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Meaning of ‘Buck 50’s & Bullet Wounds’ by ‘Havoc’ feat. The Alchemist, Method Man

Released: 2016 • Features: The Alchemist, Method Man

“Buck 50’s & Bullet Wounds” offers a gritty narrative of life in the streets, with its triumphs, perils, and the inevitable reality of violence. From Havoc’s firsthand perspective, we find ourselves navigating a world that is unforgiving and volatile. Method Man’s verse furthers this narrative, underscoring their shared experiences in a system that seems built to entrap them.

The opening lines hold an analogy, linking the bird’s-eye view to both bird and swine flu. This paints a picture of the artist’s heightened perspective, suggesting he’s both privy to the broader view of situations and infected by the harsh realities he navigates, with no cure in sight. Havoc’s self-dubbed tag as a ticking time bomb illustrates his potential for creating explosively impactful lyrical content that embeds itself in listeners’ minds.

“Buck 50 and bullet wounds” is a vivid depiction of the violence faced in underprivileged communities. The term ‘Buck 50’ refers to a cut from a razor, which typically requires about 150 stitches—hence ‘buck 50’. They present the harshness of their environment, where complacency could mean the difference between life and death.

Havoc Buck 50's & Bullet Wounds

Method Man’s verse opens with “The more herb I blew, the higher the IQ” alluding to his use of cannabis as a tool for gaining insight. Winding through the verse, he lays a nod to ‘Dos Equis’, a beer brand, but in this context, he uses it to symbolize double-crossing and betrayals (x2, or ‘times two’), perhaps experienced within his own crew. The Mufasa line adds a layer of mockery towards rappers who fabricate aspects of their music; it’s a no worry-free zone in his realm (a spin on “Hakuna Matata”).

Lastly, the declaration “20 years plus in the game” is a testament to their long-lasting impact in the hip-hop industry, with Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep being two of the most influential units in East Coast hip-hop. Their longevity signifies their resilience in a rapidly changing music industry in which trends come and go.

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