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The Best Songs that Feature Eminem as Ranked by Fans

When you think about the seismic impact Detroit’s own Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, has left on the landscape of hip-hop, one can’t overlook the magic he’s created when collaborating with others. Whether it’s trading bars with the likes of lyricists like Royce Da 5’9″ or genre-bending artists like Ed Sheeran and Anderson .Paak, Em has proven time and time again he can flow on any beat with any artist.

His work with fellow artists is as varied as his discography, moving from hard-hitting rhyme battles with Joyner Lucas to introspective tracks with Skylar Grey. His collabs are not just limited to hip-hop, crossing into pop with Rihanna and Dido, the world of R&B with Beyoncé, or even punk with P!nk.

It’s not just the mainstream names that shine. Em has given the nod to emerging artists, joining forces with rising stars like Don Toliver and Young M.A, proving once again his unyielding relevance and adaptability in a constantly evolving music scene. So let’s get into the songs themselves, here are the best Eminem collaborations and features ranked by fan votes.

Godzilla (2020)


Features: Juice WRLD

This smash hit was a monstrous addition to Marshall Mathers’ storied catalog, embodying the raw, unapologetic ethos that Em’s become notorious for. Teaming up with the late Juice WRLD, it offers a potent blend of their unique styles: Em’s frenetic, rapid-fire flow pairs flawlessly with Juice’s melodic hooks. The track paints a vivid setting of a chaotic party, evoking elements of danger, mayhem, and the supernatural, conjuring the destructive power of their respective skills. Eminem navigates the mental struggles that come with fame, as he compares his controversial lyrics and tumultuous mindset to figures of horror and myth, while pondering his relentless drive in the music game. The references to Slick Rick, Ice Road Truckers, and AA meetings illuminate Eminem’s clever wordplay and subversive humor. Juice WRLD’s chorus encapsulates the core theme of the song, embodying the captivating, uncontrollable power of their music: they’re “monsters” in the game, unpredictable and untamable. The track ends on a high note with Em’s infamous speed rap, leaving listeners in awe as he proclaims his reign in the rap game is far from over.

Love The Way You Lie (2010)


Features: Rihanna

Eminem’s sharp verses blend with Rihanna’s haunting chorus to paint a gripping picture of love’s darker facets, capturing the complexity of clinging to someone despite knowing the toxicity of the bond. It’s a heavyweight collaboration that muses on the fine line between deep affection and harmful obsession.

Superman (2002)


Features: Dina Rae

Eminem strips down the facade of celebrity invincibility, serving up a candid dish on the complexities of love in the limelight. Juxtaposed with Dina Rae’s sultry hook, this track delves into the psyche of a man wrestling with fame and fleeting intimacy, carving out a space where vulnerability and strength collide in a candid confessional.

Till I Collapse (2002)


Features: Nate Dogg

The track’s relentless flow and spirited hardcore beats embody the grind, serving as a personal manifesto to give everything until there’s nothing left. It’s a motivational anthem that’s as much a gym staple as it is a testament to Em’s unwavering resilience and skill.

Stan (2000)


Features: Dido

Em spits a narrative that unfolds through desperate letters, capturing the psyche of an unhinged admirer whose life spirals as he clings to every word Slim Shady spits. It’s a cautionary tale, layered with Dido’s melancholic hook, that speaks on the dark side of fame and the blurred lines between artist influence and fan responsibility.

The Monster (2013)


Features: Rihanna

Aligning with Rihanna, whose powerhouse hook complements Em’s raw confessions, they tackle the paradox of craving limelight yet yearning for normalcy. It’s a candid look into the chaos of celebrity psyche, narrating the struggle of grappling with internal voices while chasing greatness in the unforgiving spotlight.

Shake That (2005)


Features: Nate Dogg

It’s all about escapism, reveling in the nightlife, and losing oneself amid the thrills of bounce-worthy beats. Nate’s voice rolls through with that signature velvet touch, while Em spits with a playful yet raucous vibe, transforming the track into a mix of grit and groove.

