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Meaning behind the Lyrics “That’s What I Want” by “Lil Nas X”

The lyrics in “THATS WHAT I WANT” by Lil Nas X is all about yearning for genuine love and companionship. It encapsulates the loneliness and desires residing in Lil Nas X’s heart, making it clear he’s seeking authenticity over casual flings. It’s a vulnerable portrayal of a young man navigating the vicious seas of relationships and self-identity, while also casually dismantling norms associated with masculinity in hip-hop.

One-two-three-four, Nas X’s verse kicks off with a simple, universal longing: “Need a boy who can cuddle with me all night.” He ain’t searching just for surface-level love. He wants deep, profound companionship, the kind that keeps you up all night in the best way possible. When he says “An afro, black boy with the gold teeth/ With dark skin, looking at me like he know me”, he breaks barriers, unapologetically stating his preference, and in the process normalizing the black gay love narrative in mainstream hip-hop – a domain often chastised for homophobia and machismo.

With lines like “I wonder if he got the G or the B”, Lil Nas X toys with sexual fluidity. Here, the “G” and “B” allude to a part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum – specifically, ‘Gay’ and ‘Bisexual.’ This reflects Nas X’s own fluid journey through the maze of sexuality, his confidence and self-assuredness in his identity.


“I want someone who love me/ I need someone who needs me” Lil Nas X speaks not just for himself, but for every soul longing for reciprocated affection. In an industry that often glorifies detached, emotionless hook-ups, he’s keeping it 100, seeking something more significant and meaningful. Ain’t nothing but a soul searching for its counterpart.

“Need an adversary to my ‘down to marry’/ Like, tell me, ‘That’s life’ when I’m stressing at night” – He’s laying it down straight, seeking someone who’ll challenge him, support him, stand by him, keep him grounded. That’s some real grown-up shit! He wants his lover to be his mirror, a counterbalance to his emotional world.

So in the grand scheme, “THATS WHAT I WANT” is more than just a lyrically intriguing hip-hop track, it’s a call to arms for authenticity and true emotions in a genre that sometimes immerses itself in superficial vibes. Lil Nas X brings it all back to what we all ultimately yearn for – love and companionship, no matter who we are or who we desire. Now, that’s some real talk!

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