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Meaning of ‘Congratulations’ by ‘Mac Miller’ feat. Bilal

Released: 2016

Features: Bilal

Mac Miller’s “Congratulations (feat. Bilal)” is a deeply emotive exploration of love, paralleling the highs and lows of a relationship with the journey of his own life. The song is an introspective look at the emotions that love brings, the evolution of relationships, and the experiences that shape us as individuals. With a blend of introspective lyrics and ethereal beats, the song captures the singer’s contemplation of love from all angles- the good, the bad, and the complexly divine.

In the opening lines of the song, Mac talks about the transformative power of love and the way it can embrace a person’s whole being. The line “I felt the highs and they felt like you,” indicates that his emotional peak was deeply connected to the love he experienced with this person. When he says, “You too divine to just be mine”, he’s expressing his admiration and the profound respect he has for his partner, implying that her beauty and her essence are almost otherworldly.

As the song progresses, Mac dives into the complexities of his relationship. The line “Bought a wedding ring it’s in my pocket, Planned to ask the other day, Knew you’d run away so I guess I just forgot it,” captures his fear of commitment, hinting at the disparities between his desires and realities. Furthermore, lines like “Puppy love ain’t what it was darlin’, Feelings that we have are so alarmin'” show us that their love has blossomed from a naive, youthful affection to something deep and potentially frightening in its intensity.

Now, let’s break down this slick wordplay, “Mr. Charming, that is my department, You was there before the fancy cars and…When the car was havin’ trouble startin’.” Here, Mac is acknowledging his partner’s support during his struggle towards success. It’s a nod to their past and the challenges they’ve faced together, while also reminding us of his charm and charisma that have been a constant throughout their journey.

The chorus and verses that follow seem to reflect both a celebration of sexual intimacy and an underlying insecurity. A mix of raw admissions and raunchy puns like, “That’s the only way I’m tryna end the night”, “Same box for the mail, Same hamper for the laundry, the food in the fridge is stale,” and “Your loveliness bring me sunshine,” are subtle lyrical plays that highlight how even mundane parts of life become special when you’re in love.

With “Congratulations,” Mac Miller paints a multifaceted picture of love — one that’s filled with affection, lust, fear, gratitude, and realism. It’s a sublime analysis of the dynamics of romantic relationships, capturing all the trials and triumphs that make love such a complex, yet cherished, human experience.

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