Lucky You (2018)


Features: Joyner Lucas

Slamming mumble rappers and industry politics, both emcees flex lyrical muscles, demanding respect for authentic skill over flash-in-the-pan fame. With Joyner looking for the accolades and Eminem reclaiming his throne, it’s a no-holds-barred celebration of bars over BS, each verse a heavyweight trading blows in rap’s lyrical ring.

River (2017)


Features: Ed Sheeran

It’s like watching a car crash in slow-mo; you can’t peel your eyes away from the wreckage of raw emotion. Em’s storytelling chops flex hard, painting vivid pictures of betrayal that cut deep. This track digs into the guilt and inner turmoil that comes from playing with hearts like they’re scratch pads for rhymes.

Bitch Please II (2000)


Features: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Nate Dogg

Eminem spits bars with the audacity of someone who knows he’s climbing the ranks, and with each verse, he solidifies his place in the game. The track’s bravado, slick production, and all-star lineup deliver a head-banging anthem that encapsulates the fearless spirit of early 2000s hip-hop.

Never Enough (2004)


Features: 50 Cent, Nate Dogg

This joint is all about that insatiable appetite for respect in the game, showcasing Em’s lyrical prowess as he grapples with the paradox of craving more in a world where he’s already gobbled up most of the shine.

Crack A Bottle (2009)


Features: Dr. Dre, 50 Cent

Dre, and 50 Cent, heavy hitters in the game who come together to celebrate their reign over the rap world. This track is an unapologetic flex, where the three rap titans revel in the excesses of success, exuding a heady mix of bravado and indulgence that’s as intoxicating as the bubbling champagne they’re popping. It’s all about the hedonistic heights of fame, the euphoria of being untouchable in the rap scene, and the unbridled joy that comes with every win.

From The D 2 The LBC (2022)


Features: Snoop Dogg

These OGs swap verses with effortless chemistry, flexing lyrical dexterity while paying homage to their respective turfs. The track is a seamless blend, with Em spitting rapid-fire bars, and Snoop’s smooth flow accentuating the coast-to-coast connection. It’s a celebration of hip-hop unity, showcasing two legends in their element.

No Love (2010)


Features: Lil Wayne

Collaborating with Lil Wayne, the track is a relentless assertion of resilience in the face of betrayal and hardship. Fuelled by a powerful beat and a notable sample, the verses encapsulate themes of survival and defiance, emphasizing triumph over adversity, with a particularly gritty energy that Em and Weezy are known to deliver.

Bump Heads (2022)


Features: Tony Yayo, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks

This track is riddled with punchy lines and aggressive posturing, with Eminem’s stinging bars complemented by 50 Cent’s unapologetic swagger, reflecting the competitive and often confrontational nature of hip-hop culture at the time. It’s a raw representation of rap battles and lyrical one-upmanship that characterized the early 2000s.

Killer (2021)


Features: Jack Harlow, Cordae

Jack Harlow & Cordae) – Remix” finds Eminem switching lanes into a braggadocious peak hour jam, flexing lyrical dexterity with two of the game’s slick spitters. Em unloads bars about financial gains and flamboyant spending, juxtaposed with Harlow’s smooth charisma and Cordae’s lyrical gymnastics, serving a triple threat on the mic. This track is a flex-off where each emcee’s verse vies for the most swagger, lacing the beat with a triple dose of stunting.

Under The Influence (2000)


Features: D12

The track serves as a testament to their rough-and-tumble Detroit roots, a place where survival often means embracing the chaos. It’s a middle finger to conformity, highlighting individuality amidst the collective, and through the madness, they each lay down verses that contribute to the crew’s notoriously wild reputation.

Go To Sleep (2003)


Features: DMX, Obie Trice

Eminem, enlisting the snarling energy of DMX, leans into his penchant for dark storytelling and confrontational rhymes. It’s a track that isn’t looking to play it safe or cater to mainstream sensibilities, rather it’s an embodiment of raw emotion and undiluted anger, a moment where both Em and X lay down a verbal onslaught that cuts deep and leaves a mark.

