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Meaning of ‘Addiction’ by ‘Big K.R.I.T.’ feat. Lil Wayne, Saweetie

Released: 2019 • Features: Lil Wayne, Saweetie

“Addiction (feat. Lil Wayne & Saweetie)” by Lil Wayne, Saweetie, and Big K.R.I.T. spits a vivid narrative that oscillates between classic party vibes and the theme of intoxicating love. The artists use water as a metaphor for overpowering attraction and overwhelming pleasure, in a way that likens love and lust to a strong addiction.

The hook, repeated throughout the song by Saweetie, sets the tone for the rest of the joint: “Dive in, this shit feel like water.” The repetition of “dive in” is like a mesmerizing call to surrender, to immerse oneself completely in the sensations and experiences of love and desire. Repeatedly calling this feeling an “addiction” communicates it as both alluring and dangerous.

Big K.R.I.T.’s verse kicks off with the lyrics: “High tide, catch a wave if you wanna,” a daring invite to take risks for the thrill of overwhelming passion. But the counter warning, “Underwater with no scuba, you a goner,” adds grim undertones, teaching us about the dangers of drowning in the depths of love. The lyrics, “Drip, drip, wet, wet, wet all on the floor” are suggestive, adding an explicit layer of sexual tension to the narrative.

Big K.R.I.T. Addiction (feat. Lil Wayne & Saweetie)

Then there’s the line: “Busta Rhymes with the high, I told her, ‘Gimme some more'” — a seamless blend of hip-hop history and sensuality. It’s a callback to Busta’s iconic track “Gimme Some More”, but here it serves to express insatiable desire. The rest of the verse likens love-making to an exciting journey, full of thrill and danger, with no safety measures—a clear insight into the risks one takes in love and relationships.

Going by the same vibe, comes Lil Wayne’s verse. Straight off the bat, he’s diving in, pledging to be her “Aquaman,” embracing the water metaphor to the fullest. There’s a playful, teasing tone to it as phrases like “Sprinkle me, sprinkle me” and “Finger me, finger me” are used. And then there’s, “I said, ‘Lean on me, lean on me'” – a possible nod to the 1970’s Bill Withers’ classic, but with a twist. In this context, ‘lean’ doubles as a reference to the cough syrup-based recreational drug, again, tying back to the overarching theme of addiction.

Once again, the language gets descriptive and colorful with lines like “Liquid Lounge on my neck, drip crash, whiplash,” emphasizing the luxurious lifestyle these artists lead. The phrase “waterslide, Six Flags” is unapologetically used to insist on the euphoria associated with the swanky hip-hop lifestyle. And phrases like “She got that wet-wet, and I’m a threat, threat, threat” exude raw sexuality and confidence—core elements of hip-hop bravado.

The latter part of Lil Wayne’s verse has a shout-out to rapper 2 Chainz (known as Tity Boi) where he says, “Listenin’ to Tity, we litty.” This serves both as an acknowledgment of peer influence and a celebration of the community in the hip-hop zeitgeist. It also subtly introduces the international flavor, talking about being with a ‘baddie from Britain’ and a ‘bad-ass Brazilian’, underlining the global reach and influence of the genre.

The song then reverts back to Saweetie’s chorus, repeating the addictive allure of diving into this overwhelming intoxication of love and desire. Once again, “Addiction” is echoed— a constant reminder of the pervasive, potent theme of the track.

Summing up, “Addiction” flows like a potent cocktail of lust, love, risks, and rewards, masterfully mixing playful metaphors with raw, explicit language. It flexes luxurious lifestyles while simultaneously delving into deeper themes of love as a potent, potentially destructive, addiction. It’s a hallmark of the artists’ lyrical prowess, ability to story-tell, and their command over hip-hop symbolism.

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