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Meaning behind Lyrics in ‘Homecoming’ by ‘Kanye West’

“Homecoming” is a love letter from Kanye West to his hometown, Chicago (Chi city as referred). Using the metaphor of a woman named Wendy, Kanye expresses his deep-rooted affection and connection to the city where he grew up and still cherishes. Despite his departure to follow his dreams, Chicago remains a significant part of his identity, symbolizing his struggles, triumphs, and ultimate evolution as a hip-hop artist.

In the first few verses, Kanye introduces us to Wendy, a character who embodies the spirit, warmth, and resilience of Chicago. The soulful city taught Kanye about survival, how to command respect (“make ’em straighten up their act”), and most importantly, where he belongs. In his words, “in my heart is where she always be,” speaks volumes about the indelible mark the city has left on him.

Kanye also juxtaposes his personal journey to success with the city’s transformation, accusing success (portrayed as entertainers) of exploiting Chicago and leaving it cold and abandoned. He references his own fame and career change, mentioning how he “got on TV and told on me”. This could be interpreted as his personal struggle of staying true to his roots amid the stardom and the consequent alienation he feels from his city.


In the refrain, Kanye’s recurring line “I’m comin’ home again” reinforces his longing for reconciliation with his city, denoting not only a physical return but also a revitalization of his ties and commitment to his hometown.

The latter part of the song encapsulates the emotional struggle Kanye faces, wrestling with the guilt of leaving Chicago to chase his dreams. The lines “you left your kids and they just like you / They wanna rap and make soul beats just like you” underscore the influence he has left behind, but also hints at the sense of regret, echoed in the repeated phrase “maybe we could start again”.

Finally, Kanye pays a tribute to his city and its people, acknowledging them in every interview, continually aspiring to make them proud. The metaphorical “Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud” encapsulates the ambition Kanye absorbed from his city, affirming that his aspiration was born and nurtured in Chicago.

Through “Homecoming”, Kanye shows us that while he might have physically left Chicago, the city will always remain a crucial part of his identity, influencing his music, values, and persona. It reaffirms the power of home and roots in shaping an individual’s identity – solidifying Kanye’s as not just a global artist, but a son of Chicago.

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