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The Best of Benny The Butcher Features

In the echelon of hip-hop’s gritty storytelling and dope-dealing chronicles, Benny The Butcher emerges as a craftsman of collaboration, painting vivid street narratives with an articulate finesse. Whether he’s slicing through verses with the precision of a scalpel or dropping heavy bars that hit with the weight of a sledgehammer, Benny doesn’t just rap; he testifies with a chilling authenticity that’s rare even in the grimiest corners of the genre.

His alliances with titans of the mic like Lil Wayne, entregador of seamless flows, and Freddie Gibbs, the embodiment of raw Midwestern rap, only amplify his command. His synergy with the potent wisdom of Black Thought, the reflective lyricism of J. Cole, and the booming presence of Stove God Cooks evidences the depth of his versatility and fellowship. As for the soulful undertones brought by India and the masterful beats by Harry Fraud and Hit-Boy, they’re the sonic landscapes that transform Benny’s narratives into hip-hop masterpieces.

Over the years, Benny has collaborated with this immense list of artists:

38 Spesh
Heem B$F
Rick Hyde
Chase Fetti
Klass Murda
Che Noir
Harry Fraud
Pusha T
French Montana
Jim Jones
Conway the Machine
J. Cole
RJ Payne
Meyhem Lauren
Royce Da 5’9″
Melanie Rutherford
Black Thought
DJ Green Lantern
Street Justice
El Camino
Dark Lo
Joey Majors
Ty Jamz
Rick Ross
Westside Gunn
2 Chainz
Dom Kennedy
Stove God Cooks
Queen Naija
Boldy James
Lil Wayne
Big Sean
Lovey Lucciano
Beezy Montana
Loveboat Luciano
Seddy Hendrinx
Jay Batters
G Herbo
Freddie Gibbs
Black Soprano Family
Dufflebag Hottie
List of artists that have collaborated with Benny The Butcher.

So let’s get into the songs list. From “When Tony Met Sosa” to “Big Dog”, here are eight of the Best Benny The Butcher collaborations ranked.

8. When Tony Met Sosa

Released: 2021 • Features: Harry Fraud

He deals with the hustle’s hardships against the backdrop of triumphant success, echoing the ethos of the hustlers and the moguls that inspired him. The Butcher’s narrative weaves through triumph and tribulation, offering a lens into the life of someone who’s turned their street experiences into a lyrical education for the listener, affirming his stature as a rap game Tony meeting his Sosa.

7. Legend

Released: 2020 • Features: Hit-Boy

His visceral storytelling captures the essence of street valor and vindication – it’s a track where past tribulations bolster his current status, with the Butcher crowning himself not as an emerging icon but as one whose legacy is already etched into the annals of hip-hop’s rugged history.

6. 5 to 50 (feat. India)

Released: 2019 • Features: INDIA

With India’s haunting backdrop, Benny lays bare the harsh realities of street enterprise, reflecting on the personal cost of his journey. His bars are a testament to survival and ambition, contrasting his past dealings and close encounters with the law against his current prosperity and success.

5. One Way Flight (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

Released: 2020 • Features: Freddie Gibbs

The synergy between Benny’s relentless grind and Gibbs’ slick talk punctuates the luxurious yet still perilous lifestyle that comes from their hustling prowess. It’s a vivid narrative of elevation and the street-savvy it takes to remain on top.

4. Crowns for Kings (Feat. Black Thought)

Released: 2019 • Features: Black Thought

With a veteran’s poise, Benny flexes his streetwise credentials while reflecting on the fleeting nature of wealth and the grind to greatness. Meanwhile, Black Thought injects his signature cerebral flow, contemplating legacy and the price paid for a seat at hip-hop’s high table. Their bars paint a gritty tableau of resilience, survival, and the regal bearing of those who’ve weathered rap’s most daunting trials.

3. One Foot In (with Stove God Cooks)

Released: 2023 • Features: Stove God Cooks

With Stove God Cooks on the assist, the bars speak to the balance between the block and the booth, painting vivid pictures of the transition from hand-to-hand exchanges to penning verses in Grammy attire. It’s a track that shows just how thin the line can get when you’re chasing paper with one hand on the mic and the other in the game.

2. Johnny P’s Caddy

Released: 2022 • Features: J. Cole

It’s a testament to authenticity and hard-earned respect in the game, where Benny isn’t just celebrating his triumphs but acknowledging the grim realities that shaped him. J. Cole jumps in, delivering introspective bars with his signature profound introspection, elevating the track to a pointed dialogue on skill, survival, and legacy in hip-hop culture.

1. Big Dog (with Lil Wayne)

Released: 2023 • Features: Lil Wayne

Benny’s navigation through his come-up from the streets of Buffalo to the plush life of rap royalty parallels Lil Wayne’s no-nonsense delivery, both commanding respect and asserting their top-tier status in the game. It’s a raw, no-holds-barred exchange between two masters of the craft, cementing their positions as big dogs in the rap hierarchy.

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