin in the face of it all. It’s that soulful storytelling coupled with the knowledge that despite the darkness, we gotta protect our inner light and keep pushing forward. It’s a testament to the power of optimism and a reminder to hold on to hope, even when it seems most elusive.

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