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Meaning of ‘City On The Map’ by ‘Griselda’ feat. 50 Cent

Released: 2019 • Features: 50 Cent

“City On The Map” by Griselda, featuring 50 Cent, is a braggadocious anthem laying claim to their city, flaunting their success, and tackling their struggles from the streets to stardom. The song unveils the gritty tales from their pasts, evoking images of violence and ambition, all while asserting the role they played in putting their city on the map of hip-hop.

The song starts off with high intensity, with references to street hustle and the violence endured in the journey to success. The line “this for them niggas gettin’ Jew money” is a nod to the stereotype of Jews being successful – so essentially, it’s a shout out to those making serious bank. The line “say ‘Mazel tov’, before they step on the glass” is a clever integration of Jewish wedding customs into the verse, symbolizing a celebration of accomplishments. These lines lay down the tone for the song – it’s all about triumph in adversity.

The narrators talk about their wealth and success – “My shows ready-made, Just Don collab” suggesting their high-profile collaborations and “we came a long way from pushin’ grams” illustrating their journey from selling drugs to running successful music careers. This transformation is a common theme in hip-hop, serving as a reminder of both their humble beginning and monumental success.

The phrase “I put the city on my back” is important. It serves as a testament to their influence and the responsibility they feel – an acknowledgment that their actions and success set the stage for their city’s reputation on the hip-hop scene. It’s a claim of pride and ownership, asserting their dominance in the game.

50 Cent’s verse, filled with references to his dark past and resilience, is notable. Lines like “I’m the coldest winter day when I’m out with the K” and “You fuck around, I set your ass on fire” demonstrate his hardened mentality from his days on the street. Yet, the verse reiterates their triumph with “They hated on the team, but we still won,” driving home the idea of victory in the face of adversity.

Overall, “City On The Map” serves as a collective victory lap for Griselda and 50 Cent, proving they made it against all odds while putting their city on the hip-hop map. It’s a stark reminder of the grit and grind inherent in their journey, underlined by the pride they feel in their city and their success.

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