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Meaning of ‘Candy Paint’ by ‘Post Malone’

Released: 2018

“Candy Paint” by Post Malone is a high-energy track that exudes confidence and luxury. The song’s narrative revolves around wealth, success, and the lifestyle that comes with it, filled with flashy cars, expensive items, and an unbothered attitude towards haters. It’s clear Post wants to flex his achievements and let everyone know he’s living life on his own terms.

The first verse kicks off with Post describing his ride – “Candy paint with the white on top, Lambo doors are the woo-wop drop.” This sets the tone for the flashy imagery throughout the song. The line “If you busy plotting on what I got, Kick in your door, that’s SWAT, you thought” is a direct warning to anyone trying to take what’s his; he’s prepared to protect his riches.

He continues to flaunt his wealth with lines like “$100,000 on the table-top, Half price my whip, same price my watch.” This displays an extravagant lifestyle where money is no object and luxury items are commonplace. When he says, “Got no jumper but I ball a lot,” he’s comparing his success to a basketball player who scores big without needing to be flashy on the court.

As the verse progresses, Post gets more personal, mentioning an encounter with someone else’s girl – “Didn’t know that was your girl when she gave me top.” This adds an element of braggadocio and nonchalance towards romantic entanglements. He likens his love for money to that of Michael Scott from “The Office,” always chasing paper.

The chorus repeats, hammering home the key themes of the song. Post is living in luxury, and he doesn’t care about the scheming of others. “Candy paint with the white on top” and “Lambo doors are the woo-wop drop” are constant reminders of his success and style.

Into the next verse, “I’ve been rolling 20 ash, hit the road,” Post continues to brag about his ride and lifestyle. “Hit the switch up the suicide doors” refers to the distinctive car doors, a symbol of his wealth. He dismisses those who speak falsely about him and makes it clear that he’s unfazed by their opinions – “If your money funny, don’t talk to me.”

The repetition of the chorus further emphasizes the luxuries and confidence Post enjoys. His affluence is clear, and his message stays consistent – “Bitch, I’m Young Stoney, I do what I want.” The song is an anthem of success, freedom, and a luxurious lifestyle, with Post Malone unapologetically embracing his wealth and independence.

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