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Meaning of ‘Coco Mango’ by ‘MF DOOM’ feat. FloFilz

Released: 2020

“Coco Mango” by your man MF DOOM, featuring the ill beats from FloFilz, hits you with a flow that dips and swirls through language like an abstract painting. It’s straight from DOOM’s diabolical brain, layered with spiritual references, street scenes and a celebration of the hip-hop life.

Peep this, the track starts off with “Listerine green jars, sick cleans, jallad be a enma”. DOOM is taking you straight into the visceral reality of his surroundings – picture those green Listerine bottles that pop off the shelves, the clean feel after using it and jallad (an Urdu word) implying ‘executioner’. It’s a nod to his vicious lyrics that are known to go deep and slay any beat. Then he moves you to a scene with “Thick queens, mamma mia robs jalapeno peppers”. He’s talking about captivating, powerful women in the hip-hop scene, adding that fiery Latina element with the Italian “mamma mia” and spicy “jalapeno peppers”.

Next up, glyphs like “Make your quota, check your clock shock taqua” are ’bout the health of your spirit and the fast-paced life, calling for introspection. And lines like “Concoct the potion, blue liner lotion, call it aqua” take you back to the streets, with references to the mix of life and urban struggles, represented here by the ‘potion’ – a mix that keeps you going against the odds.

The tracks’ hook, “Here you go ma, for you boo, that’s coco mango” is about offering sweet gifts – ‘coco mango’ – to a woman, a standout line that captures DOOM’s smooth approach to the ladies.

Lastly, the lines “But never had no beef so Alhamdulillah” and “Livin sunnah of the prophet Muhammad, alayhi salaam” serve as the spiritual center of the song. The Arabic phrase “Alhamdulillah” means “praise be to God”. “Sunnah” refers to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, and “alayhi salaam” means “peace be upon him”. The way DOOM pulls in elements of his faith, alongside his uniquely crafted persona and his affinity for the streets, is a testament to the complex layers of his artistry. No doubt, this joint is a sonic testament to the mastermind that was MF DOOM, a true original.

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