Guilty Conscience (1999)


Features: Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s seasoned persona plays angel to Marshall’s devil, debating ethical dilemmas in the rawest form. The tension within the track encapsulates the push-and-pull of conscience, questioning the lines we draw for ourselves. It’s a theatrical showdown, served with a side of introspection, showcasing the chemistry between a hip-hop vet and the then-upstart from the 313.

Is This Love ’09 (2022)


Features: 50 Cent

This collab has a distinctive early 2000s vibe, reminding us of the era when both rappers were cementing their legendary statuses. The track revolves around the eternal player’s dilemma, blurring the lines between lust and love, over a beat that’s both head-nodding and wryly comical, befitting the two titans of rap.

My Dad’s Gone Crazy (2002)


Features: Hailie Jade

The song revels in Em’s mental pandemonium, serving as a self-aware commentary on his fame-induced psychosis and the industry’s madness. It’s an unhinged ride through Shady’s psyche, a jumble of irreverence and introspection that’s as much a family affair as it is a lyrical spectacle.

When The Music Stops (2002)


Features: D12

The song delves into the pressures and the volatile nature of fame, an arena where Eminem often battles his conscience, with D12 backing him with their own tales of struggle and survival in the game. It’s an adrenaline rush of loyalty, fear, and the haunting question of what’s left when the spotlight fades out.

Those Kinda Nights (2020)


Features: Ed Sheeran

With Ed Sheeran’s smooth hook lending a contrasting pop sensibility, the song captures the quintessential thrill of an adventurous night out, entwined with Em’s characteristic linguistic acrobatics and humor-laced anecdotes about the alluring, yet often chaotic, interactions of the nightlife.

Not Alike (2018)


Released: 2018

Features: Royce Da 5\9″

The track dissects the homogeneity in the rap game, throwing shade at cookie-cutter styles and mumble rap while reinforcing their unique stances in the genre. With a beat switch-up that could give you whiplash, they go in, delivering intricate flows and clever wordplay, proving once again why their mic presence is anything but common.

Beautiful Pain (2013)


Features: Sia

Through the embers of a fiery past, the track embodies resilience, turning suffering into the fuel for rebirth. It’s a raw testament to enduring heartbreak and coming out stronger, recognizing that even in the wreckage, there exists the opportunity to light up a path toward healing and growth.

Zeus (2020)


Features: White Gold

With White Gold’s haunting hook as his backdrop, Em juggles introspection with braggadocio, flexes lyrical prowess, invokes recent societal issues, and extends an olive branch turned cautionary tale to peers. It’s a complex, layered piece that reaffirms Slim Shady’s GOAT status while acknowledging the volatile nature of fame and success in the rap game.

One Shot 2 Shot (2004)


Features: D12

The track embodies the gritty, raw energy of Em’s roots, where survival often hinges on split-second decisions. Eminem and D12 trade verses that capture the frenetic, almost cinematic quality of a night gone awry, showcasing the collective’s storytelling prowess and highlighting the darker, more tumultuous aspect of urban nightlife.

You Gon’ Learn (2020)


Features: Royce Da 5\9″, White Gold

It’s a potent dose of survival wisdom, where Slim Shady and Royce drop truth bombs about outlasting struggles and adversaries, all while flexing their lyrical prowess. White Gold’s haunting hook underscores the track’s gravitas, marking it a standout collaboration that’s both reflective and relentless.

Lock It Up (2020)


Features: Anderson .Paak

With sharp rhymes cutting through the doubts like a hot knife, Eminem confronts his near miss with falling off and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. Anderson .Paak’s silky hook complements Em’s assertiveness, fortifying the track as a reminder that they both got the game on lock.

You Don’t Know (2006)


Features: 50 Cent, Ca$his, Lloyd Banks

“You Don’t Know” is a hardcore anthem, showcasing their dominance in the rap game. Here, Em spits with a venomous vigor, his words slicing through the track, while 50 Cent brings that G-Unit swagger, both of them laying down the law of the streets. This collaboration is a full-frontal assault, a statement that under their reign, the industry bows to no one.

