When it comes to hard work and artistic output, few rappers can match the sheer productivity of Future.

With an impressive discography that includes 8 albums, close to 20 mixtapes, and numerous collaboration projects, Future has become one of the most respected and influential rappers of the past decade. And he hails from one of the most important hip-hop cities in the world, Atlanta.

What sets trapper-turned-crooner apart from his ATL peers is not just his impressive output, but also the craftsmanship and care he puts into his music. And perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in his intros. Future’s intros have become legendary among hip-hop fans, setting the tone for some of his most iconic projects and showcasing his incredible range and versatility as an artist.

Whether it’s the haunting aggression of “Rent Money,” the sublime toxicity of “Thought It Was a Drought,” or the smooth introspection of “My Collection,” Future’s intros are as diverse as they are memorable. Here are the top 10 greatest Future intro tracks of all time.

“Rent Money”


Released: February 17, 2017

Producer: The Beat Bully, Chef Tate, DJ Khaled

“Ain’t No Time”

Album: Evol

Released: February 6, 2016

Producer: Southside

“All Right”

Album: Purple Reign

Released: January 17, 2016

Producer: Metro Boomin, Dre Moon, Brian Soko, Rasool Diaz


Album: Beast Mode

Released: January 15, 2015

Producer: Zaytoven

“My Collection”

Album: Hndrxx

Released: February 24, 2017

Producer: Metro Boomin, Cubeatz

“Digital Dash”

Album: What a Time to Be Alive

Released: September 20, 2015

Producer: Metro Boomin, Southside


“Look Ahead”

Album: Honest

Released: April 22, 2014

Producer: The Runners


Album: Monster

Released: October 28, 2014

Producer: Metro Boomin


Album: I Never Liked You

Released: April 29, 2022

Producer: Wheezy, TM88, DJ Moon, MoXart Beatz, Stefanccino

“Never Gon Lose”

Album: 56 Nights

Released: March 21, 2015

Producer: Southside, DY

“Thought It Was a Drought”

Album: DS2

Released: July 17, 2015

Producer: Allen Ritter, Metro Boomin

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