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Meaning of ’66’ by ‘Lil Yachty’ feat. Trippie Redd

Released: 2018 • Features: Trippie Redd

“66” by Lil Yachty featuring Trippie Redd is an unapologetic celebration of overcoming adversity and achieving success, highlighting Lil Yachty’s transformation from a high school dropout to a rich and successful rapper. It showcases the artists’ flexing their wealth, success, and resilience.

The first verse tells a rags-to-riches narrative. When Yachty raps about “14, 14 / High school sellin’ beans” he’s referencing being 14 years old and selling drugs (‘beans’ being slang for drugs) as a high schooler. When he says, “Dropped out now I’m rich / Flexin’ ’til I’m 66”, he’s emphasizing his breakout from the school system to pursue his passion, which eventually led to his enormous success and wealth in the hip-hop industry. The term ‘flexin’ refers to showing off one’s wealth, power, or success.

In the next portion of the first verse, Yachty continues to celebrate his newfound success and wealth, while also making it clear that he’s prepared to defend his status. When he says, “Boolin’ on the block I got my Glock out,” he’s warning challengers that he’s prepared to protect his territory and success. ‘Glock’ is shorthand for a type of firearm, symbolic of his readiness to defend himself.

The line “There you go, testing your luck / Dumb as fuck”, serves as a straightforward warning to anyone hoping to challenge, undermine or contest Yachty’s position in the hip-hop industry.

Moving on to the second verse, the line “When my brother get out, told him ain’t no block now,” shows that Yachty wants to ensure his loved ones also benefit from his success. The phrase ‘ain’t no block now’ implies that he is trying to free his family from the hardships and restrictions of the ‘block’ or the less privileged neighborhoods they come from.

Lastly, the line “In 2016 I got hotter than your skate team” references Yachty’s rise to fame and success in 2016 with his mixtape ‘Lil Boat’. He uses the term ‘hotter’ colloquially to mean popular or successful, and his reference to a ‘skate team’ speaks to the youth culture that forms a significant part of his fan base.

In conclusion, “66” is a high-energy, hard-hitting track that tells the story of Lil Yachty’s journey from hardship to fame and wealth. He punctuates his narrative with affirmations of his success and clear warnings to those who might challenge him, all set to a vibrant, catchy beat that invites listeners to join in his triumphant celebration.

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