Leaving Heaven (2020)


Features: Skylar Grey

Marshall Mathers reconciles with his departed father’s absence, navigating through pent-up anger and the hardships of his youth. The track serves as a visceral confessional booth, where Em swaps his trademark rapid-fire wit for heavy-hearted introspection, underscored by Skylar Grey’s haunting hook—a melancholic anthem for anyone grappling with personal demons and seeking closure.

Unaccommodating (2020)


Features: Young M.A

Both spitters come correct, trading bars packed with cultural references and their shared hunger for triumph against all odds. Eminem stamps his distinctive heavy-hitting flow over the beat, shadowboxing with the industry and his critics, while M.A. keeps it a hundred with her straight-shooting lines, carving out a space where bold defiance meets lyrical prowess. This cut is a showdown of lyrical agility as they float on a beat that’s both a battle cry and a flex of supreme confidence.

No Regrets (2020)


Features: Don Toliver

Don Toliver’s haunting vocals complement Em’s introspection on past controversies and the resolve to stand steadfast in the face of adversity. Eminem’s signature rapid-fire delivery underscores a theme of resilience, as he addresses both personal and professional battles, ultimately declaring his refusal to bow down to regret, solidifying the track as an anthem of defiance.

Kings Never Die (2015)


Features: Gwen Stefani

This track, with its hard-hitting verses and soaring hook, captures Em’s relentless drive to stay at the top, despite the industry’s volatility. It’s a warrior’s reflection on immortality through art, a claim that even in the face of time’s relentless march, the spirit of a king—as embodied by hip-hop legends—endures beyond their physical presence.

Headlights (2013)


Features: Nate Ruess

It’s a track of forgiveness, maturity, and a closure-seeking narrative over a somber beat coupled with Nate Ruess’s lullaby-like vocals. Here, Eminem guts out his troubled childhood, the estrangement, and his longing for reconciliation, encapsulating the emotional odyssey from resentment to a complex love. It’s a reflective acknowledgement of familial bonds despite the scars – a compelling piece that showcases Em’s growth both as an artist and an individual.

Good Guy (2018)


Features: Jessie Reyez

Slim Shady paints vivid pictures of love gone wrong, where loyalty is a gamble and promises bend until they break. Their exchange dives deep into the gritty realities of romantic disillusionment, each verse unfolding like a page from a diary of heartache, setting the track as a dark horse in the race of Em’s collaborations.

Won’t Back Down (2010)


Features: P!nk

This track is a testament to Em’s relentless spirit, as he unapologetically asserts his dominance in the rap game with intricate wordplay and audacious metaphors. It’s a potent dose of raw, uncensored energy that rallies anyone feeling down to stand tall and fight back against any odds, symbolizing Eminem’s refusal to ever let up.

Drips (2002)


Features: Obie Trice

The track delivers a raw, explicit narrative that reinforces Em’s reputation for not pulling any punches, as he exposes the darker, often hidden realities of promiscuity through his sharp storytelling and Trice’s unflinching verse.

Say What You Say (2002)


Features: Dr. Dre

With razor-sharp wit and relentless verses, they strike back at the noise of critics and naysayers, cementing their status as unshakable titans in the rap game. It’s an audacious display of their prowess, basically chest-thumping in rhyme over a sinister, head-nodding beat that shows off their synergy and resilience in the face of industry politics.

Black Magic (2020)


Features: Skylar Grey

Partnering with Skylar Grey, they articulate a toxic love affair — passionate yet perilous. This dance with darkness reveals a man entrapped by an all-consuming love, battling the blade-edged dichotomy of pain and pleasure. Stark metaphors and vivid imagery paint a volatile relationship, aggressive yet vulnerable, reminiscent of love’s profound power and its potential to lead us astray.

Talkin’ 2 Myself (2010)


Features: Kobe Honeycutt

Poignantly introspective, it chronicles a turbulent period clouded by substance abuse and professional jealousy. As Eminem dialogues with his inner demons and late friend Proof, he acknowledges near-misses with rap beefs and grapples with self-doubt. Ultimately, it’s a raw testament to his resilience and redemptive self-awareness.

