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Meaning behind the Lyrics of Forever by Drake

The Lyrics in “Forever” by Drake, featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem is a classic hip-hop flex anthem, showcasing wealth, status, and no-nonsense attitude towards life and his critics. It’s a song that glorifies the luxurious lifestyle and the steadfastness required to maintain it in the face of envy and competition.

The beat sets the tone for a lavish narrative, with Drake asserting his resilience with “If I sell my soul, I’ll take it back, I’m slime forever,” using ‘slime’ as a term of endearment and loyalty within his circle. The promise to “shine together” with his crew implies a communal rise to success, not just a solo journey.

He flaunts the material symbols of wealth, like bust downs and Rollies, as badges of success, while also touching on the intimate moments with his partner, indicating a blend of public spectacle and private indulgence.

Drake alludes to the authenticity of his life, questioning whether others are truly as tough as they claim or just putting on a show. He emphasizes his realness by contrasting his lifestyle with those who pretend, suggesting that his relationships and interactions are genuine, even if they seem ‘plastic.’

The track also reflects on street credibility and preparedness — “keep that fire when I’m cold,” illustrating his readiness to defend himself and his status at all times. The acknowledgment of being perceived as ‘sweet’ because of his rap career is met with a defiant response, ready to get ‘active’ if challenged.

Relapse: Refill

Drake dives into the world of drug culture and its effects, with references to promethazine and the after-effects of partying. Yet, he deals with this with the coldness of reality, maintaining a residence with a fireplace in Miami, a place known for its warmth.

His bravado continues with nods to his influence and connections, mocking the idea of a drug drought and playing on his ability to remain unaffected by it. The song maintains a playful tone with lines like “the only time that we act, is when we act asses,” indicating that the only performance is in their enjoyment of life.

Drake’s repeated assertions that he’s ready to defend his wealth, status, and respect, with the mantra “we get active,” serves as a refrain throughout the song, reinforcing his commitment to living life on his terms and reacting to any threats to his lifestyle or reputation.

“Forever” is a declaration of Drake’s enduring presence in the game, his refusal to be undermined by skeptics, and his determination to enjoy the spoils of his success with the people closest to him. It’s a track that combines a celebration of luxury with a readiness to confront the harsher realities of his world, making it clear that behind the glittering facade is a resolve as hard as the diamonds he wears.

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