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Meaning of ‘All The Way Up’ by ‘Fat Joe’ feat. Remy Ma, French Montana, InfaRed

Released: 2017 • Features: Remy Ma, French Montana, InfaRed

“All The Way Up” by Fat Joe, featuring Remy Ma, French Montana, and InfaRed is an unapologetic anthem that emphasizes an unabating climb towards success. The track is a confident declaration of being on top of the game, untouched by competition, and enjoying the lavish spoils of the rap lifestyle, with a resounding refusal to step down.

The song begins with a confident proclamation: “Nothin’ can stop me, I’m all the way up”. This refrain sets the underlying tone for the track. The lyrics here are proclaiming an ascension, an accomplished climb to success that can’t be halted. When Fat Joe spits “My niggas run the game, we ain’t ever leavin'”, it’s not just idle boasting. He’s making a bold, power-packed assertion that he and his crew are in control of the rap game and have no intention of letting that power slip.

Chrous ain’t just filler either. French Montana croons about having an abundance of resources, luxury vehicles (V12), narcotics (weed and molly), and even luxury items like 12V sparkling Veuve Clicquot champagne – all metaphorically and literally signifying that they’re all the way up in prosperity and indulgence.

There is a playfulness in the braggadocious song as well. Lines like “Couldn’t take it all so I gave her un chin” (Spanish for an allowance) and “I’m that nigga on Viagra dick” show that success comes with humor and irreverence. It’s a larger-than-life depiction of the rap lifestyle, weaving a narrative arc that’s as much about the party-in-progress as it is about the journey towards success.

Finally, lyrics like “Just left the big house to a bigger house” are a testament to the triumph over struggle. The ‘big house’, a colloquial term for prison, contrasts with the ‘bigger house’, representing an opulent mansion. It’s a symbolic shift from a grim outlook to a prosperous present – a metaphorical representation of the rags-to-riches trajectory that’s so intrinsic to hip-hop storytelling.

All in all, “All The Way Up” is a triumphant assertion of power and affluence by Fat Joe and his crew. It’s a tribute to the relentless pursuit of success and the will to stay on top of the game – a universal theme that resonates not just with the hip-hop fans, but with anyone chasing their dream.

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