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Meaning of ‘Best Friend’ by ’50 Cent’ feat. Olivia

Released: 2006 • Features: Olivia

Alright, let’s kick this off talking about “Best Friend” by Olivia and 50 Cent. Straight from the dome, the song revolves around the concept of blurring the line between friendship and an intimate relationship. Through direct and coded language, both artists express their desire to transition from being “just friends” to something more intimate, illustrating the complexities and hesitations that often surround such a dynamic.

The hook sets the tone, with Olivia expressing her desire to keep a certain gentleman “around” at all times. This seems to be a double entendre for wanting both his physical presence and emotional support, a sentiment echoed by 50 Cent in his part of the hook. However, they both clarify that they’re speaking about a “friend”, hinting at the uncertainty or possible denial that defines their current relationship.

Entering the first verse, 50 Cent delivers a vivid tapestry of flirtatious and sensual scenarios. From “kiss[ing] like the French” to pulling a woman’s hair “like the dogs do”, Fif unapologetically paints an erotic landscape. He flexes his material wealth with mentions of improvising in different locations – a tub, a chopper, a jet. However, he acknowledges that money can’t buy love, signaling his understanding that a strong emotional connection is ultimately what matters most.

50 Cent Best Friend - Remix

Moving into the second verse, Olivia opens up about her trust and reliance on the person she’s singing about. She appreciates their unwavering support and altruistic intentions, unlike others who’ve tried to “do” her – here used as a slang term for people attempting to take advantage of her. Olivia’s verse concludes by reiterating her desire to have this man all to herself, which further complicates the “just friends” narrative established at the outset.

The song’s chorus returns to emphasize the friends-to-lovers theme. Here, both artists repeatedly ask each other to confirm their single (“just a friend”) status, revealing a subtle power play between them. They’re competing for commitment while trying to maintain the facade of a platonic relationship.

In the third verse, 50 Cent comes back with his signature swagger, laying out a series of intimate scenarios that showcase his attentive courtship. He hints at the influence they have on each other, the slang they share, even suggesting that his ‘focus’ during intimate moments could change the way she walks. This verse is the epitome of the confident, assertive voice that Fif is known for, boasting about the impact of his New York hustler persona.

Olivia takes the baton for the fourth verse, expressing her comfort in exploring her body and admitting that she enjoys their bonding time, regardless of what they’re doing. The intimate details allude to a deeper level of connection, and when she mentions his off-key singing “just to appease” her, it’s clear there’s a level of vulnerability and care within their dynamic.

The final verse, delivered by 50 Cent, ends the song on a more assertive note. He drops the premise of them being ‘just friends’, stressing that they’ve been more than that for awhile. He proclaims there’s no need for pretense and refuses to play games. It’s here that the song’s core concept reaches its zenith: friendship has indeed evolved into a romantic bond.

Overall, “Best Friend” takes listeners on a journey through the ambiguous zone between friendship and romance. Olivia and 50 Cent, using hip-hop’s expressive language, successfully create an authentic narrative, allowing listeners to dive into the complexities of their intertwined relationships. It’s a classic tale of friends becoming lovers, spun into a hip-hop tapestry of layered lyrics and textured beats, solidifying its place in the genre’s rich canon.

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