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Meaning of ‘Big Diamonds’ by ‘2 Chainz’ feat. Lil Wayne, 21 Savage

Released: 2023

Features: Lil Wayne, 21 Savage

Nothin’ muted about “Big Diamonds” by 2 Chainz, featuring Lil Wayne, and 21 Savage. This track is a striking, hard-hitting anthem, where these rappers flex their wealth, clout and audacity, painting a potent portrait of their opulent lifestyles, street cred, and their dominance in the game. Their lyrics are packed with braggadocious lines, blatant threats, and provocative assertions, each contributing to the track’s unapologetic, brazen tone.

The first part of the song kicks off with 2 Chainz and 21 Savage, spitting bars about their success and the bold tactics they have used to make it. “Big diamonds, big dog, big shinin'” is a self-explanatory reference to their luxurious lifestyles marked by expensive jewelry and flamboyance. An emphasis on “mob” style and “hit him while he dinin'” hints at a ruthless approach, a nod towards their street life and past experiences. When 2 Chainz asserts, “told your fuckin’ ass I’ll be back / Now them niggas goin’ crazy tryna sign me back”, he emphasizes his significance and demand in the industry.

Lil Wayne’s verse is an all-out lyrical assault with his signature wordplay and swagger. The assertion about him and 2 Chainz being the “new Big Tymers” positions them at the top of the rap game, much like the original Big Tymers (a duo of Birdman and Mannie Fresh) were a dominant force in the late ’90s and early ’00s. Wayne’s lines praising women of all sorts is a clever play on his desire for diversity and inclusivity in his love life.

21 Savage concludes the track with a verse that’s all about his gangsta lifestyle. References to his neighborhood, childhood, and past experiences illustrate his tough upbringing and the environment that shaped him. But as 21 says, “I’m worth eight figures, so I really can’t complain”, it is clear that he is not lamenting his past. Rather, he is boasting about his successful transition from the streets to the top echelons of the hip-hop world.

The song as a whole is dripping with audacity, reflecting the unflinching confidence that these rappers have in their abilities and the lives they’ve built in the midst of constant adversity. “Big Diamonds” is a compelling narrative of survival, success, and dominance, and a firm reminder of why these artists are considered among the best of the hip-hop world.

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