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Meaning of ‘By Your Side’ by ‘Rod Wave’

Released: 2022

Yo, we about to navigate the intricate fabric of “By Your Side”, a deep cut from the young but seasoned Rod Wave. If I had to sum it up, I’d say it’s about Rod’s journey, his grind from suffering to success, and the raw reflections on love, loss, and loyalty—or rather its absence—in the game. He shows us his duality—both being vulnerable and hardened by life’s experiences. Now, let’s dig into this fresco of reality bars.

Let’s kick it off with “Where the fuck is Rod Wave?“. He sets it up with a rhetorical question, a way of calling attention to his presence, or lack thereof, in the rap game. He’s basically smashing through the door, demanding recognition. When he says “Fucked up, gettin’ over pain“, he’s spilling about his struggle, the tough past he’s had to conquer to get where he’s at.

As he spits “You remember I ain’t had a thing“, he’s inviting us to witness his come-up from nothing. His next line “At the top of the game, should’ve seen the niggas I was tryna bring” is a reflection on his ascent to stardom and his attempts to bring his crew with him, only to see them switch up. It’s the harsh reality many artists face when their friends show their true colors in the face of success.

When Rod exclaims, “Fuck dying in my Cuban link, I’m living in my Richard Millie“, he’s taking us into the flashy life of a rapper—the Cuban link chains, the limited-edition Richard Millie watches. But it ain’t all gold, he’s basically saying while everyone’s focused on the chains and watches, he’s more concerned about living and not dying in this lifestyle.

As the track winds down with “By your side“, Rod’s laying bare his commitment to his listeners, despite the distance and trials he’s endured. It’s a salute to his fans, a reassurance that through his music, he’s right there with them. A heartfelt note to close on, no doubt.

“By Your Side” sees Rod Wave navigate a complex landscape of success and betrayal, of glitz and grit, with a raw honesty that’s worthy of a nod. That’s why he’s captivated fans around the globe—it’s the realness in his rhymes.

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