Yah Yah (2020)


Features: Royce Da 5\9″, Black Thought, Q-Tip, Denaun

Em and the crew – Royce, Black Thought, Q-Tip, and Denaun – swap bars laced with references to hip-hop’s golden era, honoring kings of the craft while showcasing their own verbal dexterity. It’s an all-star cipher that feels like a gritty back-alley where only the most skilled emcees dare to spit.

Don’t Front (2023)


Features: Buckshot

This track finds him on his battle-rap A-game, spitting with a fervor that harkens back to his underground roots. It’s a stark reminder of his tenacity, his refusal to conform, and his homage to the bygone era that honed his craft. In true Slim Shady fashion, it’s a confrontational ode to authenticity in a sea of imitation.

Remember Me? (2000)


Features: RBX, Sticky Fingaz

Each verse is a fierce grip on legacies being etched in stone, raw and unapologetic. This track ain’t just about claiming a spot, it’s about carving it with lyrical switchblades, ensuring every bar left standing is a monument to their relentless spirits in the rap game’s ever-evolving saga.

Kings Never Die (2022)


Features: Gwen Stefani

Eminem spits with a hunger that echoes his early days, determined to cement his status beyond his physical existence. The track is a heavyweight belt of defiance against the transience of fame, channeling the spirits of fallen legends who continue to influence from beyond the grave.

Walk On Water (2017)


Features: Beyoncé

Here we have Marshall Mathers, not Slim Shady, wrestling with the weight of his own legacy and the terror of not living up to it. It’s Eminem at his most vulnerable, revealing the man behind the curtain, voicing the fear every great MC whispers about but rarely shouts—a moment where even gods glimpse their mortality.

Guns Blazing (2020)


Features: Dr. Dre, Sly Pyper

Dre riding shotgun. Over a beat that bangs with a lethal combination of aggression and precision, Em spits venom about betrayal and heartbreak with the kind of unapologetic candor that’s become his trademark. This cut stands as a testimony to the chaos of Eminem’s personal battles, serving both as a cathartic release and a fierce reminder not to cross the Rap God.

Book of Rhymes (2020)


Features: DJ Premier

With the legendary DJ Premier on the decks, Em gets surgical with the bars, spitting venom on doubters, flexing his legacy, and even playfully jabbing at his own career arc. It’s a quintessential Shady cypher, full of wit, punchlines, and a raw hunger, proving he’s still got plenty left in the tank to school the rap game.

Amityville (2000)


Features: Bizarre

The track is a no-holds-barred exploration of anger and violence, projecting a nightmarish vision of their hometown Detroit—akin to the horror of its namesake. The raw and unnerving lyrics pierce through as they bring to life the tumultuous and often macabre realities of inner-city strife, leaving listeners in the throes of Marshall’s unapologetically grim storytelling.

Asshole (2023)


Features: Skylar Grey

He confronts his own paradox, admitting to his offensive lyrics while recognizing the influence he wields, especially over younger fans. Through this track, Eminem wrestles with his public persona, the expectations placed upon him, and the moral implications of his words—all culminating in a defiant embrace of his controversial stature. It’s a raw confession shaped by fame’s double-edged sword.

Eminem has featured with this immense list of artists:

Steve Berman
X Ambassadors
Nate Dogg
Royce Da 5’9″
Ty Dolla $ign
CeeLo Green
Dr. Dre
Skylar Grey
Obie Trice
Stat Quo
50 Cent
Kendrick Lamar
Jessie Reyez
KXNG Crooked
Joell Ortiz
DJ Premier
Sly Pyper
Gwen Stefani
Sticky Fingaz
Black Thought
Kobe Honeycutt
Nate Ruess
Don Toliver
Young M.A
Anderson .Paak
Lloyd Banks
White Gold
Ed Sheeran
Hailie Jade
Jack Harlow
Tony Yayo
Lil Wayne
Snoop Dogg
Joyner Lucas
Dina Rae
Juice WRLD
List of artists that have collaborated with Eminem.
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