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Meaning of ‘AM I DREAMING’ by ‘Lil Nas X’ feat. Miley Cyrus

Released: 2021 • Features: Miley Cyrus

“AM I DREAMING” by Lil Nas X featuring Miley Cyrus is undeniably a reflective piece about resilience, self-acceptance, and the desire for legacy. The track intricately dances around themes of struggle, persistence, and the yearning for permanence in the minds of fans, positioning listeners on the contemplative journey of an artist.

The first verse starts with, “Every song, every dream filled with hell from beyond / As I’m sinkin’, I relive the story,” Lil Nas X is clearly expressing the pain embedded in his creative process. Essentially, it feels like each dream or ambition is laden with obstacles. The phrase “hell from beyond” illustrates the relentless hardships he faces, perhaps in his journey as an artist or even referencing the societal prejudices he had to deal with as an openly gay rapper in the industry. The line “as I’m sinkin’, I relive the story,” describes the feeling of being overwhelmed while being forced to reflect on his past and present struggles.

The chorus, which is belted out with tangible emotion, presents a plea for remembrance. “Oh-oh-oh, never forget me / And everything I’ve done / Oh-oh-oh, never forget me / Like I’m your favorite song,” these lines express Lil Nas X’s fear of being forgotten, his ache for his work and impact to survive him. The phrase “like I’m your favorite song” relates to his desire for his life’s story to resonate with listeners in the same way an unforgettable tune does.

Then we move onto the second verse, “Tears running dry, shattered inside, but I still gotta smile / As I’m sinkin’, I relive the story / Glitter comes off, battered and blue, but I gotta go on / As I’m singin’, I rewrite my story.” Here Lil Nas X captures the gritty reality of fame. Despite his internal battles, the societal expectation to maintain a pleasing public image forces a smile. The ‘glitter’ symbolizes his stardom, and its shedding embodies the raw and unpolished reality behind the facade. ‘Battered and blue,’ brings forward images of struggle and melancholy, yet, he has to ‘rewrite his story,’ suggesting a necessity for resilience and an ability to reinvent oneself amidst adversity.

Overall, “AM I DREAMING” is a haunting melody, draped in raw vulnerability and marked by a desire for legacy. The lyrics convey the all-too-human fear of being forgotten, colored by the unique experience of an artist grappling with the reality of fame.

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