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Drake Gets Petty, Raps Over ‘BBL DRIZZY’ Beat On New Sexyy Red Collab ‘U My Everything’

Drake and Sexyy Red are back at it again with a new track from her latest mixtape, ‘In Sexyy We Trust.’ The song, ‘U My Everything,’ showcases their unique chemistry, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

This collaboration couldn’t have come at a more interesting time. Sexyy Red, riding the wave of her recent success with ‘Hood Hottest Princess,’ jumps into this track amid some brewing drama involving Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Despite the distractions, Sexyy Red remains focused and at the top of her game. Her hit ‘Get It Sexyy’ has become an anthem this year, and she’s been racking up significant features, including one with Chief Keef. Adding ‘U My Everything’ to her list of achievements is yet another milestone.

What’s notable about this track is that Sexyy Red managed to get Drake on board before anyone else could post-beef. It seems like Drake is eager to dive into new projects, and this song is a testament to that. Their previous collaborations have been intriguing, but ‘U My Everything’ might just be their best yet.

Sexyy Red and Drake lean into the absurdity right from the start. Red intentionally sings off-key, throwing back to her Rolling Loud performance this year. Drake, on the other hand, doesn’t shy away from the ‘BBL DRIZZY’ rumors. He raps, ‘Me and the surgeon got history I changed a lot of girls’ lives for real / They need a new body, they hittin’ me, ayy / BBL Drizzy, they want a new body, they ask me for it.’

The track gets even more interesting when the beat, produced by Tay Keith, switches to the Metro Boomin diss instrumental ‘BBL DRIZZY BPM 150.mp3’ in the middle of Drake’s verse. It’s a classic move from Drake, known for his petty antics.

Sexyy Red’s playful, provocative verses contrast with Drake’s self-aware bars, creating a track that’s both cheeky and memorable. As for the quotable lyrics, Drake doesn’t disappoint: ‘Red, girl, I love you, let’s do it / Showed enough love to the city, I promise, so let’s get the f*** out St. Louis / Maybe we go to Saint Lucia, I been there, so I’ll introduce you / Or maybe you go to Saint Martin with me if these n****s take break and quit startin’ with me / Maybe we go to Saint Kitts / If you and your BD are calling it splits.’

This track has sparked plenty of discussions online, with fans wondering whether this was a strategic move by Drake to rap over the ‘BBL DRIZZY’ beat and speculating if Metro Boomin will respond. It’s also got people debating who had the stronger performance. Regardless, ‘U My Everything’ is another feather in the cap for both artists.

In ‘U My Everything,’ Drake and Sexyy Red deliver a track that is as entertaining as it is provocative. With its playful lyrics and a beat switch that adds an extra layer of intrigue, it’s a song that fans will be talking about for a while.

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