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Meaning of ‘Already Won’ by ‘Rod Wave’ feat. Lil Durk

Released: 2021

“Already Won,” a collaborative track by Rod Wave and Lil Durk, serves as a triumphant affirmation of their hard-won success despite the obstacles they’ve faced. The song is a nuanced exploration of the highs and lows of fame, reflecting on relationships, career pressures, and the emotional toll of the hustle.

The song kicks off with Rod Wave reflecting on his meteoric rise to fame – “My ex told my my cousin I’m a superstar / ‘Cause all around the world they know who we are,”. He describes the relentless pursuit of wealth and success, a chase that keeps him on the move, away from the comfort of his bed, and constantly missing home.

He illustrates the paranoia that stems from past hardship – “I put the money in the floor ’cause I’m too scared to go back” and the thrill of counting a million in cash.

Despite the high life, his success hasn’t eliminated the stresses of relationships. His new reality is attracting an old flame who he said wasn’t “regular” – an insider term implying that he wasn’t ordinary. That ‘flexing stuff,’ the flaunting of his wealth and success, has him on a fast-paced loop jumping ‘on and off jets’. Being recognized by family members from the radio and TV reaffirms his status, validating his dream chase.

The chorus – “Even at your best (yeah, yeah) / Never knew it’d come to this” – shows the artists juxtaposing their present reality with the past, often reminiscing about the losses they’ve endured. Their success feels bittersweet. They acknowledge the victory in their struggle, saying “I remember where I come from, I already won.”

Then Lil Durk steps in, emphasizing the complexities of love amidst fame. His trust issues surface with the lines about her telling his business, yet he still longs for her love. He discusses the duality of his profession, moments where he gets to be surrounded by attractive women in videos while maintaining professionalism.

Amid being on the road, he underscores his struggles with prescription drugs – “I found myself off Perky (Percocet),” hinting at the coping mechanisms some artists use to handle the pressure. Durk asks for certainty in his relationship amidst his personal struggles – “Do I love you? / (For sure, for sure) Am I for you? / (For sure, for sure) She want for sure (for sure).”

The hook returns, and like a haunting echo, it serves as a reminder of the contrasting images of their success and the downsides they face. The song ultimately concludes with a reiterated acknowledgment of their victories despite the challenges – “Already won, already won / Yeah, yeah, you already won.”

“Already Won” paints a candid picture of two artists wrestling with the aftermath of their success, the mental battles they engage in, and the challenging relationships they must navigate. It’s a song for everyone who’s ever dreamed big, worked hard to make it come true, and dealt with the consequences of that dream.

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