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LUCKI Drops Second Two-Pack, “2 Faced, Pt. 2,” Before Rumored Album

LUCKI’s unique mumbly and druggy flows, laid over slow-mo trap rap beats, have become his signature style. The Chicago artist is back at it again, following up his previous two-pack with another set titled “2 Faced, Pt. 2.”

LUCKI has been hinting at a new album, reportedly named GEMIN! and expected to drop on June 14. Just a few months ago, he released the first “2 Faced” two-pack in January. Now he’s back with “2 Faced, Pt. 2,” delivering two new tracks: “Heavy On My Heart” and “Courtesy Of.”

In “Heavy On My Heart,” LUCKI seems to be addressing a past relationship, showcasing his resilience and success. He raps, “Really a rapper, but I’m with the wolves, ’cause I know they’ve got dreams too / We had fell out, the whole world seen it, they had told me to leave you / Went back home when I got rich, and they said I needed you.”

The second track, “Courtesy Of,” is all about flexing on his detractors and possibly other rappers. LUCKI boasts, “N****s first round bust down, ain’t even wanna play / I got money in a vault, I got money just to play / We’ll play you like you soft if you ain’t slimier than me.”

The earlier “2 Faced” project had tracks like “PAIDNFULL,” which touched on themes of wealth, and “COLORFUL DRUGS,” which offered a more psychedelic vibe. While these new tracks stick to familiar themes, they continue to showcase LUCKI’s distinctive style and lyrical content.

Overall, these new additions may not break new ground, but they certainly keep fans engaged as they await the rumored album. If GEMIN! is anything like what we’ve heard so far, it’s bound to be another intriguing chapter in LUCKI’s career.

Fans of LUCKI should find these new tracks a satisfying teaser for what’s to come. “2 Faced, Pt. 2” reaffirms his knack for blending introspection with bravado. Keep an eye out for the rumored album release on June 14.

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