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Breaking down the song ‘Rich Flex’ by ‘Drake & 21 Savage’

The lyrics in the song “Rich Flex” by Drake & 21 Savage is an audacious anthem that celebrates wealth, success, and unapologetic assertiveness in the face of adversaries. The lyrics break down to a bold narrative of power dynamics, grit, and enthralling wordplay revolving around Drake’s lifestyle and the challenges of his rise to the top in the hip-hop industry.

The opening bars have Drake flaunting his success with lines about buying weed and paying for friends at the club, a depiction of a carefree, prosperous lifestyle. “Steppin’ not givin’ a damn ’bout where our feet land at” is a testament to his power, asserting his fearless attitude and disregard for societal norms or criticisms.

Delving deeper, Drake makes a reference to the ’21’, hinting at 21 Savage, a fellow rapper known for his cutthroat lyrics and street credibility. When Drake asks 21 Savage to “hit a lil’ rich flex,” he’s asking him to flaunt their wealth as a symbol of their success, a common theme in hip-hop culture. Similarly, “talk to the opps necks for me” is a request for 21 Savage to deal with their mutual ‘opps’ or opponents, implying that Drake is at a level where he no longer needs to handle such matters himself.

Her Loss

Drake’s signature confidence comes through when he sarcastically asks his ex’s to remember who they are dealing with, referring to himself as “slaughter gang CEO.” It’s both a nod to 21 Savage’s record label and an assertion of his personal power and influence. The refrain, “I got dick for you if I’m not working, girl”, is a stark reminder of his priorities; he’s all about his work, and his personal life is secondary.

He further flexes his status, claiming that “all the dawgs eating off a Baccarat plate,” expressing that his crew is enjoying the benefits of his high-end lifestyle. The line “Niggas see Drake and they underestimate” speaks to his experience in the industry; he’s often underestimated, but he consistently rises above people’s expectations. He warns against underestimating him with the line, “Take it from a vet’, that’s a rookie ass mistake,” asserting his vet status in the game.

Fans of Drake will note his clever shoutouts to other rappers and hip-hop groups, with references to Young Money CMB (Cash Money Billionaires, Lil Wayne’s record label), CMG (Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group), and DMC (legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC). These lines serve multiple purposes: they’re contextual nods to hip-hop history, they celebrate his peers and influences, and they assert Drake’s place among the titans of the genre.

In essence, “Rich Flex” is a robust reflection of Drake’s journey, from striving for success to sitting comfortably at the top. He combines lavish bragging rights with cautionary advice and reflects on the path he’s paved for himself in the hip-hop industry. With assertive chorus and tenacious verses, Drake masterfully captures the essence of flexing success while staying firm in face of opposition.

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