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Meaning of ‘Burfict!’ by ‘JPEGMAFIA’ feat. Danny Brown

Released: 2023

Features: Danny Brown

Aight, so let’s dive deep into “Burfict!” by JPEGMAFIA featuring Danny Brown. This track is a chaotic blend of braggadocio and raw energy, with JPEGMAFIA (Peggy) and Danny Brown trading bars that flex their superiority in the game. They liken themselves to untouchable figures while taking jabs at those standing in opposition, all wrapped up in a veil of cultural references and bombast.

From the jump, Peggy sets the tone with “I like Nascar,” a simple statement that could be a nod to moving fast or living dangerously. When he says, “Nigga you better not go there,” it’s a warning shot, telling others to stay in their lane or risk confrontation—metaphorically leaving their “shit all over that windshield.” Peggy’s “real right, gon’ stand on it” asserts his authenticity, while the line about “Raw how I fuck plan B on it” merges the reckless with a sly quip on his sexual escapades and the potential consequences he’s managed to dodge.

His verse continues with a pattern of bravado and quick wit. Peggy doesn’t just enter a room; he causes a commotion with “It’s ahhs and oohing.” When he mentions “Going down like mayday” and “make it do what it do,” it’s his way of saying he handles situations or people effortlessly—like a puppet master or someone well-versed in ‘voodoo.’ The line “I’mma put it in her duke shoot” is street slang for engaging in anal sex, while the “Netflix and chill on a Jailbroken Roku” is a modern take on relaxation that signals he’s tech-savvy and down with the culture.


When Peggy brings up “He was saying he a Crypto,” he’s possibly taking a shot at someone who claims to be a cryptocurrency guru but doesn’t back it up, which is why he metaphorically sends them “up to the moon.” He then throws it back at a point—claiming to not recognize or give importance to those beneath him—and proudly aligns himself with Danny Brown, noting their notoriety within the scene.

The second verse spirals deeper into the chaotic brashness Peggy is known for. Dripping with cultural references and double entendres, the likes of “Gimme that Nancy / Gimme that Ruth” could allude to taking what they want regardless of obstacles, with a possible homage to infamous women like Nancy Reagan or Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The lyrics “I feel like Trump when I step in the booth” could be a controversial comparison of his own outspoken disposition to the former president’s. The inclusion of “Dripping like Rudy” is likely a reference to Rudy Giuliani, once respected, now ridiculed, much like many rappers and their fleeting clout. Peggy’s line, “I keep a stick for the Mulianis,” suggests he’s always prepared for potential threats, real or metaphorical.

Throughout the track, JPEGMAFIA peppers in various nods to pop culture and political figures while maintaining a heavy-handed approach to the beat. References to “H-Town Knocking them boots” gives a shoutout to the classic R&B group’s bedroom jam, just as “Frank Lucas got my bitch feeling blue” throws a line to the notorious drug dealer and his product’s potency. When Peggy asserts his history with “Couldn’t shop if the store ain’t have EBT to,” it’s a stark reminder of his come-up from financial struggles to a life where he commands money with ease, emphasizing his rise and current luxury.

Ending the track, Peggy draws a parallel to the actress Olivia Munn and her ordeal with a predator, questioning if he seems like a victim or someone to be messed with, thereby highlighting his toughness.

In essence, “Burfict!” is a linguistic rollercoaster, where JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown mesh their unique styles into an aggressive, unashamed declaration of their prowess. It’s an example of hip-hop’s power to integrate personal storytelling, cultural commentary, and unfiltered egotism, all while delivering a high-octane soundtrack to the listener’s life.

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