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The Best Songs that Feature Anderson .Paak & Kendrick Lamar

It’s a fine day indeed when two artisans of the craft interweave their threads to create something that resonates with the texture of the streets and the gloss of the studios. Anderson .Paak, the multi-talented maestro behind the drums with a voice that marbles through your ears as smooth as butter, and Kendrick Lamar, the Compton wordsmith whose lyrical prowess has been etched into the Mount Rushmore of rap gods, have collided in the studio to bless the culture. There’s this undeniable chemistry when peak performers like these two step into the booth—the kind of electric vibe that gets the heads nodding and the critics typing.

Within this canon, we find “Tints” by Anderson .Paak featuring Kendrick Lamar—a fusion of .Paak’s sun-soaked funk and Lamar’s sharp, introspective verses; a cut so sleek it slinks its way through your system.

1. Tints (2018)

The ain’t just about that Cali sunshine lifestyle and cruising in anonymity—it’s a velvet rope into the VIP of their minds, ya dig? .Paak lays down these grooves that bounce between funk and soul while Kendrick slides through with that Compton intellect, chopping it up about celebrity and privacy in the digital age. It’s more than just a banger; it’s a conversation through the medium of music, a testament to needing shades for the spotlight that’s forever blinding. Together, they’re not just dropping bars; they’re painting pictures of the high-stakes escapade of fame, heavy with the wisdom of staying low when the heat’s up. With “Tints,” these two hip-hop virtuosos offer us a peek through their tinted windows, and what we perceive is a dual manifesto—so cold, so smooth, so undeniably real.

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